Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I spoke to soon

Well... obviously, I was very optimistic in Henry's ability to take these pills. He's now decided that chicken isn't his thing and is refusing to eat it.... so once again, we're stuck in that that's his dinner tonight, he wont eat it and we have his pills to give. Last night he got hamburgers grilled out, which he loved and ate the pills, but today I tried giving leftovers, which he ate up, but then got sick and threw it all up, including the pills.

So... tonight we got a chicken, thinking that he'd like a change, but he refuses.

I didn't know that dogs were so picky. I thought they ate almost everything. It really is something trying to get this dog to eat. Very stressful, nerve racking... you name it, we're going through it.

A friend of mine told me that dogs can sense all this negativity and to make food time very positive and to keep positive about him eating and chances are he'll eat the food. Well, today I did just that and he's not eating. But.. I did get that negative thought in my head when we got home that he wouldn't eat....

Are dogs this intuitive?

I don't really know what to do. I called the vet today and told them. They suggested giving him fish, but since the fresh fish places are closed in the afternoons and I refuse to go and pay the ridiculous prices at the grocery or buy frozen fish for him... we decided on chicken. He loves fish, so he'll get it this weekend. I just can't see him eating enough to not get sick.

Tonight we have no option other than to stuff the pills down his throat and hope for the best. That is, if he'll come up from the studio... he's refusing to come upstairs... but alas... here he is.

Hello pills and hello "not throwing up"... cross your fingers ppl.

Ok... got the pills down w/out problems... now it's a waiting game.


Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

stick the pills in a triangle of cheese and watch him scoff that down no problem!

at least that (used) to work with our dogs.

they got fed up of cheese after a while so now we stuff the pills in minced meat. that goes down no problem too!

good luck.

Chief Rock Chef said...

I second the cheese thing, but it won't stop them coming up again if that is their fate.

My dog does not get on well with chicken, and apparently this is fairly common! He does find minced beef irresistable, though.

As for fussiness, they can be as bad as small children...

Fingers crossed, anyway!

Um Naief said...

yes, indeed... he is worse than Naief! i think he's over chicken...

i think the cheese sounds great, but don't think it would be enough to keep him from throwing up. that's the main problem right now. i can get the pills down... just pop them down his throat, but the problem lies w/ getting him to eat something so that he wont get sick. the pills make him terribly sick...

minced beef... he liked the burgers... but how do you guys fix it??? i tried boiling it once w/ rice and veggies... HE HATED IT. it grossed me out as well... makes me sick just to think about it.

i looked up a bunch of recipes and even made him doggie meatloaf ages ago, it seems... maybe i should give that another go. altho, the day after the burgers, he threw up the leftovers.

i think we should go w/ fish... for at least a couple of days and see what happens.

Christopher said...

Dogs can be picky, yes. But as owners we cannot allow it. Do the whole cheese thing with the pills and then offer him his food. If he refuses his food, take it away after five minutes and try taking him for a walk so he may relieve himself, that always helps. If you cater to their picky noses when it comes to food, then they have trained you...not the other way around. Mix the fish in with the chicken. An excercised dog is a good thing.

The Moody Minstrel said...

I agree with the cheese idea, too.

It seems to me that, in my experience, dogs tend not to be such big fans of chicken or poultry in general. I don't know why.

Poor Henry! Best of luck!

Chief Rock Chef said...

re minced beef - we just zap it in the microwave and put it with dry mixer, but in your sitation I think I would just give him the meat.

Hope you had a good weekend with him.

Angry In Oman said...

I'm also going with cheese!

Um Naief said...

yesterday we made him some beef patties on the grill. i mixed in some cooked rice beforehand, and he ate all of it... no throwing up. today i made fish, which we loved, but threw it all up.

think we'll try the minced beef again tomorrow since he really seems to like it.

i'll try it in the microwave and see how he does. i tried boiling it once, which is just sickening and smells terrible, and he didn't eat it. he's sooo picky.. but, honestly, i don't blame him...i wouldn't have eaten it either! ;)