Monday, May 18, 2009

the bee hive

Took some trash out yesterday, late morning, and on the way back to the house, Naief and I made our way over to the tree to have a look at the bee hive.

And... what do you know....

someone cut it down.

I'm soooo mad about it. I knew it would happen. People can not leave anything alone. It just doesn't do for ppl not to kill every freakin' thing they can get their hands on. I've never seen anything like it.

I have no idea who did it. Wouldn't surprise me if my FIL didn't send the yard guys over to destroy it... or maybe the boys from this boys' school did it, since Hashim saw them getting the fruit from the tree last week and made a comment about it. I know that it looks like it was chopped off, so I'm willing to bet that dear ole FIL had it done.

There's a tiny little piece still left and the bees are clinging to it... sad really.

This bee hive isn't a first for the start of the summer months... not a month ago, the crows were nesting in the palm tree outside his house and one Friday at lunch he told me how one of the baby birds fell from the tree and they had the yard guy take it out to the street so that the birds would follow. (Now I know why I heard all the cries from the birds that day... nice to put it out on the street.. that way it's either ran over by a car or the cats get it) Then... the next day or so after that, he said that the other baby fell from the nest. Funny... but when they were nesting in the tree outside our house (before they were cut down by the Ministry) there were never accidents... no babies ever fell from the nest.

The mother and father take excellent care of their young... they're such good and dutiful parents. Very loving, actually. So good at teaching their young to fly... showing them over and over until they have the courage to do it. It's wonderful to watch.

So I figure he's lying. The entire family seem to be in on it.... MIL, SIL... the housemaids. They just couldn't stand for these birds to be near their house. Seeing it as a bad omen, I suppose. Plus, MIL can't stand their cries... so only more reason to do away with them. And once the babies are gone, the birds are gone. And... it's true. The crows are gone now. And you know... it's not like they live around here. They come here to build their nests, have their young and then they go away. Why is that such a bad thing?

I just don't get why *some* can't let anything live in this country. Ppl do everything in their power to kill everything. Any insect is going to die... no matter. Lizards can count their days if they're living at my in-laws... they'll die as soon as someone sees them. Ants... are sprayed and sprayed until they're all dead. Caterpillars are killed... not even given a chance to turn into beautiful butterflies... baby birds are taken from the nest and put in cages... only to die because they're too young and can't survive.... dogs are shot and killed or poisoned, cats are turned out on the street and starved (because all the new trash cans on the streets don't allow for food consumption - but that's another post)....

What is it???????????? Doesn't the Quran teach you to have respect for nature? (I believe it does.) Does it say to kill everything and not think twice about it? What has happened to kindness towards other living creatures??? Why can't ppl have kindness in their hearts towards animals?

This bee hive is just another example.


Chief Rock Chef said...

Wow, I don't think I can add anything to that, really!

I guess I can mention my own pet hate of people over here who think of themselves as animal lovers, getting all sorts of pets and never looking after them properly -dogs don't get walked, cats don't get fed, birds in cages that are too small and not cleaned often enough...

Um Naief said...

i'm right in there w/ ya!!!! same goes on here. it's soooo frustrating.

how often do you walk your dog? twice daily? or does it depend on the weather? it's gotten hot here already. was 103 today and it's too hot for his paws, i think.. so i walk him after it cools down... but soon it'll be hot until late in the night... so he'll prob only get walked once a day. is that enough??

Puppy said...

Sadly, but i should admit that such type of the behaviour exist in this part of the world too. You will see ppl being over protective over their own houses and environment to the extent that they kill everything around it. But i dont think its to the extent to put the nest on the road and touch baby-birds, here you will see more mercy in ppl. I am astonished to read that its such a bad behaviour toward animals, i am not a big animal lover but it breaks my heart to read it, i am sure for you its way awful. Do you think you will be able to change it? Us virgos are big fighters against injustice and wrong things, but matter of fact we happen to make bad to ourselves and nothing change. I am more about my work situation, but this look very similar situation.

Btw, you have a nice pic, nice one! Mommy and Son, very sweet. Did u loose weight?

The Moody Minstrel said...

What irritates me is people that get cute little kittens or puppies and then, when the animals grow up, abandon them. That's a common problem here in Japan. So is people who refuse to have their pets spayed or neutered because they think it's cruel.

Needless to say, we haven't had to buy any pets. We get a constant supply of unfortunate castaways showing up on our doorstep.

People nowadays are too much in love with convenience.

Chief Rock Chef said...

We walk Custard twice a day,and he is very happy with that. Given the heat that you have to deal with I am sure once a day will be fine, so long as he has the chance to do the odd pee and poop in between. Dogs don't tend to want to go walking when its really hot anyway!

Um Naief said...

moody, the same happens here. my SIL has had 3 kittens and each one, when it reaches a certain age, is cast off to the street. she's tried to get us to take them, but we have a house full and hubby refuses.... i feel terrible for the poor animals. she keeps talking about getting a dog for her son and i outright told her the other day at lunch that the last thing she needs is a dog.... to keep locked up in a room or tossed outside on a leash that no one notices except when it's convenient.

i'm glad you guys take care of the ones that come your way. that's very caring and i'm glad you're an animal lover. there's nothing better than passing that love to your children. good for you guys!!!

puppy, yes, you know me... it tears me apart to see this behavior. i can't stand it. i've made comments, but ppl don't listen... especially the in-laws. i've told them that if God meant for birds to be caged like this, he wouldn't have given them wings to fly. FIL keeps birds in TINY cages... they can only hop around. i hate it. told hubby that i wanted to go in the cover of darkness, open their cages and set them free. imagine!!!! :) and i'm seriously thinking of doing it!

and you're right.. i wind up saying things and it only backfires on me... i wind up getting mad or super emotional and they totally ignore it.

chief rock chef, today it was 111 degrees outside. henry doesn't want to even go out to wee... only running inside as fast as he can. :) if it's this now, can only imagine how hot it'll be by july... and at night, even... so he may not want to be walked at all then... so we'll get in some really good walks before then... right now we're doing only once a day - at night.

Lunatik said...

I remember once telling one girl, that tried to convert me into believer (muslim), that humans are animals. She made such a huge stupid eyes...

Um Naief said...

lunatik, i so agree with you!!!! :) hard for ppl to see this though... thanks for stopping by!