Thursday, January 25, 2007

She Wastes No Time

The good ole days must be playing hard on Hillary's mind because it hasn't been a week since putting her hat into the ring and she's already starting a smear campaign against Barack Obama.

And it's getting really ugly.

Apparently, when Barack was a small child, his mother married an Indonesian Muslim man and they moved to Indonesia. At the age of 6, he started school there. Well, not that this is a problem, but Hillary's camp has started saying that it wasn't any ordinary school but an Islamic Madressa - you know... they're making it seem like it's one of those kind of schools where they teach the kids early on to become Islamic militants and where the kids sit on prayer mats all day, praying and learning to recite the Quran word for word.

And... they're saying that he was raised by a Muslim father... ok... and the problem w/ this is???

I almost forgot... the school IS NOT one of these schools, btw. News agencies have gone there and spoken to students and also teachers, and the school is like any other school where normal subjects are taught.... isn't it ridiculous that ppl felt the need to go there and just make sure that Obama is on the up and up - that he was telling the truth. They just HAD to find out - but can you blame them. Lord knows we don't want no Islamic militant running for Prez... unbelievable. Truly, I'm beside myself on this one.

See... what did I tell you guys - ppl aren't open minded in the States. They are racist - even more than they'd like the outside world to believe, and, to me, this shows it so clearly. If they weren't then why even bother checking up on this. Why not go w/ what Obama says. He said it wasn't that and that he wasn't raised in that way, but they didn't listen.

I guess that's why there's been such an issue over his religion. Every body's been talkin' about how Obama wasn't always Christian - oh gosh, Lord knows we can't have a non-Christian in the Oval Office.

I had issue w/ that one as soon as they mentioned it because I personally don't see the problem. Who cares what religion he is. Isn't that what America is about? Freedom? Hasn't everyone been saying how tolerant we are of other religions?? Me, personally, I don't think so.... because those hardliners and religious fanatics will make sure that this continues to be a HUGE issue in the press.

Who the hell cares if he's Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist or what. It's his life and that shouldn't be a factor when running for President, but someone will run this into the ground and make sure that all of those church goers KNOW that he was raised a Muslim - even tho they haven't come out and said it.... but they have said he wasn't raised a Christian - but they do mention that he converted - hallelujah...!!

It's a shame that these games have already started.... it's so early, but I guess when it comes to Hillary and her backstabbing ways, so much time has already passed and I'm sure she feels like she's way behind. She sure wants to wipe him out fast, doesn't she... I wonder why!???

This all makes me sick. I had hoped that this time would be different, but I'm obviously very naive. I can't believe that I even thought for a minute that it would be different because it's ALWAYS the same. This crap starts and that's all they focus on. Now, Obama will have to spend tons of money and time deflecting this crap when he should focus all of his attention on the issues at hand. I like this man and even though he's really new to the whole game and has only been a Senator for two years, I was really hoping he stood a chance... now, I'm not so sure.

This also shows me that Hillary isn't a good candidate either. Her husband was like this when he ran, and it appears she's no different. Too bad.

But hey, I can't even vote so what do I care... and since I live here now, why am I getting all bent outta shape? Lord knows that the American people don't want no Muslim in the White House... I'm surprised they even elected one as Senator..... but that's different, right?! - and I'm not talking about Obama... he's a Christian, remember.


Aaron Weber said...

The whole thing seems to have been concocted by the Washington Times and Insight magazine: not only did Obama go to a regular state school and not a madrassa, but Hillary never spread any of the rumors about it.

tooners said...

aaron, i had heard about Insight Magazine, but the way they made it sound today is that it originally came from Hillary's camp... so this isn't true?? and... thanks for stopping by!

Cerebralwaste said...

From what I hear this came straight from Camp Hillary. And it shouldn't be any surprise either. Of course "Billary" and her camp will deny it but I would bet it has her finger prints all over it.

BTW.. Tooners.. CONGRATS on the BABY!!!

Olivia said...

Oh my gosh.

What is wrong with the people who voted him into the House and then the Senate...?

(Just so I don't get yelled at, I was being sarcastic.)

Come on, we all know he's no extremist or ultra anything. He really does seem a nice, cultured, family man.

Remember the first time a *Catholic* got into the White House? JFK, anyone?

The Moody Minstrel said...

I have a nasty feeling that this next campaign may be loaded with underhanded smear tactics on both sides. After all, look what happened in the last election.

"We are a group that wants to tell everyone the truth about Kerry's military record..."

Never mind that that group's credibility was shot full of holes. Kerry's ship had more or less been torpedoed as far as a lot of the public was concerned. Bottom line: smear tactics look like a very promising option.

(A lot of people use them on blog comment threads, too, so why not?)

Sheesh...I'm glad I live in Japan...

MoClippa said...

Lol have you seen the interview Keith Ellison (Muslim in Congress) had with Glen Beck on CNN?

If I was Mr. Ellison, I doubt I'd have been so cordial in my reply, but still, goes a long way with what your saying... and CNN is actually considered to have a liberal bias, so I definatly see where you are coming from with this.

Obama would do amazing things, its too bad the shit storm has already started... I hope it wasn't Hilary's camp that pushed the rumor through the grape vine (no evidence that I know of, but again I see where you are coming from) but if it is, then it says a lot about where this country is headed if she gets elected, same old democrats resolving to the same old bashing techniques.... Obama is special, because he's like the 16 year old virgin in Congress, which is what makes him such a great candidate... but, if the shit storm keeps going on, He might loose his sensibility and take on a more practical view of politics (join in the shitstorm)... which would be quite sad.

(Hope you are getting some sleep again... its only a little bit left to go)

Wasp Jerky said...

No, it didn't come from Hillary's camp. The people who ran the story appear to have basically just made the story up.