Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Out with the old, in with the New

Happy New Year everyone!! May you find every happiness in the coming year, and may the world be more peaceful.... I really hope for that.

Wow, this past year has flown by.... isn't it odd how the older you get, the faster time flies. I can remember being a young girl and just dying to be 15 or even 18, and gosh, the thought of turning 21, well, it was a day that I longed for.

Now, as I'm getting older, I cherish time more than anything and only wish it would slow down. I can only imagine how fast it'll pass with a baby! Here my niece is 6 years old and I can remember when she was a little baby, which seems like yesterday. My SIL's both have children around the age of 1 1/2 yrs., and I can remember them as tiny babies like it was yesterday.

The new year has been good so far. The hubby spent all day yesterday finishing up or doing the final touches on the baby's room, putting together the crib and helping me w/ all the little extras. It's so cute... actually quite adorable, I must admit. We did a jungle theme in the room w/ two colors of paint on the walls - tan on the top and green on the bottom, w/ the green going up and down like hills - it took him about 3 days to paint it and he did a fantastic job... not sure if I could have done better myself! ;) At first I thought we would try to draw and paint a jungle theme on the walls and I asked my mom to draw some monkeys for me (I'm not good w/ drawing animals), but wouldn't you know it - one of my favorite stores (Manazel) had boxes of all different types of decorating sticker schemes for children's rooms at their store and one just happened to be a jungle theme! I could hardly believe it. It's perfect and it looks so precious on the walls.

There is a tall tree where you can measure the height of the child - as he grows - and the tree has a monkey hanging from the top, there are huge leaves w/ big eyes poking out, a lion, tiger, giraff, turtle, birds, alligator, flemingo, paw prints, big bugs, elephant... just all sorts of animals that will allow for hours of imagination to play in the mind of the baby as he is growing up. I love it and I hope he does too!!

I even have a mobile for the baby's crib that is a jungle theme. It's so cute and goes w/ the room perfectly. We're gonna take pics to send to my mom, so maybe later today I'll post some online.

Getting it done has really helped me to feel more at ease. That room was a total disaster and I found myself getting all panicy over it, and now.... it actually feels like things are coming together. The birds are still in the room and we've decided to move them downstairs today and put them in the office. I hate putting them in there because the window is small and the light isn't bright, but for right now, it'll have to be ok. At least there's a window and we go in that room every day, so they'll have lots of interaction and such.... plus, it won't be as noisy as it is in the mornings w/ them right next to our bedroom.

Well... I hope all of you are having a wonderful new year, had lots of fun on New Year's Eve... and, if you're off, are enjoying the time. Bahrain is on holiday right now for Eid - so here's a BIG Happy Eid to to all of you as well.... gosh, I almost forgot!!

Happy day everyone!


Puppy said...

Happy new year and Happy Eid, Tooners

Congratulations with a new baby's room and I am looking forward for the pics ;))

Good day to you!!!


still breathing said...

my bro's room had a jungle theme too when he was a kid and he loved animals so much that he couldn't eat any meat till he was 15 or sth.

having a baby is usually wonderful.. and being done with the room means that fun has just started!!

whats ur baby's name btw?

jahooni said...

Luv your new blog page. Back from camping... Happy New Year to you too!

gazza27 said...

Believe me Tooner's your life will slow back down when the baby's born,a year will be a year again, maybee you'll hope it goes faster LOL.s

nimshab said...

Happy new year!
This was the first time I visited here. I was searching for "babysitter vs daycare" in google when I was directed here. Then continued reading... Good luck with your baby. I have a 7month old. I have decided to stay home with him for a year and may be more. I really am lucky to be able to do this and I look forward to the time I will go back to my work too. I believe it will be best for both of us. BTW, I am an Iranian living in US. And am too a horse!

tooners said...

puppy, Happy New Year Girl!! Hope you had a wonderful evening and the year brings you many wonderful surprises! :)

still breathing, that's a funny story, cuz you know, i was a vegetarian for years... only started eating meat in a big way when i got pregnant and it still disgusts me most days. i hope, like your brother, that our child loves animals cuz his momma does! :) we've decided on the name Naief. i've also seen it spelled nayef, but we're going w/ the "i" instead. we've had sooooo many issues surrounding this name w/ his family. they have decided on yousif but i told them the other day that we're not going w/ yousif... they don't like naief so much, i don't think.

jahooni, hey girl! hope you had fun camping!! also hope you guys had a good new year!

gazza, i sure hope time slows down a bit, if it gets much faster, i'm not sure i could handle it! ;)

nimshab, hey, welcome!! congrats on your little baby! i'm also going to take off for about a year w/ the baby. it took me a while to decide because it'll make things tough for us, but, like you, i believe it's best for the baby. and here in bahrain, many women have housemaids and such raising the children and i won't do that. plus, i think it's really important for that contact w/ the mother and building that special bond. Happy New Year to you too!! I hope to see you back here more often!! :)