Saturday, January 13, 2007

It's his BIRTHDAY!!!

Oh man... another year has flown by and the hubby is feeling it... for it is his birthday today!

So... a BIG Happy Birthday to Hashim!!

I wish you every happiness, and I hope you get so many things that your heart desires and longs for this year!!

Tonight we're trying a new place called Bohemia's (new for us)... I hope it's good. He's been relaxing and working on a new look for his blog today.... and I've been kind enough to not make him do anything around the house - dang these birthdays! ;)

The weather has been perfect today - prob low 70s or high 60s, and tonight is looking to be nearly the same, which makes for a splendid day.... I also gave him some much needed time alone by having a long lunch w/ some friends, so he's really a happy camper! ;)

Anyway... I'll run for now.... and again, Happy Birthday my love!! :)


The Moody Minstrel said...

All these Capricorns...

We should band together, form our own international movement, take over the world, say, "That was fun," and then go back to what we were doing before.

ammoontie said...

Just would like to wish your loved one a happy Birthday...hope you'll enjoy the dinner

Puppy said...

There is nothing better than having understanding wife :)

Happy Bday to Hashim and congratulations to him for having you.



Olivia said...

Happy Birthday, Hashim!

As for heart's desires, he is getting a BABY this year, you can't beat that, can you?


P.S. Oooh if you can, tell us about Bohemia's, and try to make me droool, 'k?

tooners said...

i'll leave a post about the restaurant tonight or later today. it'll be hard to make you drool since i found the food to be just ok. it left me wanting more in a big way, but... i'll give it a shot and see what comes out of it! ;)

thanks everyone for your wishes. i hope he had a wonderful day yesterday! and yes, moody, i think you capricorns could easily take over the world, but i'm not sure i'd like it! ;0

Ali Al Saeed said...

many happy returns of the day to Hashim... I hope you two had a good time.