Sunday, October 26, 2008

test of wills

Today has been exhausting already and it's only 2:30 pm! What a morning!! Naief has hit the terrible 2's or something, and today was tough!

Seems like there is a test of wills w/ every turn between the two of us. He's gotten to the point that he hardly listens to me, doesn't usually come when I call him, completely refuses, on some days, to come upstairs or go downstairs when I ask him to, throws his toys when he gets angry (but is getting better w/ this, thank God!), throws a temper tantrum when it's time to change his diaper or clothes, doesn't want to go down for his afternoon nap, some days will throw full fledged fits when it's time to sit in his highchair to eat... you name it, I'm facing it.

and it's exhausting.

Seems like the 'ole ignoring him when he calls me 50 times has done nothing but make him do the same. What's funny... ok, it's not funny... he'll stand right next to me and say, "mommy", until he gets to a screaming state, at which time I tell him not to scream. The little vain in his neck even pops out! I guess yelling for the cats, yelling for daddy hasn't helped! I try to think about this, but sometimes it's just easier to yell down the steps for daddy or to yell for the cats if they're upstairs and it's time to eat... actually, I'm usually yelling for Frankie to come down and eat... and Naief has decided that he's going to yell for me any and each time he needs me.

I've had to stop and count to 10 many times today.... and even when I say things like, "honey, don't scream", "Naief stop screaming", "Naief, please don't scream", "honey, mommy's right here, you don't need to scream", "Naief! stop screaming"... he doesn't listen. As soon as the next emergency comes, he's screaming for me again. Plus... one thing that doesn't help is his cousin screaming all the time, about everything, and no one says a word, which causes Naief to follow suit and join in.... then when he comes home, he's screaming again. I just hope w/ lots of patience and 'whisper time', we can curb his need to scream.... altho, I know he's testing his limits, his voice, learning what's appropriate and what's not... it's just driving mommy batty!!!! ok... I'm already pretty batty... but more couldn't help! ;)

Calgon, take me away!!!!


Olivia said...


I wish I could dive right in and give you advice, but I don't know these things and risk sounding trite if I try!

Although I did think about whispering, which you already do.

You'll be so glad when he's back to being mommy's best buddy soon.

Just Jane said...

I feel for you. I hope Naief passes through this phase quickly for your sake. My daughter seems to be living in it. If I had any magic or words of advice for you I'd follow it myself.

Nzingha said...

terrible twos are great enjoy them, it is the miserable threes that you may not live through.

let me know how the no yelling things go.. I gave up as I'm the worst offendor :)

Gaz said...

Ow, the joys of parenthood,it never gets better,you just learn to deal with it better,if you get my drift lol.

Um Naief said...

nzingha, terrible 3s??!!! oh gosh... i don't want to hear this. :) today i screamed.. i just couldn't take it any longer. it wasn't that he was screaming, but he wouldn't stop crying and hanging on to my leg, so much so that i couldn't walk and i couldn't think. was trying to prepare lunch and his crying was over the top, so i yelled, "Naief!". he immediately stopped, hung his head... i felt terrible. but it stopped.

just jane, i have a feeling that naief may be one to live in things... he tends to get carried away w/ something and it doesn't stop for a good 20 mins, which seems like a life time!

gazza, oh thanks!!! :) i think this is preparing me for what lies ahead! ;)

One Wink at a Time said...

Oh my. I don't know what to tell you except maybe to use ear plugs for yourself or an mp3 player.
Maybe tell him you won't listen to him until he uses his "indoor" voice and that yelling is only ok outside. And only between 2 and 3pm ;-P

The Queen said...

People don't tell you about this before you get pregnant. You know all those people that encourage you to have a baby and act all excited for you? They HATE you! If they had kids they know, oh yes, they knew and they encouraged you to suffer the same as them! BASTARDS!

Just be grateful you don't have a girl. They don't seem to ever get out of the terrible twos. I know, mine is 18 now and she only got worse every year. Boys redeem themselves when they cuddle with you and hig you and tell you they love you. I know, mine is 16 and he is still huggly. That girl though...I almost understand why they used to bury them alive at birth.

Um Naief said...

queen, you make me laugh!! :) thank you!

i've heard the same about the difference between boys and girls. they all say that boys are easier when they get older. i hope mine stays huggly too! my sister is starting to experience the same w/ her daughter that's 8.

and yes, you're right, as soon as he looks at me w/ those sad eyes, hugs me, gives me sugars... it melts my heart, and i tell myself that i'll never get mad at him again.... and then tomorrow comes! ;)

Um Naief said...

oh yeah, meant to add... SHE'S 8!!! i imagine it's only the beginning.

i know what i was like when i was 18, and it wasn't pretty! ;) i feel for my mother... and feel lucky that i have a boy! :)

i'm afraid to even hope, if we have another, for a boy... fearing it'll for sure be a girl. don't even wanna think about it ;)

Anonymous said...

Replace the calgon, with some really nice smelling essential oils, and a hot bath! Jasmine, Lavender, and Eucalyptus does wonders!

Hang in there mom! Terrible Two's only last a year. :)

Um Naief said...

fluff the artist, i've asked a friend if you can get essential oils here. i've never seen any... but would LOVE to get them. i so wish there was a nice Whole Foods here. :(

thanks for the advice and encouragement... means a lot to me.