Thursday, May 21, 2009

the lizard caper

Yesterday we went over to the in-laws to say hello and after about 15 mins, my husband's oldest sister screamed for the housemaid to come upstairs and kill the lizard inside her room....

so... off goes little 'ole me with A to save the lizard.

Again... every creature, no matter how big or small, is killed at my in-laws and I see no real reason for it, other than an inability on anyone's part to see that it could be done differently.

When I got to the bedroom, she was on the bed screaming to get it. She told A to go get the Raid to kill it, but I refused to allow it... stating that it would run outside if we scared it and there was no reason to kill it. I also tried to talk about why he might be in the room... since it's piled high w/ plastic and department store bags (with it having been 10x worse earlier in the day, I found out - they moved 50% of the bags that morning into the other outside room), and paper stacks everywhere... making it a safe haven for any creature including ants, spiders, roaches and such... no wonder the lizard is there... he has a feast every night, obviously.

He was a big lizard. White from the wall color... so he'd probably been in there for a while. She exclaimed that she couldn't sleep knowing he was there, hadn't slept in there the previous night, and since she prayed the Quran, he couldn't be there. I laughed and told her that the lizard wouldn't bite her. They don't bite. They might scream a little when you catch them, but that's it. I find them to be totally harmless, really.

No matter how many times I told her that he was having a feast every night in her room and that he wouldn't hurt her, she demanded that he be killed, seeing that we were having a really hard time convincing this little guy to leave the room. He didn't waste any time before running behind her tall cabinets and when we thought there was no way to get him out other than to spray the Raid, like she was insisting, A went and got a long stick w/ a wire hanger tied around the end and we stuck it behind the cabinet to coax him out... and it worked! The little booger!

He finally ran up the wall, over to where the window is and disappeared for a bit. We couldn't decide if he had gotten back to the cabinets or if he was up on top of the curtains... refusing to move. 'A' took her stick and banged a little around the curtain and we finally saw him. We decided to corner him, basically. When he got scared and ran down below the top of the curtain, we were able to trap him between my stick and A's stick... and when he realized he couldn't get past us, he ran down to the window and jumped out!!!! :)

Scared my SIL to death. She was outside waiting to make sure he was out.. and screamed when he jumped. I laughed and me and A high fived each other!

I think we'll start a business ridding houses of lizards! ;)

When my FIL came in to have dinner, later, my SIL told him what we had done and he got upset... saying they were the enemy and why hadn't we killed it. I told him that I don't believe in it and there was no reason to kill the lizard. He said nothing.. but mumbled to my MIL in Arabic. I honestly think my SIL was proud of us... and I know I was really proud of us.... made me feel happy that the little thing wasn't killed.

I did find out from A that they cut down the hive.... she had been coming over to take the fruit and was stung or got afraid of them (not sure)... so they cut it down! I told her that doing that killed the bees... but she doesn't understand.. so I dropped it.

I told my mom about the bee hive and she went off on me... telling me that it's better they cut it down since I wouldn't want Naief getting stung by the bees.... what to say.... no one feels the same as me, except Naief. :)


Chief Rock Chef said...

Glad you saved him!

He shoulds like a very lively chap - lots of energy from the feasting, I am sure!

Well, by showing that killing isn't the only answer, perhaps some good will come of it - if not with the older ones, maybe with the younger ones...

Um Naief said...

chief rock chef, yes.. it did work w/ the younger ones. both naief and his cousin, hamoodi, were telling me not to kill it.. and clapped and high fived when he jumped out the window... :) i told hamoodi's mother how he said not to kill it.. which she ignored.. but it did make an impression with him. i'm always showing him how to save insects and not kill things.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Nice work!

Too bad you didn't get a video of that whole episode. It could've become a YouTube sensation! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Your so warmhearted!

I'm glad you saved the lizard. Some people are just too squeamish around animals.

Olivia said...

I like lizards. I don't like spiders. Lizards eat spiders. Case Closed. :)