Friday, November 30, 2007

The art of the tickle-rub

Not sure if any of you know what I mean when I say the word 'tickle-rub'. Don't really think it's even a word... except in my own little private dictionary, and I wonder how many of you have ever had one of these 'tickle-rubs'??

As a young girl, my mom used to rub my arms, my face and hair. I loved it. It would relax me and help me sleep. (I still ask for these rubs when I see her, and I must say, she still gives the best tickle-rub!! Can't wait to have her rub my hair when I visit California) As a got older, I'd enlist my younger sister to do this for me. Usually w/ the assurance that I'd tickle-rub her as well. Most nights I'd make her go first... insisting that she rub my arms for what seemed like hours (to her), then I'd fall asleep and she'd never get her share.... aaaahhhh, those were the days! ;) But lemme tell ya, she has NEVER let me forget this. I think she's reminded me of this, say.... 500 times!

For any of you out there that don't know what this 'tickle-rub' is... let me explain. It's a light dance of the fingers across the skin, sort of in a rubbing type motion, but they glide over your skin instead of rub and gives a wonderful sensation that is both relaxing and intoxicating. It can also cause your skin to itch if not done in the proper way.

I thought my family was the only ones doing this until I was talking to a lady at work and telling her all about it, whereas she informed me that as a child, her mother had been tickled-rubbed to sleep by the housemaids while living in South America. They'd fan her mother to sleep w/ huge feather fans, while another would tickle-rub her skin until she drifted to sleep. Now... I don't know about you, but that, to me, sounds like the ultimate way to be relaxed.... makes me a bit relaxed just to think about it. Imagine being fanned to sleep while another person rubbed your arm, hair.... aaaaahhhhhhhh.


I've now enlisted Hashim to tickle-rub me, and he does it until I fall asleep.... he's not much for it but will occasionally allow me to tickle-rub his arm, then complaining (because it does feel wonderful) that I don't do it enough! HA!!!! He only has to ask!! Well, unless I'm sleepy and then I have to have it, for it seems the only method to truly send me into sleep heaven.

but... you know, I haven't had a tickle-rub since having the baby, and I'm missing them!! I've tried a couple of times to inch over towards him to let him tickle-rub my face and hair, but wouldn't you know it, the baby wakes up and my heaven escapes me! :)

My sister has enlisted her daughter in the tickle-rub, saying she's the best... matter of fact, Katelyn wakes up in the middle of the night, if she's sleeping w/ her mother, and will rub her for long stretches of time. She slept with me and Hashim when we visited the last time, but I got no tickle rubs. I waited, but nothing. Maybe this time.... I can only hope. ;)

And wouldn't ya know... I'm hoping that Naief will follow in the tickle-rub footsteps... matter of fact, I'm making it a tradition in our family. :) I'm training him from now. Tonight, when he woke for a feeding, his little hand stretched out and I started rubbing it ever so lightly (as I've also done in the past), and what did he do? He started rubbing my arm ever so gently and rubbing my hand and fingers... it's soooo sweet and made me think of our tickle-rubs when we were younger. It's moments like these that make my heart soar... and make me glad to be next to him at night. And NO, not just for the tickle-rub... but because he's so sweet, and it's so sweet when he starts to rub my arm!!!

If he were sleeping in his crib, I wouldn't have these experiences... and for as bad as it can be w/ sleep deprivation and such, I still feel it's worth it.

Now, in thinking about it... I think the tickle-rub started w/ my mother. She loved having her hair rubbed/combed... so maybe it started w/ her and she passed it down to us.

Are there any other tickle-rubbers out there???


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

In massage therapy, a tickle-rub is a technique for relaxation. They call them, "nerve strokes."

Hey, where is Bahrain?

Um Naief said...

lbb, bahrain is in the arabian gulf, right next to to saudi arabia. we're also close to qatar, oman, dubai.

interesting that there's something to this method of rubbing. i know it's always relaxed me to a point that i fall asleep easily... i love it!!

Jahooni said...

Yes, and I will keep reminding you of all those nights that I lay awake as a small child tickle-rubbing you for hours on end when my arms were so sore and cramping from it!

ALso you wouldn't allow me to move around... remember?

Maybe just maybe I will have Katelyn give you one or two while you are here.

And now that I think about it, you will give me one for an hour straight!!!

eshda3wa said...

Im a HUGE fan of the tickle rub!

my whole family is

my best friend and i take turns :)

and god i love love love it!

my roommate refuses to tickle rub me, shes not into touching ppl.

so im ALWAYS missing them!

Puppy said...

My mom "tickle rub"ed my arms and my back when i was little, she does it now when i ask but not for long. I LOVE IT.
You know when doing that with having little nails, so you feel not only fingers also nails, let me enjoyed it even more.


Christopher said...

Hell Dahling!

Have you ever tried acupuncture or acupressure?

To answer your question about the microdermabrasion kits, I actually like Dermanew (go to and look at all of the home kits they have. Using twice a week, we all can look fabulous!

Thanks for coming by when you do, I will have you know I can always count on you and Olivia to get me to smile and send out words of encouragement.
love to you

Um Naief said...

puppy, my mom uses a little bit of nail too and you're right, it feels wonderful!!! i love it too!! TICKLE RUB DOES RULE!!!!! :)

Olivia said...

Yes! This is partly what my mum does when she rubs me - but she also has recently started squeezing/pinching my back which, believe it or not, feels great after sitting in an office all day.

My cousin Alyssa (Jada's mom), her brother Paul and I used to rub each other's backs too. I hope she does it to Jada now.

Sunshine said...

i LOOOVE tickle rubs (tho never knew they had a name) and lately i found out my bf is into them too :) he loves to fall asleep that way apparently, and has done so since he was a kid!

when i was younger, sleeping at my aunts, my cozin would get me to tickle rub her all the time (and pay me back with bags of munchies), so jahooni, i kno how u feel lol..

Rock Chef said...

That sounds great but I guess you would have to get the pressure just right.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Good grief...what HAVE I been missing??!?

Jahooni said...

It's time for a new post........ la la lah lah lah

The Moody Minstrel said...

Jahooni, are you being mean to me? T-T

CSV777 said...

This is interesting. I never knew there was a term for this, but I discovered how amazing it feels to lightly tickle my skin and then scratch or rub it when I was little. I never even needed anyone else to do it for me, I do it myself every night and it always helps me sleep. I do my hair, face, arms, chest and stomach, and my legs. Glad to see I'm not the only one who does this. Also head rubs. It feels great and relaxing to have your head massaged. I do this to myself a few times a day as well. All this is probly twice as good if you have someone else do it to you, but I've never asked my gf to do it cuz I thought it was some weird thing that only I did.