Thursday, June 21, 2007

the princess bitch

or should i say the rudest woman that i've come across so far while living in bahrain.

all i can think is: "what a lovely day in the neighborhood, what a lovely day for a neighbor, would you be mine, could you be mine, won't you be my neighbor!"

this evening, just a little while ago matter of fact, i had the fortunate opportunity to go shopping at the grocery w/ just the baby. we get one of those carts w/ the thing attached to the top for baby.... and baby just loved it. he got smiles and hellos... we even got in some good little chats w/out daddy around..... and even when it was time to check out and he started getting fussy, some lovely young bahraini girl came over to help me and asked if it was my first baby, i said "yes", then she asked "is this the first time you've shopped on your own w/ him" and, again, I said, "yes". she took him and he immediately stopped fussing.

i paid, took the baby from her and said goodbye and thanks to all. we walk out to the car, the guy helping puts the bags in the car, i put the baby in his car seat.... thank the guy for helping and then get in the car. now.... i might add that our vehicle is on the large side. we have an armada, so it doesn't make for easy backing up.

as i was getting in, some car pulled into the spot behind me, which was closest to the street.

i started the car, put it in reverse and as i started going backwards, the censor on the car started beeping rapidly because the big ass mercedes, that pulled into the spot or spots behind me, didn't pull in far enough or needed to move their car up a notch in order for me to pull out.

i try several times to back up... pulling up and then back again. but it was no use, i wasn't going to be able to get out w/out this car pulling up a bit. i roll down my window, look back and see that someone is inside and at the wheel of the car. so i motion to them to pull forward a little. the princess bitch, altho i didn't know it at the time, shook her head and refused to budge. again, i motion my hands in the schwaya schwaya way asking her to pull her precious piece of metal forward just a little bit.... still a big head shake NO. then... i yell (because her window is closed)... can you pull your car forward a little so that i can get out of this spot.

the princess bitch makes her appearance at this point. she gets out of her car.... and what a lovely little thing she was. indeed, this chick thought she was God Almighty .... having made her presence on this earth and obviously i was not bowing in her glory.... therefore.... when she spoke.... harps played, but i did not yield the warning..... (sorry... i was off in dream land a bit...)

ok.. now back to story. anyway... the bitch gets out of her car and proceeds to tell me that there is a pole in the front of her car and that she can't pull forward. i tell her that she has plenty of room and can't she move her car up just a tad so that i can pull out. she gets inside.... and inches forward like..... 2 centimeters... i kid you not.

then again, i tell her "can you pull forward just a bit more, i can't get out".... at this point, i'm in the middle of the road and still a little bit in my spot.... i refuse to wait for her friend who went inside to come back out before leaving, because one) naief is hungry and starting to cry and 2) this bitch will not get the best of me.

let me tell you guys.... it's not often that i get as mad as i got at that very moment. this princess refused to move up any further. she rolled down her window and said she wasn't going to do it. so.... in need to get home, i pull back just as the censor thingy starts ringing nonstop... this is when i know i can't go any further.

this is when i was allowed just enough space to pull my car forward and then back up again while barely missing her car .... and finally, i'm free.

but.... IT DIDN'T END THERE. ohhhhhh noooooooo. she really put me in a mood and even tho us virgos are pretty mild tempered, most times, i also have a fire horse inside of me that makes me quite the spicy one when needed. and indeed... it was time to pull out my claws.

so .... i put my car in park, got out and went to the front of her car and looked. the bitch had plenty of room to pull her little mercedes up w/out it getting all dented..... so i proceed to tell her so.

me: you have plenty of room. you could have pulled your car up.

her: no, i have no room.

me: yes, you do. you're just rude. for your information, i have a baby in the car... you could
have pulled your car forward just a bit to let me out.

her: i also have a baby.... (i guess you consider 2 or 3 yr olds, babies.... but i dont )

me: you are soooooo rude. i have never met anyone as rude as you.

her: (as i'm getting into my car) being the polite princess bitch that she is politely says, "F*&% you". (what lovely talk coming from a woman w/ a young girl in the car w/ her.... what a lovely example. no wonder life is the way it is w/ so many ppl not giving a crap about anything or anybody!!)

me: whereas, being the nice little sweet angel that i am, said it as loud as i could right back to her. then i got in the car and drove off.... first not w/out facing a ton of cars coming the wrong way in the parking lot and they acted as tho i was going the wrong way. i just sat there and waited... hoping, wishing someone would start a fight w/ me. (yes, i can be quite saucy... i can imagine the headlines.... expatriate mother of 5 mth old gets into physical roll around on cement with baby in the car)

you know... i wish i could think of the right things to say in the moment .... it's always later, right after the fact that i think of the best comebacks. what does that make me? an idiot. you don't even know how bad i wanted to cuss her out. i really did. i know some bad arabic words.... i wish i had the guts to say it, but i know she would have called the police on me. and... yet again i'm showing how i'm that rude american or westerner. and if she called the police, they probably would have arrested me for verbally insulting the bitch.

and... i also wish, if i was in my fantasy world.... that i could have taken my truck and rammed it into her car over and over again.... you know... like that scene in Fried Green Tomatoes ... where whats her face's character does just that .... or gone around and taken her by the hair and banged her face into the steering wheel until her nose was nice and bloody.... while she begged for mercy.....




Puppy said...

Was there any chance that u block her way to go out?

Stop your car infront of her, and go home by taxi, looool.

I know its not a good idea, Naief was crying and hugry, but in theory that would be an idea.

On a serious note, come on Virgo fellow let it go, doesnt worth ur nerves. Altho i understand you well.

Take care


Um Naief said...

puppy, when i got home and was telling hashim... i thought the same thing. i told him that i should have pulled forward once i got of the spot and just sat there. then when her friend came and she wanted to back out, i could have said.... "oh sorry... i can't move. look at all these cars in front of me. i can't move. and just sat there.

aaaahhhh... i'm better now... but lemme tell ya... i was sooo mad.

Lotus Reads said...

Um naief, I so feel for you....I've come across some really impolite and rude drivers in Dubai and sadly, many of them were women.

Jahooni said...

what do you mean that the lady took the baby in the grocery store and he stopped fussing? what?

I have seen this side of you many of times, I can picture it now.... LOL I bet your face was beat red too and your rashes came out! LOL

It was Kathy Bates in Fried Green Tomatoes "To Wanda... To Wanda... To Wanda"


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Oh, it is so easy to get mad at someone in that situation but, hey, slow down, calm down. It looks a scene in a movie, with all that anger. We call it road rage here in Australia and it gets people into such a pickle that the police have to be called.
Hey, play some music and have some cheesecake and good coffee. It's over now.
There are mean people in this world but don't let them make your day go rotten.

Um Naief said...

wendy, aaaahhhh, only if i could have had some serious one liners... that's all i wanted! ;) yeah, i had a bit of road rage, but she was to blame. i could have handled it like a lady, but she was so rude and just the way she shook her head no and the way she was swinging her arms... that's what really set me off... and when she got out of the car and acted like a queen.

Gazza said...

Things like this do get your back up at the time but after,you can laugh at it saying i should have said this or this,a friend of mine once told me that when someone's kicking off,instead of stooping to their level,blow them a kiss or smile and wave,and he assures me it works,they have steam coming out their ears coz they never got to you,lol.

Ammar456 said...

Yes... it happens, happens all the time... by the day it seems peoples driving skills are deteriorating either by choice or just through their deteriorating manners...

Ridiculous.. here, this might give you a good read:

Olivia said...

I think that aspect of like in Bahrain would drive me bonkers. A middle eastern looking woman once did that to me at the Post Office. I was in the line, but there was a little space in front of me because I was holding a parcel. She walked RIGHT past me and took that space. My ears turned red but things are different here, so she did the British thing of pointedly ignoring me and not catching my eye because then I would have said something.

Olivia said...

I thought that your newspaper headline, and the image of expat mother rolling around on the cement was hilarious, BTW.