Friday, June 22, 2007

what a voice

We went to Geant tonight to pick up a few things.... and as always wound up w/ much more than we expected to get. One unexpected thing is the CD called Amore by Andrea Bocelli.

Wow.... I have no idea if this is new or what... but he has such an amazing voice. I've really liked him for a long time, but strangely never bought one of his CDs until tonight. We're playing it now and Naief seems to really enjoy it. He was crying, but is now dancing w/ daddy :) .... and quite possibly will be going to sleepies shortly :).... here's to hoping. He's a stubborn one when it comes to going to sleep. He was out in the car... but I swear as soon as I get upstairs, while walking as slowly as possible, and put him down... he wakes up like it's morning!


While we were checking out tonight, you know how at Geant all the lines/check out areas are real close to each other, which is a pain in and of itself... but it also gets ya to know your neighbor real quick in some instances. Tonight, I was standing holding Naief while hubby took everything from the cart and as I was standing there, another family was checking out next to us. As the mother was putting everything on the conveyor belt, her son came up asking her for something... one thing was a plastic shovel... I can imagine to maybe dig in the sand while at the beach or some sort... and then two little books. His mother refused and he started crying... not hysterically but he really wanted these things. So, the mother took them, put them on the belt and then smacked him as hard as she could w/ the Geant flyer (that was all rolled up) right in the face. It shocked me and made me feel so desperately sad for the little boy.

How embarrassing for him to have his mother hit him in public... and it wasn't like she wasn't allowing him to get the things his heart desired.... but I guess she did it for the sake of it. These types of things break my heart.... here she's breaking this little boy's spirit.... I can only imagine what happens at home.


Well... I called my blog friend and we're having lunch tomorrow. :) I'm looking forward to it. She's quite interesting, sassy (which I like), AND smart. I know we'll have lots of things to blab about.... laugh about.... and I hope it's the start of a lasting friendship. oh yeah... if you wanna check out her blog, it's at Bint Battuta in Bahrain.

And.... you know what makes our lunch date all the better??? I went to M&S today and bought myself a few cute things. Gosh... it's been forever since I've been shopping at a mall by myself. I swear... the last time was in Lewisville, Texas. No kidding... I've never once gone to Seef by myself. But... I think this is the start of a lasting love relationship between us! :)

We're all doing better... getting better by the day. Naief is much better... now me and hubby are suffering a little .... but .... hopefully not for much longer.

Happy weekend everyone.


memo said...

I am soo glad you are better now! and yea hitting a child, I have never understood, I do not believe in that way of discipline its very cruel..poor child.. have fun shopping ;)

Munther said...

I can't believe how some parents act ! She buys the stuff for the kid but hits him too ? And what on the face and in public ? Some people don't even deserve to be parents ! I know this is irrelevant but was she Bahraini by any chance ?

Glad that the little one is feeling better ! :)

Gazza said...

I'm afraid i would have had to take the flyer off the woman and crack her round the head with it,then ask her what it felt like to be bullied,their's no excuse for that the horable B.

Um Naief said...

i agree you guys. i could hardly believe my eyes.

munther, she was egyptian. hashim made a comment to the check out guy that some ppl don't deserve to have children and that if she didn't want them, she shouldn't have had any. she was standing right in back of us, so i would imagine she heard him... but whose to say.

she slapped him quite hard. i would have said something... but i know it would have caused a scene. i felt so bad for the little boy. he grabbed his face and started crying. then went to the front of the counter and sat down on the floor and cried.

hashim said that some egyptian mothers can be quite mean. when he was in school, some of his teachers were and they were very mean to the children. i think it's horrible.

LouLou said...

Glad to hear your health is better.

People who hit small kids in public should be arrested. When I see it, unfortunately a lot over here, I always wonder if this is what they do in public, what do they do to the poor kid at home?

I know how frustrating kids can be when they refuse to listen & embarrass you in public but still, there is no excuse for this.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

LIfe changes so much when you have your own baby. You notice families more, you notice how mothers treat their children and you get shocked sometimes. I don't believe in smacking kids at all - except to stop them running on the road, things like that. They have to know about safety and 'obey me quickly, you are in danger!' But there are better ways of handling most situations. We all learn as we go along how to help our little ones grow. Our grownup sons now say thank you Mum for our great childhood - and they don't mean having lots of expensive toys at all. We had lots of networks of super friends and relatives.

Olivia said...

yay, shopping at M&S. Right now I am going to have their pasta for dinner.

That mother buying the toys and then hitting her child is actually confusing him further because she is contradicting herself! She probably does that a lot. It's either yes buy the toy or no you can't have it, not both...