Sunday, June 24, 2007

chatty cathy

does anyone remember these dolls? i somewhat do..... but not sure that i have the right one in mind. the one i'm thinking of is a doll w/ curly blond hair and you'd pull a string in her back which caused her to say all sorts of things... i think even ask questions - if you were lucky.

my sister would probably know..... too bad she's sick w/ my voodoo hexed spell i put on her!! ;)

well.... i went all out this past weekend.... i actually went thru w/ meeting a fellow blogger for lunch.

aaaahhhh my nerves beforehand.... but how bad could it be, right?!! i can think of a few examples.... but that's for another time. and shoot... times have changed. ppl usually are pretty close, i'd like to think, to how they represent themselves online.... and since she's obviously well traveled, witty, seemed charming on the phone.... and knows like 7, 8 or 9 languages... i forget! ;) how could this be a bad lunch, right? the stories and the adventures.... all the places she's been.... honestly, i was a bit in awe.... so ... again, nerves.

so... it was set. we'd meet at 1:30 pm at a place both of us hadn't been to in years. i think we both tried the place some 3 or so years ago. has anyone been to Ric's Kountry Kitchen? i think that's how it's spelled..... anyway.... the place has changed. it's like walking thru all the doors and such at the american embassy.... one after another.... i didn't remember it being like that the last time. and i think, even at one point, there was someone standing behind this counter.... sorta like he was giving everyone the once over as you walked by.... ok... maybe my memory is lost here.... but i thought it a bit odd and something i don't remember the last time when me and hubby visited the place. but hey... maybe they were staff just taking a break or some such... who knows.

anyway... i get there a little early. i always hate to keep ppl waiting, and since traffic was the best it's been in.... like weeks, i cruised over in a matter of 10 mins. i get a call from hubby. i tell him i'm there.... safe..... didn't have a wreck or some such ;) and that i'm waiting for her car to pull up... which turned out to be only a few seconds.

aaaahhhh.... so i get outta the car, cross the street and we say hi. well... that wasn't too bad i'm thinking.... so we walk thru the fort opening and head inside. the menu had changed... seemed like there were a few more items on the menu, which was good. the last time i was there, i ordered a pastrami sandwich, i think, and didn't like it. i had quesadillas this time and they were pretty darn good. altho, the girls serving us seemed a bit clueless.... and wouldn't you know, i suggested leaving a tip.

so.... we sit down... chat a bit and look over the menu. and whatta ya know.... i became a little chatty cathy doll.... there i was.... pulling my own string.... it was endless. the shame, the shame!! :)

yes.... even still.... i don't think i scared her away. matter of fact... i think it went swimmingly.... chatty cathy and all. next time though.... i promise to let you tell me about the bday party.... and all about your wild adventures and travels! ;) i can't wait!!


bint battuta said...

um naief, you're so sweet but there's really no need to feel self-conscious - you definitely didn't scare me away! it was a lot of fun, and we should do it again sometime!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Meeting with a stranger has a lot of uncertainly about it. I have had to at least three times and this was without prior photos so I had no idea what the person looked like. One was at a train station (ah, she had found our pics on the internet somehow). Another time, I opened a door and thought she was a sister as she was nowhere like the spikeyhaired red stockinged leftie I thought would be there. Another was a Fijian guy so that was easy to spot. All worked out swimmingly.

Puppy said...

Yeah you girls are lucky, meeting each other chatting, that is the benefit of being in the same country.

What about others? :)

Olivia said...

hehhee, you're funny tooners. Anyway, am glad your lunch meeting turned out well and that you have made another friend. Definitely finding your feet in your adopted country, eh?

I notice I get chatty when I am nervous too. I think of ALL sorts of things to say. This ability fails me when I really actually DO need to talk to someone I like.

For instance, I have rescued all sorts of awkward dates by chatting, and they took it that I liked them. I also do this with people who are more shy than I am.

Thursday said...

I had a chatty Cathy doll. Blogmeets are always very nerve-racking, I've done it with three bloggers, all of whom are now friends and one Flickr'r who's now my partner so I've done really, really well!

Um Naief said...

bint battuta, i really enjoyed our lunch. i can't wait for the next time. :)

wendy, wow.... you've met some most interesting ppl. someone coming up to me at a train station might sorta weird me out... but, i think it's also quite friendly. you know, come to find out, bint had her pic on her blog in several links, but i had never taken the time to look, so i had no idea what she looked like and she me. so.. it was a nice adventure and i'm glad i took it!

puppy, you know... you're welcome to come here any time you want. i wish we lived closer so that we could meet.

olivia, i do exactly the same. if there's silence, i fill it. and here i talk about being shy, which i am, but i guess it's more in larger groups... for the most part. but, like you, when i'm nervous... i talk fast and almost non-stop, but i also clam up at times w/ ppl i like or know well. like when i met my hubby... i couldn't talk to save my life... now he can't shut me up! :)

thursday, i had a chatty cathy too. :) i think i finally wore that string out! ;) i didn't realize you met joe brown from flickr... wow... that's fabulous. no wonder... you take amazing photos and i'm sure he could tell just how amazing you are!

Olivia said...

I hate clamming up! I sit there observing myself and wondering why I can't think of anything. Then later I do, and am tempted to write notes on the palm of my hand for next time!