Thursday, May 14, 2009

ladies night out

Going out w/ the ladies tonight to dinner theatre that includes dinner, wine and a show. I'm really looking forward to it and altho it's a British play and you know me and Brit humor (I don't get it!!), I've been told that I wont have any probs following along. Keeping my fingers crossed that this is actually the case.

Sounds funny... it's about a taxi driver who's married to two women. He keeps both in separate places so as not to attract any attention from the law and whatnot... but soon enough the police come calling and all hell breaks loose... not sure if the two wives know about each other or not. Sounds cute to me and I need a break... so I'm thrilled. Thrilled that I don't have to do dinner tonight - even though I cooked earlier for the two of them - I'm still looking forward to having dinner served to me, wine (maybe a few glasses), laughter and fun w/ my friends whom I haven't seen in a while... I think since Christmas, actually.

Took Naief out w/ us lastnight for the opening of the Elham Arts Festival and since we haven't done that for more than a yr 1/2, didn't really know what to expect. Well... that's not a good idea, I learned real fast. Past tired isn't the way to go w/ children, which I knew, but... sometimes you just have to venture down that path to get a real eye opening.... next time baby stays home... or we don't go. :)

Going to the big water park on Saturday for a friend's bday party. He's turning 7. Have no idea what to get a 7 yr old.. guess a movie or something. It'll be a first time for visiting this place and I'm really excited. Naief probably wont know what to make of it and I'm tickled w/ the thought of it and hope we all have a fun time.

Happy weekend everyone...

oh yeah... was reading on a friend's facebook page where Egypt has banned porn sites!!!!! Yeah, way to go EGYPT!!!!!! I'm absolutely thrilled. More countries should do this. Child pornography HAS TO STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And if the only way to do it is to ban porn sites.. then I'm all for it.


Chief Rock Chef said...

The play sounds like a classic British farce - watch out for people hiding in wardrobes and under beds...

Closing porn sites is fine by me, although it would probably cause a lot of internet providers to go out of business!

Anonymous said...

Sounds sort of like Big Love, only Bill is still married to just Barb and Nicki. So glad you're taking time to enjoy yourself! :)

BTW, My blog has gone private. I'd like to add you to my readers list, but I'll need your google email to do it. You can email me @

Enjoy the play! :)

Lunatik said...


I've been a reader of your blog for already quite a while, but never commented up to now. This time reading the post, I could not refrain from commenting.

Just like you, I don't support child porn. But also do not join your call for other countries to follow the Egypt example. Such banning procedure always(!) leads to censoring the internet, which politicians misuse badly. A trivial example is your friends blog, that you cannot access anymore. There are worse things happen. Here is some curious reading:


Um Naief said...

lunatik, a friend of mine believes as you... and i see your point... but, i have such strong feelings regarding child porn, that i'm willing to take that chance. sometimes things have to get very severe to stop something. we're having major censorship here... and porn is one thing, but... many things are still accessible. yes, it's aggravating at times, but, if it helps to stop children and young girls and boys from being put into such situations and taken advantage of, i'm all for it.

now.. there is severe misuse and ppl get a little big for the britches and think they're God when banning sites... and that i can't stand... but... again, i hope something severe happens to change what's currently happening.