Wednesday, October 29, 2008

those shoes are made for walking :)

Nothing much going on... so thought I'd post a favorite pic of mine as of late. I don't get as many pictures as I used to, but when I think about it, I try to snap away.

Naief loves to walk around in mommy and daddy's shoes... he hasn't tried my heels yet... can't imagine it, but think it'll come. :) These are the easier ones for him to walk around in, since daddy's are big and bulky, usually... altho, he does like to put his flip flops on and walk around in 'em.. and it's cute because he doesn't put them on right and will usually have the toe thing between his 4 or 5th toe, which is really cute. His auntie bought him a pair of flip flops and he seemed thrilled to put them on, but after a couple of mins, he cried to take 'em off.

The screaming was better today, thank goodness. My older sister gave me a good piece of advice. Told me to let him know that I wouldn't acknowledge him until he calmed down and then he'd get attention - since they'll do anything for attention, be it good or bad. So.. today, when he was acting up, having a crying fit over something, hanging onto my leg and not letting me walk, I told him that I wouldn't give him any attention until he calmed down. He finally did (let me add here that after his crying fit continued for several mins., I did finally yell, "Naief!" and he stopped. When I looked at him, his head was hanging, and I felt like a terrible mom. I went to him, picked him up, and took him upstairs to give him his vitamins - to help his eating - and then we came back down. This isn't good, especially seeing that were working to keep yelling/screaming to play time... so, yes, I feel terrible.) and then we painted. but... once we got the paint down, into the cups, sat on the floor, he dabbled in it for maybe 2 mins and decided he had enough... so I started picking everything up and he went into another fit of non-stop crying. I didn't let up this time (and I stayed very calm)... I explained that he was through painting and mommy was picking everything up so that we could have lunch. After I picked him up, took him upstairs for a sec., he calmed down and was fine.

phew.... and here I think or want another child. I honestly don't know how mothers do it. How do you manage two children??? A baby w/ a toddler going thru the terrible 2's and then, from what a blog friend said, the 3's are even worse. Please momma's.... tell me how it's done! :)

I know you guys probably get bored of reading about my trials and tribulations w/ Naief, but, really, that's all that's going on w/ me lately. I'd talk about my in-laws, but it never changes over there. Same 'ole, same 'ole crap, day in and day out... so what's the point. Plus, I get tired of thinking about it, dealing w/ it, so I don't. Naief's cousin is at the age that he thinks he can scold Naief and be mean every time he turns around, so I've really been biting my tongue w/ that and usually wind up leaving just so I don't have to deal w/ it.


Chief Rock Chef said...

That sounds like a very good tactic!

We had 4 kids, the last 3 at 2 year intervals so it should have been hell, I guess. But our eldest had dyspraxia which meant that we had to be rock solid when dealing with her tantrums etc. With that under our belts the little ones never had a chance and just fell into line -anything they tried was just pathetic compared with what our eldest could dish out.

So sorry I can't help much except to say that he needs to know that when mommy says something it isn't going to change no matter what. If he gets the idea that you will cave in if he keeps going you will be dead-meat :-)

Just Jane said...

Stay strong. I know it is rough--I've been living it for three years now. All you can do is try to keep your sanity. Take a break whenever you can. Be consistent with Naief. And pray.

Christopher said...

That child needs a feather boa! How cute!!!

Christopher said...

My hat is off to you my dear, you are doing a wonderful job as a mom!

Um Naief said...

chief rock chef, didn't know what dyspraxia was... so looked it up. how did you get this diagnosed? did your oldest daughter, the one who passed, have this? kudos to your wife... it's difficult raising a child w/out something like this... so i can't imagine having this as an extra little something... i'm sure she's a strong woman!

just jane, i'm really trying to stay consistent. he tests me like there's no tomorrow... even throwing things when he doesn't get what he wants. for a while he was slapping me, but he's stopped that! and thank goodness he's not biting, like his cousins. i don't know how i'd handle that!! thanks for your words, my dear!

kissyfur, i think a long, overly full, silver boa would be something else!! :) i wonder... can you get silver ones! ;) i've never seen 'em here... i'll have to look! when he starts wearing my heels, i'll take a pic.

and thanks for your compliments... motherhood is hard!

One Wink at a Time said...

Cute picture. It reminded me of my daughter wearing my shoes when she was tiny. At 3, she walked better in heels than I did. She alternated between wearing my shoes and her brother's cowboy boots.
Hang tight being a good mama. Your sister gave you good advice. I think the whole secret is letting the child know who's in control.
You might also want to start paying attention to his diet and see if maybe there is anything that might be triggering the cranky spells. Allergies could be to blame. But most likely he's completely normal and just trying to assert his independence.
I swear to you, one day you'll wish he was this age again.
Another suggestion, find things that you enjoy doing that he might like to watch or help with, that will keep you "fulfilled" and him, interested, kind of like killing two birds with one stone.

Um Naief said...

one wink, the cowboy boots sound adorable. i have a pair... maybe i'll wear them this winter and let him walk around in 'em! :) too cute.

today i tried, when he wouldn't listen to me and wanted something that he didn't need, motivating him w/ getting him to help mommy. he was very helpful and loves doing any thing w/ me... i need to slow down and realize that more often.

tonight i watched oprah and it was about mothers and how frustrating motherhood can be and how we all have moments of it being almost too much. one woman forgot about her sleeping daughter and left her in the car for 8 hrs in august. needless to say, the little girl died. it was heart wrenching to listen to it. other mothers talked about forgetting important things because of how stressed they are...

made me think about things... priorities and life.

Olivia said...

Awwww and he looks like he's pouting a bit in the photo. Kissy is right on with the boa.

Chief Rock Chef is so right - don't cave in or he will learn that rules are actually just suggestions.

Um Naief said...

olivia, girl, i'm sooo trying not to cave. it's so hard. when i'm tough w/ him, he throws fits... today he tried running over the oldest cat w/ his scooter thing. i spanked him. and this didn't work because then he starts being aggressive, and that's the last thing i want. i'm finding it difficult to find a happy medium right now. i pray for patience, but often feel like God is testing me... instead of giving me patience, giving me every obstacle to teach myself.... aarrghhh....

One Wink at a Time said...

I just thought of another tactic that I remember JuJu mentioning. When a child is being unmanageable, get down on the floor with him. I can't remember the reasoning behind it, but it's something to try. You might have a good time too. And it it were me, I'd be getting exercise just trying to get back up ;-)