Sunday, October 19, 2008

hop, hop, hop

Naief is learning to hop... I call it hop because it's such small little jumps, that it reminds me of a bunny rabbit. :) He's learning to pull his knees up, an ability to do so has never really entered my mind when watching other kids, and it's so dang adorable! You wouldn't think something so tiny would be so exciting, but it is and gosh darn it... he's learning to jump! He hops across the kitchen, he hops around on the bed, he hops while he's walking... hop hop hop :)

I've obviously taken for granted, all these years, learning to do such a thing... but excitingly enough, he'll soon be able to jump on those bouncy things that they have everywhere, which he longs to do...

He loves that he can do it. Calling to me and daddy whenever we aren't watching... and it's always a favorite thing to do when getting ready to change for bed. And, I'll tell ya, he's also a little daredevil. He loves to jump and then plunge himself face first into the bed, over mommy or into pillows. Nothing seems to stop him... gets me on pins and needles a lot of times, but I try to watch, clap, laugh w/ delight instead of keeping myself in a state of worry over him getting hurt. Little kids are so resilient.. I know I was when I was little, but I sure had bumps and bruises to prove it, plus, I remember LOTS of close calls... so... no wonder I worry.

He's also starting to repeat lots of words we say in English and Arabic.... jabbering constantly about this or that... Hashim says that once he starts w/ full sentences... he'll never stop. I'm just waiting for the 'why's'. I'm readying myself... should be full of wonder, excitement, laughing and probably some stress, but maybe not. I actually enjoy talking to him and answering questions... so am wondering how this will go.

Today was funny in that Hashim swept and mopped the kitchen floor, then after about 20 or 30 mins, he looked down and said, "I just mopped the floor..." I had to laugh, for now he, maybe, on a teeny, tiny level, understands what I've been saying. I feel like a little tornado follows me around, leaving a path of toys, plastics, wooden utensils, food, water... everywhere it turns... and I'm constantly on it's heels, picking everything up. phew. But at last... he sees! Or at least a little! :)


Made some absolutely delicious Brussels (button) sprouts last night... they were so good. Fried some turkey bacon, saved the drippings.. altho there aren't any w/ turkey bacon, so i added addt'l oil during so that it'd make something.. then added vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper, dijon mustard, onions and the Brussels sprouts... cooked until sprouts were tender and liquid had thickened and cooked down... gosh.. it was good. Wasn't sure if Hashim or Naief would like it. Hashim loved it... Naief wasn't as sure... altho, he did eat some of it.


Happy to say that the meditation has been working in that it puts me to sleep at night, every night so far. This is the first thing to ever work... other than pills or herbal tea (altho w/ pills, you often have the hangover the next morn... I hate that and w/ teas, they did nothing... even valerian didn't work)... so I'm very happy, to say the least. And it's good, sound sleep :)

I've started walking again. Took Naief to the park and while daddy kicked around the ball w/ him and played, I walked. The endorphins... these little babies are so wonderful. These alone make it all worth it! ;)


Puppy said...

You know, i sit and think that less than 2 yrs ago, he didnt exist, and look at him now he is walking, jumping, talking, and taking most of your time, and you willingly give him all your time.

I wonder, why kids are so sweet and important? Amazing...

Thank you for sharing with us, such precious moments.

Olivia said...

So hilarious about Hashim not keeping up with that little hopping tornado you've got at home!

I really like the recipe, but since I don't like brussels sprouts, I would probably replace it with cabbage.

I'm glad you're still on a roll with the meditation. You know, when I stayed at the Park Lane Hilton in June that weekend of my friend's wedding, the hotel TV had a complimentary 10-minute goodnight yoga routine. I loved it, it really knocked me out. I wish I could find it again.

Um Naief said...

puppy, i sit and think about the same thing. it's amazing how fast he changes and how fast time goes by... scary in a way. i want it to slow down because i'm at an age that the next time i blink, i'll be in my 50s!!! and i so don't want that to be the case. but yes, you're right... there's something about children, some children, that bring out such happiness in a person. sometimes when i get mad, he'll just smile so big and it melts my heart!! sad the way the world changes us and makes us bitter!

olivia, i'm falling to sleep nicely now, and usually sleeping until naief wakes up. last night i actually went to sleep w/out the meditation... i was so tired. i'm planning to start yoga again. i used to be a nut about it and a nut about working out... but moving to this part of the world has a way of doing something to you and a person becomes very inactive. my favorite yoga tape is actually a vcr tape, so we need to buy a new one before i can begin.

i recommend getting involved in it. i have always enjoyed the way yoga makes me feel. i wonder how much that stuff costs in NY? it'd be fun to join a place that does it.

Olivia said...

In London I did dance-based yoga for a year and loved it. I swore I'd never quit, and then I started working until past 6pm, when no yoga classes were on offer...