Friday, June 01, 2007

movie day

Today we decided to run out to Sa'ar to catch the new Pirates movie. Since it opened a few wks back, figured there wouldn't be large lines and such... and Sa'ar tends to get busy in the evenings... so best to go during the day.

Not a ton of ppl in the theatre, which I prefer.... so not too noisy. We had good seats, popcorn... altho I finished mine pretty much before the movie started. Why I always do that is a good question, but I do. I just love popcorn at the movies... and here you get your choice between regular non-buttered popcorn and sweet popcorn. ummmmm... it is delicious but today I had regular.

The movie starts. So far, so good. I've heard some say it's way too long... and it's gotten a few bad reviews, but I've liked the first two and you know I'm a crazed fanatic fan of Johnny Depp's... you know the kind of crazed where I'd pay a million to kiss him... but only if it were going to charity of course! ;) so I figured at least if I'm bored...

I guess an hour 1/2 into it, the film stops, the lights go out and everyone is quiet. We sit for a bit wondering if the film broke or some such... and when the lights didn't come back on and we heard commotion out in the corridor, we decided to get up and leave. I wasn't in the mood for sitting in a hot theatre for gaaaawwwd knows how long.

We stop at the ticket booth to see about getting the tickets stamped so that we can go back and see it again and they were happy to oblige. Apparently all the electricity went out in and around the neighborhood... or so they said. But... no biggy.

We saw some friends of ours.... blogger Miss Scarlett from her Haven and the hubby, and her beautiful daughter. We chatted for a bit... they were there to see Pirates as well... and wouldn't you know it, it wasn't but probably 10 mins and the lights came back on. All were happy.

Since I was feeling tired and not wanting to go back in and watch another hour and 45 mins of the movie... we decided to head on.

I will say... I liked the movie thus far. The story line seems a bit more in-depth.... which doesn't bother me.... maybe that's why some ppl think it seems way too long. MIL and SIL are wanting to see it... so maybe the next time we go, the electricity won't plague us and we'll all go.

Take care blog friends... have a wonderful weekend. by the way... Bahrain is already experiencing 42 Celsius weather. It felt like a little sauna outside today.... phew.. it's early for this kind of weather or maybe I just forget from year to year. I can't imagine this year's August.


Puppy said...

Cant believe you didnt go back??? I like movies so much, that i even dont buy popcorn in order not to be distracted. and if i buy, i prefer to eat it all before the movie starts :))

I prefer to sit in 2nd row, its very close, noone takes first row, so i am saved from watching a movie from someones head or hearing someones comments, since normally people take from 4th row. I always take the same seat, 2nd row, second seat from the aisle to the right.

Can you imagine that i didnt see any of the pirates. I dont feel like watching it, at all. Maybe because i am not into johny Depp. I am into Shrek, loool.

i went to see shrek recently and i loved it. Have you seen Shrek 3?

Cant wait to have it on DVD, and see it in english, in order not to miss all jokes.

have a nice weekend to you too.

36 degrees here :)

Olivia said...

I am beginning to respect Johnny Depp a lot as an actor. He gets better and better.
A real artist.

It is exactly half that in London, 21C today!

Um Naief said...

puppy, girl, you sit wayyyyy to close for my blood. i like the back, even the balcony if there is one. dana mall has a balcony here and i always go up there because it's so quiet...

my mom... when she eats in the movies, well, it drives me crazy! i've been known to shhhhh her several times during, and she LOVES to talk or ask questions.... which drives me even crazier. i tell her beforehand that there'll be NO QUESTIONS! and forget watching movies at home.... but... you gotta love it. i'm wondering if i'll like this shrek. i've liked all of them before this one but i saw the previews today and i'm just not sure. maybe a rental.

olivia, i think johnny depp is a terrific actor. i usually love all of his movies, and not for just looking at him. i was only teasing when i said that. have you ever seen benny & joon? terrific. there are some other really good ones... like the man who cried. and chocolat... and the one... i can't remember the exact name... like window w/ a view or something. thriller. and the one w/ charlize theron. very good.

Gazza said...

I'm looking 4ward to this film,both my daughters have been to c it and loved it,we all went to c shrek 3 and that was brilliant,shrek is a real funny guy(ogre).lol

Um Naief said...

olivia, i think i remember now.. the movie that i was thinking of, i think, is called The Man Who Cried, but i'll look it up and tell you for sure. it's good. also, edward scissorhands should not be missed. i loved him in that. he's a brilliant actor. and the one he did of that rolling stones' writer about las vegas, was terrific. and the one he played about that director who was a cross dresser... another great one. look him up on wikapedia and it'll list all of them. great great movies. he's a fantastic actor.

Sunshine Down Under said...

i saw part 1 & 2 and hated part 2, so im not planning on seeing 3.. i saw it on the plane coming here and the guys beard disgusted me so much i switched my tv off and went to sleep..
and i miss say i really miss bahrains heat lol.. 42 degrees already!!

Olivia said...

Oh yes The Astronaut's Wife
and what about Finding Neverland when he played J M Barrie?

Unlike mostpeople, I thought he was a great Willie Wonka. And a very very neat Ichabod Crane in ... um...Sleepy HOllow.

Director who was a cross dresser? Never heard of that one...

Try IMDB for good movie info too.

Um Naief said...

olivia, you know, i never saw sleepy hallow... i must rent it. i loved willie wonka as well. thought he was great in that. the movie i'm talking about is Ed Wood, and another is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas... it's very weird though, but i think it shows his depth as an actor. the other movie i mentioned was Secret Window. Here are some others that are really good: Blow, The Man Who Cried, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, and Libertine was recent, but to be honest, there was something about it that i didn't like. i didn't finish it. but i've heard some ppl carry on about it.

sunshine, part two was a little kiddish, i thought. from what i've seen thus far, this seems better to me. i thought it carried a better story line. and yes... weather is getting rather hot here.

Lotus Reads said...

First time visitor to your blog...came here from Olivia's. I spent many years in Dubai so was very excited to see you live in Bahrain!

My daughter saw "Pirates 3" yesterday but wasn't too impressed...said it ran for too long.

Anyway, nice to meet you and will visit again soon.

The Moody Minstrel said...

I took my family out to a movie theater today. It was my son's first visit to a theater ever, and it was the first time I'd been to one in at least five years. We were hoping to see Spiderman 3, but it turned out the only available non-dubbed showing was too late in the evening for our kids (considering we had an hour drive back home, and it's Sunday night). We wound up watching the third PotC movie instead.

After the negative reviews I'd read I wasn't expecting much, but I did enjoy it. Yes, it was long, but it never burned out on me. Far from it. I was caught up in the groove from beginning to end. The action kept going. The story line is definitely more mature and more involved than those of the last two (not to mention darker and weirder), though it gets rather complicated and hard to follow toward the end. (Actually, my wife and my daughter got a bit confused, so I had to explain it all to them as we were driving home.) The reviewers didn't like that, as they were hoping for more of the slapstick comedy and light-hearted mockery of the traditional pirate image. However, the same reviewers actually praise the increasing maturity and darkness of the Harry Potter films, so I don't know where they're coming from.

One of the things the reviewers I'd heard had chafed at was the times when the dialog got a bit overly dramatic, e.g. when Elizabeth gives her moralizing speech to the pirates before the fight. Actually, I thought it totally appropriate. I mean, what is swashbuckling fantasy without melodrama? I mean, come on! Why does everything have to be packed in such a thin, flavorless crust? This is supposed to be dramatic! Give me DRAMA, damn it!

I really think you should go back and see it again so you can catch that ending...which was FAR less cliche than I'd expected (another pleasant surprise).

Olivia said...

Oh yes, I have seen Fear and Loathing, 1.5 times even though I don't like it; also seen Libertine but because of the premise he couldn't really outperform himself. And Gilbert Grape, I nearly mentioned that one.

Lotus - I am glad you've come here, Um Naief (ex Tooners) is such a wonderful lady!

Casmee said...

What is it about finishing the popcorn before the movie starts! I do that all the time--The joys of instant gratification!

Nabeel said...

aaa .. I didn't like the movie that much as the plot was too confusing. I loved Johnny Depp's acting of course and was soo happy to see that Captain Barbossa took charge of things .. arrghhh !!! Did you stay till the end (after the titles and such)? they show an extra scene :)

Um Naief said...

lotus, thank you for coming by. I hope you enjoy it. I really enjoy Olivia's blog... so again, thanks for coming by.

moody, i got the same feeling as you about the story... it seemed much better this time around. i'm glad you guys went to the movies. it's been a long for ya!! i'm looking forward to seeing the rest now.... maybe this coming weekend, we'll catch it again.

casmee, i finish mine most all the time. sometimes, if i know it's a really long movie, i'll sit it down on the floor and then pick it up later... but i prefer not to do that. i just love to munch on popcorn... ummmm.... such a favorite thing.

nabeel, hi there. i really enjoy your blog. some of the most interesting things over there! we didn't stay until the end. i was feeling tired, so we headed home. i'm hoping to go this coming weekend to see it again. and when we do, we'll be sure to stay until the ending to catch the extras... those are usually very good.