Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Poor ole Michael Finnigan, begin again

Phew... this song has been plaguing my mind as of late. I swear... tonight putting Naief to sleep, all I could think about was this song. Singing it over and over in my mind... crazy stuff. Every time we get in the car, he immediately wants to hear the CD that has all of these songs and nursery rhymes. I'm glad he likes it soooo much.. but I wish I could keep it outta my head from morning until night! :)


Our cat Frankie (he's the oldest male in our household... about 10 now) has been sick for about 5 mths. I guess about 4 mths ago, we took him to a vet that isn't a favorite of mine - since he doesn't do lab work and believes in methods that I don't agree w/... but since he's inexpensive and huge vet costs are something we can't afford right now... it had to do.

Frankie has been losing weight (not as much then), so I wanted to check and make sure all his organs were working okay and that he wasn't sick from something, thinking that he was having kidney failure or something, and I hoped this vet would be able to help. The only thing he did was squeeze down by Frankie's kidneys, said they were working okay (how he knew is beyond me... and, really, I don't think he knew anything), and said that Frankie seemed to be in good health. Off we go for home w/ a clean bill of health.

Well, I guess about 2 mths ago, I started noticing a big weight difference in Frank. He's lost a lot of weight and has started crying from hunger and wanting to be fed about every 10 mins... I kid you not. Nothing seems to satisfy him. I give him soft food, since he refuses to eat hard food now, but still... he gets finicky and refuses to eat a lot of it. I make him eggs, which he loves, and he gobbles them down. I make him chicken, beef... you name it, I make it for him. Or actually, he eats what we eat. Even still... as soon as he finishes, he's hungry again.

So... I guess about a week ago, I could stand no more of it... and insisted we take him to the other vet here that's more expensive, but good. I've heard a lot of horror stories about her. A friend that no longer lives in Bahrain said she's rude and doesn't care anything about cats... so I was dreading meeting this woman, and wasn't quite sure how she'd respond to Frankie's problem.

We took him in 3 days ago... w/ my thinking that he probably had some sort of worm or was about to die from his kidneys.... actually hubby took him in since he had to be there at 8 in the morn and it was on his way to work. We went that afternoon to pick him up... where we were told that the bill was 73 dinars!! Come to find out.. the appt I made w/ this dr. some number of wks back was being charged to us for missing! I could hardly believe it and when I told the receptionist that if I had known we were going to be charged for a missed appt., I would have come or cancelled ahead of time... not knowing that they charged for such.

She quickly informed me that they have postings in the office that such missed appts are charged.... and then I quickly responded, "how was I supposed to know this since I've never been in this office before.. and if you're going to charge ppl for missed appts., you should tell them that over the telephone". She promptly got a look on her face of total disgust... and informed me that all offices do this... and then I told her once again that I did not know this and should have been told since I've never been in this office. (how was I supposed to know this??? should be standard practice for them to say that to new patients over the phone!! don't ya think??? plus... in the States, I've never heard of a vet charging for missed appts! maybe drs... but never a vet!) She quickly got up and went into the drs. office then came out about 5 mins later and told me that the bill had been reduced to 67... awwww thanks...!!! what a discount!

When we went in w/ the dr., I was pleasantly surprised. She was actually very nice. And... seems that my little Frankie has a thyroid problem!!

She did blood work and he has a hyperthyroid. That's why he's lost so much weight and why he's hungry all the time. Thankfully it hasn't harmed his kidneys or liver. He's healthy, other than this, but has to be on medication for the rest of his life. Right now he's taking 3 tablets a day, but will go back in 3 wks to be re-evaluated and retested and hopefully have his dosage taken down to once a day. This medicine will also help him to gain weight again and cause him not to be hungry all the time. He'll also calm down, his heart rate will decrease (since it's skyrocketing right now) and will hopefully live for many more years... :)

He's a good boy in that he takes his medicine w/out any real problem. Poor little thing. He's been sick so much in his life. I've never told the story about Frankie, but he was a sickly kitten. He almost died when he was just a few wks old... having to constantly be at the vets office for wks on end... then to be taken home for it to reoccur again and be taken back... with it finally getting better only after I got down on my hands and knees and begged God to save him. That afternoon when I went to see him at the vet's office (where he wasn't eating and they had no idea what was wrong w/ him), I stopped at McDonald's and picked up a cheeseburger. When I got there, I took him outta the cage, sat him in my lap and he ate every single bite of that burger!!

From that date forward... he got better and, actually, fully recovered. The vet had no idea what happened and when I told him that I asked God to save him... I think he thought I was just saying that or lying, but I didn't care. :) at least Frankie survived. So... he's a vetern at taking meds and getting through rough times... so I know he'll pull through this... or at least hope w/ everything inside of me.


We've been taking Naief to a great park down close to where Hashim works. He loves it. There's a lot of ppl and a lot of families w/ kids. He loves walking around, talking to ppl and playing. I think he's going to be a little leader... he seems to always take the role of leading during these play times.

He's growing so much. He can chew gum now... which I can hardly believe, and actually gives it to me when he's finished... altho he does swallow it every now and again, but hey... I did that until I was in my teen years and still want to sometimes! ;)

He's starting to talk a little more and ask questions like "what's this". He can run now... and loves to run from me at the mall, laughing while I try to catch him. You wouldn't think that a little one could run so fast... but boy... he does. Or maybe it's because I try to walk and catch him ;) !

I guess that's about it... I miss my mom and would love to go and see her since she's been sick. I miss the States and am running low on some things that I can only get there... :( Makes a good excuse for going, eh?!! :)


Gaz said...

I started singing that song when i read it,i havent heard that song for over 30 years.

Jahooni said...

miss only Mom? huh?

Olivia said...

How cute of him to give you his gum when he's finished. I'm sorry you're missing your mom while she's not well. I hope you can go and see her if you need to.