Tuesday, October 17, 2006


One of my friends, The Moody Minstrel, has been telling some great stories on his blog about his experiences w/ tarot cards, ouija boards and the likes. If you like this sort of stuff, check out his blog.

It got me to thinking about this stuff and my experience in such... when I was a child as an adult.

First, how many of you have ever had your cards read, tea leaves read, done the whole coffee reading thing that they do here? I had my SIL read the grounds from the turkish coffee, but it was all nonsense, and she thinks she's good at it... made me laugh really... but you wouldn't believe how many ppl sit around her while she pretends to say things that any tom, dick or harry could say.... myself included.

I worked w/ a girl that had her fortune read by some woman that read stuff from the Quran.. which seemed really weird to me. I've also heard all the stories about evil eyes (have some of my own experiences w/ this as well - which I'll talk about later), the spells that the Moroccan girls put on their husbands or boyfriends and such, and the spells that Persians do. Altho, I think some Bahraini's do the same spells but they pretend that they don't... or maybe some do. Anyway... all of this and Moody's blog got me to thinking about my belief in such things.

I believe in tarot cards, the ouija board and having your fortune read - if done by the right person. I've done all of this. Not that I'm a believer in the occult or practice black magic or anything, because I don't, but I have gone to tarot readers, had my palms read in Jamaica and have played w/ the ouija board.... but so have many members of my family.

My mom and aunt used to play the ouija board when my aunt was married to this man that was a mean person. It would tell her how he was cheating on her and it would call her bad names and tell her how stupid she was. My mom said that many times the slider would move by itself. So, after hearing about all the spoooooky stories, me and my cousin, L, decided to play it and see for ourselves. We played that thing for days.... asked it all kinds of questions and watched to see what the answers were. I don't know how much of it was my cousin moving the slider or what, but it did answer everything and it got to a point to where I was terrified of the thing.

We put it in the closet and I got so afraid of it that I would run past the closet and never dare look in that direction. Yeah... but... I had some freaky things happen when I was young and I did, w/ all my heart, believe in spirits and still do.

I had a lady do tarot cards for me once. Me and my girlfriend, Y, went to see her. She let us tape record the session. Back then, which was probably 15 yrs ago, a lot of what she told me didn't make sense... but, EVERYTHING, she told my friend, happened. Later, after meeting my husband, I called my friend, Y, to tell her about him and she started reminding me of what that lady had said w/ the tarot cards. So much of what she said came true for me as well. She told me that I'd meet someone, like my husband, and even described him. I laughed at the time and even later, but now I see how right she was. She also told me that I would move to a far away place..... and indeed, it happened. My friend, Y, well, the lady told her that one of her friends was pregnant and didn't know it but would lose the baby. She told her the sign of this girl, her hair color and color of eyes... and, again, it happened. She also told her that someone very close in her family, that lived far away, was about to pass away. Her great grandmother passed away not long after this.

She also told us about relationships.... about travel, about kids... about so much. I've lost that tape and I'm really mad that I did.

The guy in Jamaica... well, he terrified me. I'll never forget. I signed up for a palm reading... thinking it was innocent enough. Well, I went into the place for my reading and there was this huge man there, dressed in clothes that made me think he was a witch dr. from the hills. He was spooooky looking... but it intrigued me... yes... I'm weird. ;)

He instructed me to sit down and I did. He then told me to hold out my hands as he started making signs over the tops of my palms. As he did this, he started telling me my life's story. It TOTALLY freaked me out because how in the world did this man know all of this stuff about me?!! I hadn't filled out any forms... hadn't talked to anyone on this vacation... nothing. But... he knew it and he just kept going and going... until I guess I finally became frightened and stopped it. He also told me about my endometriosis... which I do have and gave me some liquid stuff in a plastic bottle to rub on my stomach. He said it would go away.... and I'm assuming it did. For I haven't had any major probs w/ it for years and years. Anyway... that could be chalked up to just less stress of worry or something... but still.

Getting back to the ouija board... my ex SIL played w/ it non-stop. She told me how they'd put on music, after it would ask for a particular song and such, then it would slide around on the board, by itself, like it was dancing to the music. It would tell them secrets about other ppl... just all sorts of things.

It makes me wonder where this comes from. I started believing it was the devil and that's why I stopped playing w/ it, but I now wonder if it wasn't spirits. I don't know really ... because I was obsessed w/ the devil and evil powers for a long time in my youth and truly believed that lying or disbelief could send you straight to hell.... so when the ouija moved on its own w/ me, and I had the strange things happen when playing w/ my girlfriend that day in the house and when I thought my bed was moving on its own... well, it scared me into not picking up the ouija board ever again. I've seen it though.. they used to sell it at Toys R Us in the U.S. I looked here to see if they had it, but they didn't. I wonder if I would buy it now???

I remember a few years back when lots of ppl were writing into the GDN about devil worshippers here in Bahrain. I think a lot of the religious types thought that these young kids listening to rock music were worshipping the evil one.... and some guy even wrote into the paper saying that he saw ppl having some type of an occult mtg in the desert. I laughed at this... wondering how he knew.... was he right there.. did he attend!?

So... what are your stories? I know Moody has a LOT.... and a few of you Bahrainis prob have some of your very own stories as well that I'd love to hear about... even if it's about the dreaded evil eyes. My in-laws believe in these. We have some things hanging in our house for this and in our car.... and I had my own incident at work relating to this. Some guy heard me walking down the hall and asked "who is that horse walking down the hall". Maybe I've blogged about this before... if so, sorry. Anyway... I didn't know about this man, his so-called "skills" and only found out about it after I fell down the stairs at our house that weekend. Ppl at work said it was because of him and told me what he said and such. After this, I was pretty freaked out and decided to have nothing to do w/ this guy. But... I guess after a few months, this man stops by my office one day and asks me not to believe what ppl say about him. I decided not to believe ppl and to be friends w/ this man.

I've heard all sorts of stories about evil eyes... but I believe that if you let yourself believe in it, be afraid of it, it will affect your life. That's why I don't. Anyway....

tell me your stories!! It's getting close to Halloween and I'm anxious for some spooooky stuff!!!


Girl, Interrupted said...

This is a very interestig post. I had my coffee cup read for me once, and the lady described a lot of things for me that I thought were spooky and totally freaked me out. I 'm not sure if I would go back to her, nor to people who read tarot cards. Not that I don't entorely believe in them, but it scares me.
In reply to your comment, I think tourists from any country are funny, but Americans are loud and overly-friendly. They're also too trusting, and because I love the accent, I enjoy sitting close to them to listen to thier conversations. Yes, I sound like a freak! I'm aware!
But sorry if that comment offended you. I really didn't mean anything bad by it at all! :)

The Moody Minstrel said...

Thanks for the link, Tooners! I enjoyed this post!

I've never heard of coffee reading, but since tea-leaf reading has been around for ages, I guess it only makes sense.

One of the reasons why I didn't really get into the Ouija board readings when the New Agers at my college were getting into them (even before the thing started threatening me) was because, in my junior high school days, one of my friends had one, and it used to bump and bang around inside its box at night. Things that may attract ghosts, spirits, wayward subconscious powers, etc. are better kept at a distance...

Puppy said...

I like that spooky things, done some so far. But I have been told its not a good idea to go into that stuff and it also against the religion.
So here is the experience I had

I had once a coffee looking thing, my cards were read (normal playing cards and tarot) once by “professional”, also there were times when we were playing around with girls, also Quran thing, and once I was with kinda medium who was looking at me and commented about my aura, some health problems.
Quite a big experience, obviously I want to know more in advance. I don’t think they were really good, they generally were saying the same thing (I think same thing to everyone), that everything is good, I have good aura, I am lucky person, good person, that everything will be ok. So far the aura person and the card women told me similar thing that I will like a foreigner and will marry him and will live abroad. I am not keen to marry a foreigner. The card woman also said I will have 5 kids (she had lots of owls when reading my cards, and she said owls are kids), I think its too much I will hardly agree for a second kid and I have good knowledge of birth control tools so I don’t see it happening :) does anyone knows what owl means in taro cards? Was she right? May be I will work in kinder garden, does that mean the kids will be all mine? Anyways its too early to worry about kids since I don’t have a husband yet :))))))

Good day everyone


Olivia said...

YOu were very brave to allow all those things. The most I have done is let a Korean friend read my palm, and now I keep an eye on the horoscopes, one of which is amazingly good.

My mother always told me to be careful what I touch or bring home. For instance, old trees - some of you may remember she lived in a country that experience a lot of psychical phenomena. She once touched a tree branch, something went up her arm and her father had to pray for her. The ancient Greeks were onto something when they said spirits lived in trees.

Or for another example, buying an antique ring could bring the legacy of what happened to the wearer.

So, both very much along the lines of what Moody Minstrel says: "Things that may attract ghosts, spirits, wayward subconscious powers, etc. are better kept at a distance..."

I've just rememeered that my mother's friend went to India to make a movie and came back very different. She had a tiny bottle wound with thread around her neck. She was very, very protective of it and worried about the possibility of it opening. I forget the details, but one day it did accidentally open and my mother says a dark shadowy thing came out and went into the corner of the room. They were both very scared after that, and well, this friend of hers went from being a former beauty queen, to going in and out of mental hospitals. I remember her years of slow decline. Apparently, there was always something following her...

gazza27 said...

i think all theis things are money making scams,i see dead ppl,someone close to u has passed to the other side,he (SHE) tells me your secrets safe with me,it wasent your fault,anyone could have done what you did,you have powers as well,you just dont know how to use them!i think their is no afterlife,your gone!