Sunday, January 14, 2007

sleepless night

I got my first real taste of being up all night lastnight. I've had nights for the last few weeks of hardly getting sleep, but lastnight, I got pretty much zilch. Since we went to dinner late and I had a few glasses of water and some juice, I was up most of the night visiting the bathroom. At one point, I stumbled outta bed, could hardly see and told myself that this is nothing and I better get prepared for a lot worse. Not that it made it any better.... I just sat there wondering how I would cope. I've heard so many horror stories... weeks of sleepless nights.... not being able to think or function... and I sit and wonder how I will do it. I know that a woman's body, the mind... your physical self kicks into high gear and pulls you through it.... I just wonder, worry, ask myself if I'm ready. I've been told by a few, lately, that I won't be able to do it - but I know I will. I'm sure I won't be the life of the party for weeks, maybe even months, but... I will be able to do this. Maybe they had housemaids to take the baby... their mothers to take the baby... but I am the one who will take the baby in my case.

I can say that I know better today though. I will try to finish all my water in the early part of the day so that, maybe, I'll be able to sleep better tonight. If not for myself, for my husband. I kept him awake as well... I thought I was (even tho he said nothing), but this morning he told me that he didn't get any sleep lastnight and that he's really tired. I feel bad and don't know what to do other than possibly moving into the baby's room at night if it doesn't get better.

I'm just soooo tired. I feel sick to my stomach from being so tired and only wonder what it'll be like when the baby comes. It's bad enough that I can hardly get outta bed once I lay down, but now, on top of that, I can't sit up when trying to get outta bed or roll over w/out it being an event ... as much as you'd think that these things wouldn't be an issue... they are... they become just impossible. Lastnight, I think I repositioned myself while trying to rest ... well, maybe 30 or so times. I lay on one side until my arm goes numb, then I roll over - which takes great effort - and lay on that side until the same thing happens. Then I roll over again and again and again.

They say it's better to sleep sitting up. I laugh at this and wonder how I'd do that. I've tried propping myself up in bed w/ pillows but I can't sleep like this. My tail bone hurts like crazy and it just isn't comfortable. I'm thinking a reclining chair might work.... or maybe the sofa in the hallway upstairs. It has lots of pillows... but... when I have to get up at night, I can't imagine having to walk down the hall, in the dark - pregnant, going into the bedroom, making my way to the bathroom and then going back to the sofa. It just seems like an accident waiting to happen.

Maybe tonight will be different. Maybe lastnight was an isolated incident - but I don't think so. I think it's only the beginning to be honest. aaaahhhh.... sleep. You know, I heard years ago that this is God's way of preparing you for motherhood... and I do agree. I guess I'm in the beginning stages of my lessons!!!

happy day to you :)


Puppy said...

I wish you to have good sleep.

i know its hard but its just few weeks remained. So come on Tooners, final efforts. Hang in there, I am with you :)

Hope you are sleeping now.

Sweet dreams.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Yep, just hang in there. Only a few weeks to go. Do all the strategies for a good sleep - nice bath, Milo drink, a boring book, radio. There's probably just too much on your mind. We wish you all the very best for 'Baby Day' and keep very well.

The Moody Minstrel said...

In two years you'll be thinking back to all this and laughing about it.

You might even be longing to go through it all over again.

Instincts and hormones can be such enigmatic things...

Hang in there, Tooners! The real fun is yet to come!

gazza27 said...

Like the minstrel said,my mrs said she hated being pregnant,felt like a big fat balloon,after the baby was born she said she miss's being pregnant,ppl were so nice,opening doors,standing to let her sit,enjoy it while you can!

Olivia said...

Ooh dear. You must be about 8 months along by now, right?

Can you nap in the daytime...?

A few years ago, I was handrearing a finch chick that had been abandoned by its mother. I was feeding it with a toothpick at first as it was so micro and burping it by rubbing its belly with my little finger (I could literally see the bubble)! I impressed myself by waking up every two hours to feed it, and thought that was a good sign. OK, it didn't cry but at least I was getting up naturally. :P

jahooni said...

If only Blogs were here for me when I was having my baby almost 7 years ago (did I say 7?)!!!!

Wow, and now my big sis is having her first child...
I laugh but yet cry at the same time..... I miss you so very much. Now I know how I really felt without you when I was preggers!

I remember all the sleepless nights when being pregnant and prayed to (ANYONE)to take the baby early and she still came out a ton...8 lb 9 oz (2.5 weeks early) these are the worst nights that you are going thru, cause when the baby gets here you will experience the most rush of energy! sleepless, restless, helpless and worried BUT he (or she ;-)) will be here before you expect it and the baby will make you realize why you were here in the first place!
Love, Auntie Jahooni

tooners said...

gazza, my sister says i'll miss pregnancy too and that i should enjoy every minute of it while i can. the other day i was talking to some friends and they said that once the baby comes, all the focus is on the baby and you feel somewhat let down by it all. i can only imagine.

puppy, yes, only a few more weeks. i found out today that my "real" due date is feb. 22, so my c-section will prob be around mid-feb.

wendy, what is a Milo drink? never heard of that before. i agree... so much on my mind. i woke up in the middle of the night lastnight thinking of all sorts of things. ;)

moody, i will miss the baby kicking for sure. that is something that you can't imagine and it makes you feel so special.... to have a life inside of you. :)

olivia, you remind me of how i used to be w/ kittens. you're sweet and you'll be a good mother when that time comes around! and yes, i'm a little over 34 wks i found out today... so right at 8 mths.

tooners said...

jahooni, i missed your post while i was leaving my comments.

yep... here i'm having my first kid... can't hardly believe it myself! never thought it would happen... and who knows, maybe i'll have a few more! ;)

i do so hope that i get a boost of energy when the baby comes... i've heard that your body just kicks in and you get an ability you never knew you had... i do so hope that's the case! :) i'm sure i'll be calling you a lot... so be prepared! :)

Jane said...

Your tailbone hurts? Sounds like it might be sciatica. I had it during both my pregnancies. It sucks. Does the pain go down into your legs?

As for the sleep deprivation with a newborn, yes it will be rough but you will survive. If I may be so bold let me give you a little advice for dealing with it. First, take all the help you can get. You'll be taking care of the baby but you'll need someone to take care of you, cooking, the house...etc. Second, sleep whenever you can, even if it is not socially appropriate. You are a new mother, if someone cannot understand that then they can go to hell.
The first few months may be rough. Who knows? You may get one of those babies who sleep well right away. I've never had one but I've known plenty of people who have. Good luck.

tooners said...

jane, yes the pain goes down into my legs. not all the time, but sometimes my legs hurt really bad. i've not heard of this. i'll look it up. is this something i should mention to my dr.? i've been reading about sleep and such, and everything i've read says the same as you - to find sleep whenever possible and the best way to get it is to sleep when the baby sleeps. my husband is taking off for a month and we also have a housekeeper. during the first few months, she'll have to be on double duty, i think. she doesn't know how to cook though... or maybe doesn't want to. i haven't figured that out yet! ;) and as far as everyone else and my sleep patterns... yes, i agree w/ you. if they don't understand, then they can stuff it.

Olivia said...

Tooners, if I remember right, I've heard pregnant women call that pain a charleyhorse...charlie horse...whatever.

I think it is because of nerve compression with the weight of the uterus.

Anyway, of course - ANY question you have during pregnancy should be addressed by your doc.

Olivia said...

P.S. And thank you. You're sweet too :)

tooners said...

olivia, yes, i get bad charley horses in my calves. oh gosh, at night if i go to stretch, i immediately get them so bad i want to scream. i've learned not to stretch my legs out that much. my big prob now is my back pain and learning how to get comfortable. i've always heard how hard it is to sleep in the 9th month, but didn't realize it would be this bad... and i'm only in my 8th month.

today, i went to visit my SIL at my MIL's school. well, the lady who works in the ofc. there said that i'll give birth in 10 days. i about died. i told her that i'm only at the end of my 34th wk and i have more than 3 wks left. she said, "ah, you must be having a big baby". gosh.. if i have this baby w/in 10 days, i think i'll die. ;) ppl here think you shouldn't have big babies. if you have a 2 kilo baby, then they consider that a good thing. me, i want a big baby. i love them.