Monday, May 04, 2009

update on Henry

Have been giving Henry his meds for about a week now and he's doing a LOT better. His gums have stopped bleeding, he's actually barked a few times and is wagging his tail again. :) He's also not sleeping the day away - or at least most of it - and is starting to return to his happy self. He's now eating again, but prefers baked chicken to anything else. I tried boiling chicken, per for the vet, but he only ate it once and then refused after. Wont eat anything else right now, except soft cat food (sneaking to eat all of Frankie's if you're not watching)... so I think he's on the road to recovery.

He's still super thin, but I think once he gets well he'll start to eat more and will put some weight back on. A dog loving friend of mine told me that dogs will often associate certain foods w/ their illness and he may never eat canned dog food again... so we shall see. He's a picky thing, that's for sure! But... that's ok.. I'm glad he's going to live.

He's a smart little thing... I'll tell ya. I have to stuff the pills inside pieces of chicken and hope that he wont detect ... but the little burger often does. Last night he didn't want to eat the pills at all, but I was finally able to get them down him. He hasn't been throwing them up, so I'm feeling really grateful.

Now... our cat, Frankie, on the other hand... I think he's on his last leg. He has a UTI and will have to take him to the vet in the next couple of days. He's been peeing all over the place, on Naief's things, in the kitchen, on newspaper... even in one of the cat bowls! He also had major diarrhea last night, so we were welcomed to three poo piles this morning.

He seems to sorta be losing his mind... I think. He seems to be walking around in a daze, can't seem to smell anything and is urinating and pooing on himself. He doesn't bother to clean himself any longer... it's difficult.

I've only put one cat to sleep and it was my first cat, Baby, and don't really think I can do it again, unless he's suffering terribly.

Anyway... life has been keeping me busy, to say the least.


Angry In Oman said...

Animals are heartbreakers, I'm sorry you're going through a difficult time with both of them.

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