Saturday, June 16, 2007

Quiet City

Since I can't sleep, am sick and hubby is really sick, and Naief is still sick w/ his fever spiking again today.... I have found myself running in overdrive... so much so that it's given me one hellova headache. So... just popped some Panadol PM and hopefully it'll help me sleep and take away this pounding on my temple.

I thought w/ this title that I'd post a poem that I wrote long ago when we lived in Denton, Texas.... before coming to Bahrain. It's a simple one.... but it's weird because no matter where you go or where you live, you can find something like this to fit into your life.

Quiet City

Dogs are barking
People are talking
Cars are passing
Sirens keep roaring
Heart is pounding
In this quiet city I call home.
Sleepless dreaming
TV is blaring
Pills a popping
Mind is wondering
Barefoot I'm walking
In this quiet city I call home.
Cats are wailing
Husband is snoring
Sleep not coming
Peace I'm wanting
Faint I'm becoming
In this quiet city I call home.


Nothing has been happening as of late. The baby has been sick for a week and it's very tiring. My sleep.... well, I sometimes wonder if I'll ever get a good night's sleep again.... maybe when he's a teenager! ;)

I was supposed to meet a girl that I met thru blogging today, but I cancelled. Being exhausted and sick doesn't make good company, I don't think. You know... in thinking about meeting blogging ppl, it's weird. You correspond w/ ppl.... you know all about them or at least what they tell you, but to meet them up close and personal is weird for me. I'm a shy person more or less.... altho if I know you well and have for a long time, you would probably say that I'm not. So... in thinking about meeting someone new.... for some reason, it sorta frightens me. But... how else do you make friends other than to take that first step, right?


Something else interesting or at least I think so. I received a card just outta the blue from my cousin that lives in Indiana. Gosh, I haven't seen her in I don't know how many years. Actually, it was when my aunt passed away from cancer... some 9 or more years ago. I went there for the funeral and saw all of my cousins. It was weird. I grew up w/ all of them and to see them as adults.... it's just strange... or for me it was.

I haven't kept in touch like I should have... so I felt like I didn't know them. Me and my cousin (that I received the card from) were close and would spend most summers together. I usually went and spent wks upon wks at her house in the country... it was when my grandmother was alive... gosh, do I have some crazy stories about what my grandma used to do to us kids... things to try and scare us. I loved going there and have so many fond memories of those times. Now... she's an adult, like me, has 5 kids and our lives have changed so much.... but outta the blue, I get a card from her and it's like nothing has changed.

I'm a terrible person in that I don't take the time to sit and write by hand. I will type an email faster than you can spit (hmmmm... interesting choice of thought).... but to write by hand, well, it takes a great pressure of the mind.... to push myself into it. I've been meaning to do it for days now, but just haven't done it... I keep telling myself that when the baby starts to feel better, I'll do it.


Found some great book deals days back.... and you know... it's been forever since I've read anything. I go thru these phases of really loving a book and not being able to find another to satisfy me, so I have huge dry spells. And wouldn't ya know it... one that I almost passed up is the first one that I picked up to read, and even though I'm only about 10 pages into it, I LOVE IT!!! I'll write about it later..... oh yeah, a few of my blog friends have inspired me to pick up books again. They both love to read. Check out their blogs... one is Olivia's London Dispatches and the other is a new blog friend and her place is called Lotus Reads. Both are quite fascinating places to spend the day. :)


and last but not least, I added lots of new links to blogs that I read on a regular basis over here to the right. Some of them are truly great reads and fascinate my mind in a way that I need more often than I'd like to admit. They make me laugh... some even make me cry..... but they all (except the gossip ones) touch my soul almost daily. One girl that I met some time ago thru blogging is the first Arab girl that I allowed myself to become friends w/ (and I have a reason for that that I've never shared here... maybe one day I will).... and I think she's wonderful... she's so full of life and a really interesting person and even if it's just over the net that I know her.... I really like her. Her blog is called Never Let's Go..... and she has just finished an art project for school and has put up three of her paintings on her blog. They are truly incredible. Go there... check it out.

Well.... I'm gonna go. Have a good one. It's actually quiet in our little neighborhood tonight.... which feels odd. But... I should take this time to enjoy it... it could be gone in a matter of seconds!


memo said...

awww I hope you get better soon..well actually all of you! Nothing worse than not being able to sleep because of a headache..have lots of lemon juice and honey (my grandmother's remedy for everything!).. You have a nice poem there..and you are totally right, it is in every city..especially these days most cities seem to have an identical aura to them..I don't like it. I am like you, I fall in love with a book and don't let go of it for three days, then I don't read for months..good thing you are back into reading..nothing better than a good book..last book I read is called eleven minutes by paulo choleo.. I love all his books. Such an amazing favorite is the alchemist.I heard they were going to make it a movie but I don't know what happened with that. Your post about my blog..made me feel sooo..I don't know..special.. I am glad you love my paintings..and that you consider me as a friend, because I definitely consider you one as well..Thank you for existing :)

bint battuta said...

don't be scared... i don't bite!

Gazza said...

Wait till your young son starts school,you get every cold and flue going,it's all a part of being a parent.....look on the bright side,once youve hade them your immune to them lol.....

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Naief's Mum - I hope you are all feeling better by now. It's hard coping with one sick person in the house -without everyone feeling miserable. Liked your poem.

The Moody Minstrel said...

I'm sure the quiet will return to your life eventually...and then you won't know what to do with yourself!

I'm kidding. I've never been a city person (even when I lived in the city), and quiet suits me just fine.

Puppy said...

Heyyyyy Um Naief, how r u? How is Naief? is he better? Hashim? youself?

Take care. sorry for a short note. just wanted to see if everything is ok with you. i am again busy:(

Olivia said...

Goodness meee, Tooners, thanks for the mention. I am sorry I haven't been blogging much lately, and I was not aware that I mentioned my books all that often.

Mind you, yesterday I did nearly buy an interesting one by Alain de Botton called "The Architecture of Happiness" or something like that. But I have too many as you know, and I am moving soon, so I put it down.

Anyway. I hope Naief gets better soon. Even if you can't sleep or even nap, possibly you can snatch a few minutes here and there of shut-eye. Just close your eyes and stop. For a few moments. Perhaps you need to put on a bit of music to waft through the home...rub baby down with chamomile/lavender lotion...Just change the pace...and breathe....


Jane said...

Lovely poem. Hope you are all feeling better! Yes, you will sleep again but not well and not for a few years. Whenever someone tells me they want to have children I respond, "Oh, so you've had enough sleep? You're bored of getting a full-night's uninterrupted rest?"

Seroo said...

So sweet for adding me to your list of blogs, just when I thought I've lost the time and inspiration to write in my blog I see this - thank you for keeping my spirits up and reminding me that people acutally do remember me online! :)

It's always hard meeting someone through a blog, although I have to say I have made some good friends who have gotten in touch with me because they've read my blog or diaries online... Most of the time, the girls who have gotten in touch with me are those who have been able to relate to what I've written, whether it was about a young girl growing up or living alone in a place that wasn't home and I'm glad my entries reached out to someone, even if they were intended to be an extension of my own thoughts and nothing else... And some of them are my closest girlfriends now and we keep in touch all the time...

On a slight tangent, it's a little bit like online dating... 10 years ago, meeting someone through the internet seemed creepy and absurd, but with the way technology is evolving today it's actually very normal and becoming more and more normal in Bahrain... it's just another way to meet people, I'm sure you're just as curious as your readers to find out who some online personalities really are...

My two-pence for the day :) goodnight!

Um Naief said...

thanks you guys for your thoughts. i've been really sick for a few days now. thankfully hashim has been helping me w/ the baby or don't know what i would have done.

in a few days.... i'll be back to blogging....

Lotus Reads said...

Um Naief, I so hope that Hashim and Naief are better now, it's terrible when the guys get sick, they don't always make the best patients, do they? :)

And so true, the poem could be describing any city in the late evening..I like it!

It's wonderful you have the opportunity to meet a fellow-blogger. I know, it does feel weird initially but the ice breaks so fast because you already know so much about each other from blogging. I have met a couple of bloggers and I will be meeting another one soon when she comes to my city on holiday in July! Will post more on that after we meet.

And thank you for the blogs can be a little dry so your visits and conversations really do perk things up, thank you!

Um Naief said...

lotus, i'll tell ya, boys make the worst patients. sometimes i have to laugh coz it gets so pathetic. but... i'll give it to him this time... he actually did get a high fever, was seriously ill... so i felt that strong maternal urge to take good care of him.... not that i haven't in the past, but it felt different this time... maybe coz he's the father of our baby. hmmmm... maybe. :)