Tuesday, June 26, 2007

In a week's time

the baby will be 5 mths old. Gosh... I can hardly believe it. He weighs about 17 lbs right now - give or take a pound. He's long... I can't remember his length, but I can tell he'll be tall.

I've started giving him juice after his first feeding in the morning, per the dr. Right now he's taking banana and he loves it. He likes to try to hold his bottle w/ his feet or rather one foot right now, and he's big on taking his hand and pulling the bottle outta his mouth. He loves to experiment and see what all he can do w/ his hands and feet it seems. He's sticking his toes in his mouth and stares at his hands a lot.... and smiles so much that I could give him sugars until the cows come home. He has such good sugars around his neck and on his back. :)

He's really into squealing right now. He does it all the times... no matter if it's for joy or anger. He knows it gets my attention and makes me move fast.... he loves having that power over me! ;) I can tell he's gonna be just like his daddy!! :)

His hair is starting to come in and I must say that it's a golden blond/brown. It's quite attractive... I wonder how long it'll stay like this. Prob until he's 8 or so... and then it'll go brown... which is fine.... I'm just soakin' it all in now.

He's trying his best to crawl but I can tell it's still gonna be a while before that happens. He enjoys rolling over and as soon as I put him on his back, he flips over faster than I can blink. Sure makes it tough changing his diapers.....

Oh yeah, he also loves sucking on his lips now or rather licking them. it's really too cute. He does his chops like he's an old man.... you'd think he lost all his teeth by the way he's constantly chewing...

Me... I'm gonna cut my hair tomorrow. I've just decided I want a change, plus my hair is falling out like crazy. My friend whose baby is 2 mths older than Naief had the same issues at this time, so if it doesn't stop, I'll go and see my dr. I don't have a lot of hair anyway... it's terribly thin, so I'd rather not lose a lot!! I'm gonna cut my hair in one of these fashionable bobs that's oh so popular right now... maybe it'll give me some weight and not look so thin.

In a couple of months I'll be able to get back into working out. I don't miss it much and wish I could just lose weight and maintain fabulous muscle tone.... but since I'm no genie and don't know any.... I'll have to work my arse off to lose this weight. gawwwwd, how I hate working out. Plus, the girls at this gym aren't the best to be around and aren't too friendly... and since I have some 7 mths left on this plan.... I'll have to put myself thru their most joyous of company.

Sweet dreams everyone! :)


Munther said...

Gotta love the baby Naief updates ! It seems that he is getting into the phase of discovering his body, I always find that the most interesting part of being around babies ! Wait till he discovers his shadow ! My lil brother was sooooo shocked, it reminded me of peter pan and his shadow !

Please don't talk about working out ! I've hurt my back while doing setups and I've been in some agony for 4 days ! No kidding ! I think that god is telling me that I was actually meant to be a couch potato and should quit working out all together ! Care to join BSCP ? Which roughly translates to Bahraini Society of Couch Potatoes ! :D ;)

Gazza said...

When my kids were babys i used to find it fasinating that they could hold their bottle with their feet,even grab your finger with their toes.....we havent evolved much have we lol?

Jahooni said...

I remember Katelyn sucking her toes and I have a favorite picture that was taken in a studio that captures just that pose. Its beautiful. That is one reason why I love to scrapbook because I can save all of my memories and keep the pictures safe. 7 years have gone by sooooo fast! Wishing I could turn back time.

Enjoy every minute. Give my nephew sugars for me. He better have some for me when he comes to the U.S.

Olivia said...

Hehe, yes he will be experimenting with his voice for many months to come. I remember when my cousin Shaun was two and one day he discovered the power of his own voice. He spent the entire day running around, announcing everything in stentorian tones.

Uh, thanks for reminding me I need to go back to yoga...

And I guess having Naief took so much out of your body, it always shows in hair, nails, teeth, skin.

mama to be said...

I didn't know where else to leave this comment, but I wanted to ask you about which doc you used for your delivery? I'm trying to find the best doc here in Bahrain, and am concerned from some stories I've heard about doctors here, as compared to those in America. If we could exchange emails, that would be great! Thanks in advance.

Um Naief said...

i had the baby at American Mission Hospital and was so very happy w/ my dr. i wouldn't change her for anything, and if i get pregnant again, i will definitely see her again... and will continue to see her for follow-up and other appts, etc.

her name is Alka Gupta. she's an indian woman and extremely qualified. she did a c-section for me and i'm very, very happy w/ the scar, the follow-up she gave me and how honest and forward thinking she is, compared to other drs. she's very knowledgeable and when i had any problems, she was there immediately to help me w/ all the meds necessary, giving me time off work when i was having trouble... etc.

if you'd like to chat, just give me an email at hashimswife@gmail.com