Sunday, October 29, 2006

pet peeves

do you have any pet peeves? i do. and in saying that, i sit and wonder... does it make me difficult to live w/???? i know a few ppl that could chime in at any moment and give you a whole list of reasons for that answer to be yes, but when i look at it, honestly, i think it makes me more organized or structured in some areas, but w/ some pet peeves, it's just that some ppl don't have the same concerns or desires that i have to keep things a certain way.

i like things a certain way. am i anal retentive because of it?? i wouldn't say that. am i a Type A personality? i wouldn't say that either, but i do like things nice and orderly. now, don't get me wrong, i can let things go and not be a fantatic about cleaning or organization but it isn't a pretty sight! ;) i'm the worst at organizing little things or keeping pictures straight and whatnot. so.... i'm not a freak.... or am i??!!! i'm weird, that's for sure, but i chalk that up to being on the artsy fartsy side.

i'll tell ya some of my pet peeves if you'll tell me yours. :)

1) for some reason, i really dislike it when ppl leave ice trays half empty w/out emptying them and refilling them. i really don't like it when i go to get an ice cube and there's one left in the tray.... now, that really bothers me.

2) i can't stand that the girl that is helping me in the house refuses to keep my cupboard w/ the pots and pans organized the way i do it. i've shown her but she still just keeps throwing them in there w/out any rhyme or reason and i can't stand it. i find that i'm consantly going behind her and redoing the whole thing.

3) it really miffs me when someone uses the last of the toilet paper and doesn't put another roll on. this happens a lot in our house and i find that i'm constantly refilling the toilet paper rolls.

4) i don't like things left or kept in a messy state. in the laundry room for instance.... i like things to be in their rightful place. i have shelves in there and like certain things on certain shelves. i know where things are and it allows me to get to the detergent, bleach, etc. easily. lately, things keep getting put back where ever and it drives me insane. not only are laundry supplies being put on these shelves but also household cleaning supplies, which i keep in the kitchen. i find that i'm constantly searching for items and then putting it back where it belongs.

5) another thing that bugs me is when you show someone how to do something, they say they understand and have no questions but when they start to do it, it's nothing like the way you explained it. what is up w/ this??

6) i also don't like ppl coming and taking things off of my desk w/out asking or coming into my office and opening my drawers or using my computer w/out asking. this really bugs me. one thing in particular is the use of my pens. some of my pens are not from the ofc. and some ppl only want to use those. once i remember this dr. using a pen i got at a christmas fair. it's a beautiful pen and i love it. well, what did he do but started twisting it and playing w/ it and it fell apart. i got mad. i think he was shocked. i took the pen from him, laughed in a devilish way - so he'd know it wasn't funny - and told him he couldn't use the pen any more.

yeah... i have a few peeves.... but i know i'm not the only one. i could prob list several more but i'll spare you all and not put myself into total freakdom. ;)



jahooni said...

okay, I have to say this... do you have such "pet peeves" on vacation?

He he heee hee hee (devilish laugh)

I can see certain things from you, yes, BUT....

He he heee hee hee (devilish laugh)

tooners said...

don't make me slap you like a step child my dear sister! ;)

he he heee hee heee (devilish laugh)

Olivia at Work said...

I hate it when people use crap cloths for cleaning the kitchen, so it's never really clean at all, and then the cloth stinks after a few days. At my house they use these thin ineffective dishcloths for it.

One time, I brought a really strong woven cotton cleaning cloth from my grandmother. It was excellent for cleaning with its texture, easy to wash, could last for months. My landlord loved it, but my landlady threw it out in the same amount of time she would her cheaper papery ones. My landlord actually fished it back out of the bin, to no avail.

Talk about false economy.

I also hate it when people slam doors. The kitchen door slams to, so I keep a finger on the handle to prevent it from slamming, but everyone else, in and out, slam slam.

Also, when I am cooking something in the microwave and don't realise anyone can smell it, my landlady might fuss a bit, then landlord will come in, say "Smells nice" and shut the door. (I do shut it when I use the oven or stovetop.)
OK fine, but by the same token, I hate it when they fry a steak and leave the bloody door open! Whole house smells of meat, extractor fan or not!

I have more, but it is time for me to get back to work...I was going to leave it till I got home, but couldn't resist.

Princess Ambiguous said...

I hate it when pervy men don't get the point when you clearly tell them to leave you alone.

I hate it when idiots set off the fire alarm at ungodly hours in my halls so we have to stumble out half asleep in the cold.

I love it when it's snowing and I'm inside by a radiator with a drink of hot chocolate in hand :D

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

You raise such interesting topics and they resonate with many of us I am sure.
Pet peeves - where do I start? I'm not fussy around the house but I do get annoyed when men chuck their clothes on the floor, leaving me to clean up after them. There are two guys in this household so I am outnumbered. I get annoyed when P has control over the TV zapper and watches six channels at a time - a minute each! I get annoyed when someone expects me to make the coffee/tea when anyone could just go to the kitchen and do it!
Okay, I've had a long mileage so there are plenty more, but that's enough for now.

Puppy said...

come on ppl, its an interesting post, but it turns to be negative dont u think? Lets also add things we like.

I am a busy right now, but I WILL BE BACK ;)

Tooners its your turn, what u like?

tooners said...

puppy, i will make a post about some of my favorite things.... well, see who can't be positive!!! ;) but it'll have to wait until after my Halloween post!