Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Back in Time Tag

I've been tagged by Olivia to write about going back in time (The Age That I Wish to go Back To)... and choosing a time/age I'd like to go back to hasn't been easy... so I've decided not to choose a day to go back to, but stay in the present.

I think that right now, the way life is for me, Hashim and the baby, it's the best time in my life. My childhood was filled with many unhappy things, leaving a lot of unhappy memories, so I think it best to stay happy... wouldn't you agree?!!

Not that there weren't happy things in my life, but nothing really compares to now when I sit back and think long and hard about my life. I loved growing up in Indiana... loved going to my cousins for the summers, helping my mom in the garden, living on a farm for a lot of my life, living in California and Texas... but, even w/ this, I still cherish today more than anything.

The Age That I Wish To Go Back To:

My answer to this is Here and Now. Sorry for being such a spoil sport Olivia, but having given this plenty of thought, I must say that this time is the best for me. I have happy memories from long ago, in my 20s and from when I was a young girl, but there aren't any that compare to right now.... :)

I think you all know why I choose now... if you don't, then I must add that it's because of Naief and how my life has changed since having him. I must say that I've never felt love like I feel it now. He gives my life such meaning. He brings happiness to every day... even when he's being naughty!! ;)

I tag:

1. Jac from A Window to My Soul
2. Gazza from Sefton Taxis
3. Jane from Lost in America
4. Munther or Khalid from The Drivel of Two Bahrainis
5. Hashim (you have to do this one dear!!) from Hashim's Studio

Puppy, I wanted to tag you but then remembered that your blog is private.... :)

ok... again, sorry for not being more fun, but in all honesty, my childhood, teenage years, 20s and my 30s just don't compare to now. I hope that as he gets older, I have the chance to remember times when there was a lot of happiness in my life... I hope that thru him I will be able to remember good things....


Christopher said...

Oh honey, of COURSE you have a lifetime of memories ahead of you...some joyful and of course some of them hard.

My dear sweetie, I have been sensing in your writings a little bit of the blues, I hope you are doing ok and finding joy in the present.

I think if I was to want to go back in time and relive a part of my past...well, perhaps my 20's, and I wouldn't have hooked up with the relationship, that turned into an illness. Though, my HIV I feel has made me stronger in a lot of ways, I do feel that I cheated myself out of the supposed "rebirth" that should have come with finding something positive about being HIV+. But nonetheless, blogging has been so central to me, that I am so thankful for all the people I have come into contact with, especially reading about your life, and Olivia's (though, my relationship with Olivia has taken a rather abusive turn...she beats me with her designer shoes when you don't write, and steals my tiaras...what a slag!)

Oh how I wish I could just have an evening of coffee with you all.

Glad to see you're writing when you get the urge!

Um Naief said...

kissyfur, you know, you make me smile every time i read something your hands have been on! i don't know who to feel sorry for... olivia or you! hehehe i would bet that you sorta like the beatings!! and i'm sure she loves giving them!!!

oh how i wish we could all have coffee as well... the laughter would never end, and it would be wonderful.

yeah, i have been sorta in a bluesy mood as of late. it's amazing how you always pick up on that and many others do not. i'm trying to live in the moment but at times it's difficult... you'd think by now i would have figured out how to do that!

i didn't know there was a thing called "rebirth"... but i can see how ppl might have that. i think you are having your rebirth in your every day life. you will soon be an auntie and will feel such joy from that, and your writing.. well, i think that, in and of itself, is an ability that not many have.

thank you for your dose of sunshine... it warms me all over! :)

The Moody Minstrel said...

Hello, hello!

You haven't been visiting my blog much lately, but I tagged you with the same thing before realizing Olivia had already done so. Sorry about that!

I agree with Christopher. You have seemed rather moody lately, and I've been worried about the competition! No, I'm only kidding. I watched my wife go through a very similar period with each of our two kids, the so called "baby blues", so I think it's just part of it. Remember: this too shall pass!

My answer to the tag was very similar to yours, though my reasoning was a bit different.

Olivia said...

Not to worry my dear, I admire you (as I did Minstrel) for being content with the present. Sorry to hear you have many unhappy memories. So, I guess you've finally reached your good years. (I'm just taking a break from mine.)

Yes, you have been a bit low for a while. Specially when you posted those poems. I hope you know that we are here to listen to and support you.

You know, I remember throwing my shoe at Kissy, and giving him his tiara back, but I can't find where we posted that!

Puppy said...

No worries, i will tag myself here.

I wish to go one year back and enjoy all the time i can with my dad:(

sad but true.