Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sexual Abuse/Molestation in Bahrain

I've been waiting to write this blog entry... hoping that someone else would beat me to the punch, but as of yet, I've not read anything about what's happening in this country.

Today I read on Ammaro's blog about a guy in Berlin or someplace in Germany that was given a job at a kindergarten after being sentenced for sexually molesting children, and what did this guy do??? You got it... he turned around and abused two children at this school. Who would have thunk it.... imagine... he's a predator and the best job for him is at a school. Oh but wait... he was a janitor.... how could a janitor sexually abuse children?!!!!

So... the story goes.

Well... I guess about a month ago, I read in the GDN about how some Bahraini guy had sexually molested a child and been given 5 yrs for the offense. But after judges reviewed his case, it was lowered to one year because they felt like he was suffering from a mental problem. Poor guy... must be terrible being a victim of such mental problems!

I know what can fix that for 'em tho... let's castrate the guy... and hey, maybe Bahrain should take a lead from Saudi and do it in a public place for all to see. That might fix his little problem and keep him away from other children... you think?!!

I'm appalled at this ruling. I don't know how anyone in their right mind could lower the sentence of such an animal. Here he's damaged a child and that child will have the scar for the rest of their life - in one form or another - but he's given leniency by the judge and his sentence is lowered to one year. ONE FREAKIN YEAR!!!!!!!

But ppl who sale drugs are given 10 yrs in prison and then deported. Where's the logic in that? Who the hell cares about drugs and ppl who are using when you have pedophiles running loose???? And no one gives a damn about it!

Here you have ppl out protesting almost every weekend about something... either not having jobs, about America, about Israel, about Lebanon... but NO ONE protests about these ppl - the child molesters/rapists/pedophiles walking the streets! And why the hell not???? Why doesn't anyone give a damn about this?

Here the child will live w/ this for the rest of their lives. They'll suffer post traumatic stress syndrome from it off and on for years to come, if not all of their lives, live in fear and shame, probably will be treated as a leper from ppl in their community - since the victim is probably blamed in this country or seen as someone who asked for it - but the man who committed this crime is walking free... only to strike again, I would bet my life on.

I get so sick when I read about this crap in the paper... and you have ppl in high powered positions not giving a damn.... usually caring more about getting their pics in the paper for giving money away to this charity or that organization.... but when I sit back and think about it, I really start to wonder why there isn't someone standing up for these children? Where is their voice? Where are their parents???? Why in the hell don't they care? I guess it's swept under the carpet like everything else.... and praying that no one finds out that it was their child who was raped/molested....

instead of getting out there and doing something about it. Why aren't these pedophiles black listed? Why aren't their laws to keep these ppl in jail? Why aren't they shamed at every street corner? Why don't ppl know where they live to protect their children???

It's sad... really sad. I wonder what will happen when and if children ever start disappearing here... oh but wait... that's already happened and what came of it?!! What about when and if children start being killed by such criminals... all of them out to molest/rape a child and then it gets outta hand and they kill the child... or their whole intent was to kill the child. If you don't think it'll happen one day, you are blinded by your rose colored glasses or you need to pull your head outta your ass and get a freakin clue as to where this country is going UNLESS ppl do something about this!

Wake up ppl!!!!! There are child molesters roaming your streets... and their hurting your children!


Om Tutu said...

This and emoodz post titled "When Zainab Left Wonderland" are both really disturbing. I can't believe this crap happens and people get away with it with a mere slap on the wrist.

I am a firm believer in Karma, and know that they will get theirs, but I am also a firm believer in the fact that we shouldn't be stupid! How stupid are the people that allowed that janitor to work at the school!

If a pedophile is my next door neighbor, I want to know! And I should know! I wonder what it would take to implement a program like here.

Coolred38 said...

i have been writing letter after letter to the local paper here in bahrain highlighting just this issue...nobody is raising a single voice in complaint against this horrible sexual crime wave that is drowning our children under a carpet of indifference. The stigma of being a victim of sexual abuse is what keeps most people quiet....but then we must figure out why there is such a stigma in the arab world...if a girl is raped...if a child is molested...whatever...they are seen as ruined or as a co-conspirator in their abuse...they are the ones that are first punished by the abuser...then again by society. |can see how that would make families stay quiet when they are touched by a monster. it has to change rapist or pedophile at a time...and judges need to see that we wont take this lenient attitude one moment longer. A society that doesnt care for its future generation....sickens and dies. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

This is not something new in Bahrain. Someone I know was raped when he was 14 years old way back in the early 80's. It took him years for the pain to heal, and even today, there are times when he feels 'helpless' just remembering what happened. His relationships suffered, and he is sure that one of the reasons why he is still unmarried is because of what happened back then. A few years later he discovered 'christianity', and he says that if it wasn't for his faith he would have been dead long time ago.

The Moody Minstrel said...

The incidents you describe in this post don't surprise me at all. In my high school days (in the U.S.) one of my friends was molested by the vocal music teacher at the time. The parents of the boy pressed charges, of course, and the school fired the teacher. However, the courts ruled that the teacher had a psychological problem that required counseling rather than convict him. They also disallowed his teaching license being revoked. Two years later he was teaching at a different school.

Frankly, I think this whole "not guilty by reason of insanity" thing shows some very misguided principles. The whole line of thought is, "It's unfair to punish someone for having a mental condition beyond their control." Of, of course it's unfair! But it's not unfair to foist a proven threat to society right back on said society, is it?

That's what happens when people who live in idealistic dreamworlds instead of reality get to be in charge.

Ixchel said...

great blog you have here. This is a very sad issue.And I'm amazed no one is doing anything about it. But again, it is a stupid world.

Olivia said...

How ironic. As I read this post I am watching a program about Jeffrey Dahmer (including his disturbed childhood of course).

No matter what their past, they still did it and no mental condition or emotional scar will diminish that fact. You let them out, they will do it again. The best thing is to take them out of circulation before they go too far.

As for not punishing sexual predators in the middle east, I will never understand how the female victim in each case can be blamed, or the child not see justice be done. Ugh.

Gazza said...

Friends of our's adopted a young 6 year old girl about 10 years ago,she was starting to get "groomed"as they put it.....? by her natural mother?..turns our,women are into this sick stuff as well and its hard to crack coz its all very secret?

Um Naief said...

om tutu, i'm a firm believer in karma too... and i do believe that this guy will get his one way or another. God will make sure that he is punished... and i hope the world is watching! i don't want a sexual predator next to my house either... and the thought of having someone who has committed such crimes living on my block makes me sick. but as long as ppl turn their heads, they'll walk along the street w/ us and we'll never be the wiser!

coolred, there was a time when i wrote into the GDN about the same issues, but, like you, haven't seen one thing done or one hand raised to talk about this issue. you make some incredible points here in your comment... and i think you're right about WHY nothing is being done. ppl are ashamed, families are ashamed, but hiding it won't help the child, it makes it worse. it's sad that society looks down on a person for being molested... it's truly heartbreaking!

anon, it does affect your life. i know first hand. it's the most terrible thing you can imagine and it stays w/ you forever. you might think you're better, but then one day it all comes flooding back... this is the hard part to deal w/... the lasting, torturous memories! i hope your friend has sought counseling and is working to overcome his issues. it does help. i also know a bahraini woman who was sexually abused some 20 or so years ago. she spoke to me about it and told me how prevalent this is in bahrain, but that NO ONE talks about it. it has got to change...

moody, you know Moody, i really wish there was something like that for ppl here. i wish they could sue, but in thinking about it, i would bet that they wouldn't. not wanting their names in the courts... or for anyone to know. so often in the States, sexual abusers are put back on the streets w/in no time. they continue to abuse and some even wind up killing their victims.... thankfully that didn't happen here but i can't help but to think it's only a matter of time. the sad thing about this guy, the teacher, who molested that boy you know, is that he's probably abused tons more kids and no one knows. but like um tutu says, i believe in karma... and one day, it'll come back to him 10 fold!

ixchel, thanks! i'm glad you like it. there are plenty of ppl in positions that could raise the issue... get the ball rolling, but they don't. you have committees that say they are for child welfare, but they don't bring it to the forefront of society here... no one talks about it. it's JUST LIKE coolred says... and i don't truly think it'll ever change. which means that these monsters will continue to ruin children's lives.

olivia, jeffrey dahmer... what a horrible monster he was. this guy was seriously ill... and look at how many ppl he was able to kill before being caught. you know, it's said that it starts from childhood. abusing animals is a sign that you have a sick person on your hands... and he started off by killing and torturing animals. and look how karma got him back!! and i agree w/ you... justice is not done here... this guy got a slap on the wrist and will be out walking the streets in no time. no telling how many others he's damaged and no one has spoken up to point the finger at him.

gazza, you are so right! women can be as much as a monster as the men. i think i heard about this case you're referring to... they were grooming her for sexual abuse, right?! sickening. you know, i really am shocked at how women can do this and how they can allow for their husbands/partners to abuse a child right in front of them, while they look the other way or even participate. i hope they were both locked away... and i really hope this little girl is in safe hands now!

Rock Chef said...

Most places seem to have a totally screwed sense of justice - We here of people doing really sick things and getting off with a few years while we recently had someone who was forging paintings and they seem ready to throw away the key!

And you are right, these people are everywhere!

Jahooni said...

Here in the U.S. they have a website that you can go on to see if a registered offender lives near you.

It is

It is scary how many live all over the place. One lives a couple streets down from my daughters school!

Great Post! Maybe this will wake some people up!

Christopher said...

This of course is a tragedy on so many levels for everyone involved, worldwide. Think about that girl who lived in that little room in Austria for like 8 years....I think about the suffering and it kills me. Anyone being taken of their innocence...fuck, I cannot put it into words. When I see suffering of any level, it upsets me: children, women, animals, people in general. If a person molests children, it should be a life sentence. It is a sickness, that I think has no cure. No matter what.

Thanks for taking a stance as a mother and getting the word out.

p.s., I wrote you a special blog entry on my inspire me on so many levels...

Reem said...

i wonder if you heard about the case in dubai recently...a 16 year old french boy was raped by three emirati guys, he went to the hospital after and the egyptian doctor who examined him concluded he was a homosexual and not a victim of rape...consequently the rapists were either let go or hardly given any sentence, and the police advised the parents to drop the case against the emirati guys or else the french boy himself could be given a jail sentence for allegedly being a homosexual. many newspapers and media oulets picked up the story, including the new york times, and the boy's mother has created a website called boycott dubai. google it and you'll find it. it's horrendous what happened to that boy. and it's enraging that he can't find justice in this case unless the emirati authorities cooperate.

poetic muslim said...

yeah know i have the same issues , he should be castrated your right , these things are so common !
I do however think that people like that should get some sort of mental help because clearly their is something wrong , its not natrual to think and feel this way , their must be something wrong .

Um Naief said...

rock chef, you are so right! really makes you think about what's important in life! obviously not child welfare for many.

jahooni, yes, i do wish there was something like this here. but the thing is, it prob would never be updated and everything would be a mess... and then everyone would gossip about it, so who would they put on the puter putting this info in??!!! can't imagine it.

christopher, no kidding, i remember that story. it's soooo terrible. reminds me of the little girl that was adopted by that man and woman in new york and they wound up torturing and killing her. they both stood trial, but i can't remember what happened. it was so terrible to hear what they had done to her. i think that the husband also beat the wife severely... maybe that's how he finally got turned in.

reem, no, i didn't hear about that. you know, it doesn't surprise me at all. i could see the same thing happening here. matter of fact, you read about things w/ gays here but then you never hear anything else about them... makes me wonder what happens to them after the police pick them up! this boy, makes me sick to know they are now seeing him as the guilty party. but ... hey, when you're dealing w/ nationals, why point the finger at these poor ppl... probably just wanting to prove a point to this young man... (the way they see it). know that i'm being sarcastic here. can't imagine a dr. deciding that he was gay... wonder how that happened?? and why did he find it his responsibility to tell anyone this? i will go to this website and check it out. i'm always interested in stuff like this.

poetic, yes, you're right, there is definitely something wrong w/ them... but not sure that mental help will do them any good. i think that once you're a child molester, you're always a child molester. ppl have a tough time w/ regards to stopping this behavior. usually ppl who abuse have also been abused as children. not to say that all do it, but many do. and for you to say it's 'common' makes me sick. to think that it is... well, that's probably why it's ignored by many... because it's happening all the time and seen as no big deal really. i have not a clue... in all honesty, i thought that we'd have many more bahrainis commenting on this and i'm a bit shocked at how many haven't said a word, including ammaro who originally posted about the german guy. but i guess it's easier to look outside than to look within.

poetic muslim said...

I think perhaps it is such a taboo , I once said to this woman that when I go to algeria I will not let my daughter mix with strange men , she said to me such things do not happen in algeria , how true that is I do not believe .
I am iraqi and I grew up seeing men do these things in iraq and iran , it does not come strange to me at all . Because of some of the experiences I have had , it has made me sick inside when it comes towards men .

Gardens of Sand said...

I remember talking to this great lady that works as a Dr in the emergency and my lord the horror stories I heard! I dunno who was more stunned myself or the attorney sitting with us in the gathering?! I had the benefit or misfortune of knowing many gals that were abused while young. I am guessing the lawyer didn't.

The stories were horrific and you would think she was talking about a Law and Order SVU episode but nops she was talking about reality.

You are right, these things are swept under the rug in Bahrain. The shame, etc etc plus the legal system failing such victims when matters are brought to the law.

There is no strict application of the law, so why go thru the nightmare of naming your abuser and all the associated trauma that goes on with it? Chances are he will not spend a night in jail.

UmNaeif Bahrain in a lot of way is still developing and needs 50-100 yrs to catch up to other countries. Think of it like the US 50 yrs ago. Things in Bahrain today are being handled the way the things in the US were handled 50 to a 100 yrs ago.

I know there are some efforts, at least on the nongovernmental soceities side. Some have a hotline, counseling offices etc etc. But its the legal side thats failing them.

You got my creative juices on this one, I think I will write a post about it.

chayonz said...

Hey reem, i just wanted to comment on yours and update you if you don't know, but the emarati guys were finally charged. With like 15 years of prison. Well i think thats a bull sentence for someone who raped AND transmitted aids but it is dubai, so I guess in a sense that was ENORMOUSLY generous of them. :/ Oh well.

If you want to know where I found out, here's the website :

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