Monday, October 09, 2006

addicted to a new series

As of late, you can catch both me and the sweetness watching the Smallville series.... and, I must admit, we're totally addicted. I was a huge fan of the original Superman movies w/ Christopher Reeve, but I didn't get into the Superman series they did after that - the one w/ the dark haired guy... can't remember his name, but it was the one w/ Terri Hatcher as Louis Lane. I thought it was really lame, so I never watched it.

This Smallville series though... gosh, it's really good. The stories are great, character development is terrific, and the acting is better than I ever expected. I wasn't prepared to be a fan at first, cuz from my past experiences, I've never enjoyed such. But w/ this one, well it starts out w/ Clark Kent as a small child being found by the Kent's after a meteor shower in Smallville, and since they couldn't just give up a small child that had no family to speak of, they adopted him. Only learning later that he wasn't a "real" boy after all and that he didn't come from our planet.

It's after this that everything starts to happen. The next episode takes you to when he's in high school and learning about all of his super powers... each one coming one at a time. No one knows at first about him. His family is afraid of what will happen if others find out, and it sometimes even scares Clark when he learns what he's capable of. But later, as time progresses and things start to happen, he lets a few close pals in on his secrets.

With each new episode, you have a new set of problems arising from the various things that happen because of the meteor shower. Ppl are changed in ways that you would've never imagined, have powers that are unexplainable, and so on and so on.

Are any of you watching this or have you watched it? We get the series here on cable, but I'm not sure where it's at in the series... so we've opted for renting the DVDs.

One of my husband's friends started watching the series first and told us all about it, and pretty much insisted that we watch it. I was hesitant and first and refused to watch it... telling myself that it wouldn't be any good and it would be just like the other one.... I was shocked. It's nothing like the other one... they've taken a whole new direction w/ it, so I applaud the writers!

We've now started Season 3 w/Clark taking on a new persona. Some things happened in Season 2 that upset him, so he's left the farm for Metropolis. He's somewhat evil because of the red stone that he's wearing, so you see a whole new side of Clark. Our friend loves this new side of Clark and thinks all guys should have red stones! HA! What about us girls??? ;)

Anyway... if any of you watch it, what do you think? Are you as addicted or don't like it, or what?


Anonymous said...

Wow, you're all the way up to season three? hehehe... Yeah lots of my friends really dig it, and used to keep trying to get me to watch it. But like you I had bad past experiences with any superman tv series after the movies and don't really trust it to be done well...

I know I know, give it a shot and try a couple of episodes out to get a feel for it... but to be honest I'm stuck watching too many series right now to add anything else into the mix.

Lost, Prison Break, 24 (for bored weekends), Weeds are all good. Theres a new one on TV over here that seems like it has everything going for it as well, Dexter.

I also heard Battlestar Gallactica is doing amazing stuff with their show, but star trek post-kirk has made me weary of space epics.

Ooooh New episode of Dexter on my Tivo, hehe I'm off, Ciao!

tooners said...

moclippa, i'm telling ya, i'm totally addicted to it. this one is done well... i find myself thinking about it and longing to see it after iftar. we usually watch it at night before dozing off... but here lately i've been watching early, just so i can see what's gonna happen next.

you are lucky in getting all the new series. i miss that. i've never heard of dexter... what is this about? you watch some of the good series... i've not gotten into lost, but i've thought about renting it and seeing what all the fuss is about. 24 is super popular, which i didn't expect. i've watched it a few times and liked it. i've not seen prison break but i like these kind... i wish we got it here.

and you get Tivo!!!! not fair! ;) my sister has it and loves it. i wish they had that here in bahrain!

i've not watched battlestar gallactica in sooooo long. but again, it doesn't come here, i don't think.

i've just started watching "my name is earl".. i like it okay.. i guess i haven't watched enough to really know if i like it or not.

Anonymous said...

Yaaaah hahaha Tivo was the highlight of my going to America lol

I haven't heard of My Name is Earl, I'll look that up though!

Dexter is one of those crime/investigation type of series, except this one is based around a Serial Killer who kills other Serial Killers (or other generally bad guys), but also works as a blood specialist in the Police Laboratory. It's quite well done actually, They only have three episodes out though.

I'll see if I can rent the first season of smallville from some place and will honestly do my best to get into it... but I think its a bit too feel good for me, and these days I'm feeling a bit too Clockwork Orangish to enjoy anything that puts too much emphasis on relationships.

24 you obviously have to watch episode by episode front to back from season 1 if its going to make any sense at all... Lost is the same deal, season 1 front to back... It's fantastic, haven't met anyone yet that has hated it (but maybe I'm shut off)

Lol I think I just swamped you with a bit too much info haha, you shouldn't get me started on movies or tv series, I tend to ramble hehe, anyways, Enjoy!!

The Moody Minstrel said...

I'm with Moclippa. I was a dedicated fan of Star Trek (in its myriad forms), Babylon 5, and The X-Files for quite a while, but I burned out on them completely and have since avoided TV for the most part.

Olivia said...

Yeah, Terry Hatcher annoys me and that was a stupid series.

But the Clark Kent in Smallville is soooo cute!

Now that Lost is between seasons I am...lost! haha.

Minstrel - I used to enjoy the X-Files but am disappointed to find it somewhat dated now.

I watch any Star Trek just to see what they thought the future would be like and to see them get themselves out of this scrape this time.

For a while, Stargate SG-1 was on broadcast here and I watched it on Sundays, but has moved to satellite. Why? I don't know.

But between seasons here, the BBC churns out its dramas and shows repeats. So I can catch up on all sorts, plus enjoy the new adaptation of Jane Eyre, Wide Sargasso Sea, the Secret Life of Mrs Beeton, the Rise and Fall of Rome, etc.

gazza27 said...

Never watched it/but,did download and watched every single episode of invasion,lost,and it ended shit(exuse my french)like most tv series,the ratings go up,they kick the arse out of it for another series?

Sam said...

Much props to the story writer(s) of Smallville...they really tapped into people's heads. I gotta agree's one of the few series that has a smooth flow that keeps you glued to the screen and cursing every commercial that interrupts the show. I gotta try the DVD, never really thought of it.

tooners said...

moody, i was a huge XFiles fan. i got the hubby hooked to it and we rented the DVDs and watched all of them. he liked it too. i was sad when the series ended.

olivia, i can't stand terri hatcher either! have you seen her lately? she looks like a walking skeleton! i've been watching some british comedy.. i saw it lastnight... it's called Two Babes in the Wood or Babes in the Wood or something like that. i like it. not sure if it's a series or just a comedy show. i have a hard time w/ british comedy tho.. it tends to fly over my head and i have a very dry sense of humor, so it's somewhat surprising. my mother loves british comedy and will watch it for hours on end. oh yeah, kent is cute.. but you know, i also like lex.. there's something about him.. maybe it's the bald head! ;)

gazza27, yeah, some of these series do tend to yank you chain for longer than needed, only to really disappoint in the end. i've not seen the ones you're speaking of but there are tons of ppl really into Lost. i've not ventured there yet. i'm thinking of renting it next.

sam, DO INDEED try the DVDs, it's great in that you don't get the commercials. it's the only way to go, i've realized. i agree w/ you, the writers are great and the shows keep you coming back for more. i'm really into it. i keep waiting for each new superpower to emerge. he can now run faster than a speeding bullet, has the power in his eyes, but he can't fly yet... or leap tall buildings w/ a single bound. ;) i just love it.