Thursday, June 28, 2007

The controversy over Rosie's Blog

I guess a lot of ppl are getting heated over Rosie O'Donnell's blog. She posted a picture of her daughter wearing army fatigues and a wrap around her head, as well as belt holding AK47 bullets slung over her shoulder.

I heard about this thru Inside Edition just a while ago, so I went to her blog, clicked on the pic at the top and it takes you to a group of pictures. This is one of them.

Me and Bu Naief had a brief discussion about it. He totally disagrees w/ it, with her actions and thinks that she hasn't been up to snuff lately. Me, on the other hand, disagree w/ him.

I so understand this picture and what she's saying. To me, it represents not sending children into war, which is happening... and after hearing what she means by it - trying to get gun control in the U.S. and not sending children into war - well, I think she's brilliant... but most ppl won't see the true point of the picture, refusing to see what's happening, and only wanting to place blame, instead of taking action.

What do you think?


Ammar456 said...

i understand what your point is, but in reality, i fail to see how this will change anything, unfortunately. people have lined up outside the white house demanding an end to the war, but if the leadership doesn't want to stop it, it won't stop. its a nice gesture though

Gardens of Sand said...

The more I hear about Rosie's stuff the more I agree with what she says. That doesn't mean I don't disagree with a lot of what she says and does, but on certain things, the lady has a point! She is a controversial figure and so anything she says, even if already said by someone ele, will be controversial.

I have to say though I stongly disagree with her on gun control. The government should not infringe on constitutional rights. The American people have the right to bear arms, should they choose to do so. Not everyone has the luxury of living in a fenced off palace with zillion bodygaurds.

Jahooni said...

I love Rosie. I think we need more people in the world to stand up and speak in what they believe.

I have been reading Rosie's Blog for months now and I even wanted to put her blog site on my blog as one of my favorites but I didn't know what people would think of me.... why should I care?

Why is it that she takes a picture like that on HER OWN BLOG (which is her own thoughts and journal and etc, right?!)and gets crap.

I could of made comments about your blog about you taking pictures of Naief taking a bath... Its never ending. People need to get a grip!

I don't agree with her about gun control... but I do agree with her about the war. Go Rosie.

Um Naief said...

ammar, you're right, it won't change anything - sadly. some ppl will care, but washington doesn't give a rat's ass, to be truthful.

gardens, you do disagree w/ gun control? to what level? i don't know, i'm pretty much in favor of keeping anyone who wants a gun from being able to get them. but you know, if they put a stop to it, then it would just go underground to the black market, just like what's happening now. that guy who killed those ppl at virginia bought his guns off of eBay and then from walmart, i think. this is when i have a problem w/ it.

plus, a lot of ppl say this slogan: it's not guns who kill ppl but ppl who kill ppl.... or some such. which is true, but... it seems like more and more now, all you hear about is another killing at a school or in an office or something. this part of me is for gun control when you keep hearing all this negative over and over again.

Um Naief said...

jahooni, hey girl!! i just missed your post. i think you should put her link on ur site. i put it on mine a couple of wks ago.. when she was having all that trouble w/ elizabeth on the view. i really like her and really admire her for what she says and the fact that she isn't afraid to say something against the establishment. i also signed up to get announcements and such from her blog.

Gardens of Sand said...

Um Naeif, I guess being a Bahraini female and against gun control might seem strange! I am against though. I do think semi-automatics and such should be outlawed. They serve in purpose in selfdefense and hunting. Every person, no matter what has the right to defend themselves against an attack. And no the cops can't be depended on. Most crimes just take a few mins, the cops take longer to respond.

Besides, government should never infringe on contitutional rights, once that happens every liberty you enjoy gets taken away until one day you are left living in a dictatorship. Trust me I know, the worst you have to fear is your own government.

The issue is not with guns and the slogan is right. The VA tech dude could've easily fashioned a home-made bomb and the causualities would've been far worse. Look at McVey...Besides Canada's population is as heavily armed yet significant les crime rates, esp gun related. I think the real culprit is not the gun but more of the society and its structure.

Having said that I have no issue w/ someone not wanting to own a gun, only an issue with stopping law-abiding citizens from the right to protect themselves using one.

Um Naief said...

gardens, i don't know the exact statistics, but some time ago they were talking about this very issue... about everyone being allowed to have a gun for self protection, if they so wished. in many crimes, the victim winds up being killed by their own gun... which says to me that many who have them don't know how to use them or sadly.... you also get kids taking out their father's gun and then wind up killing themselves or a friend.... which is why many are against it.

i used to own a gun, if the truth be known. i also had mace, i used that once living in dallas. i've gone to shooting ranges w/ my BIL and i'm an excellent shot. but... if i were living alone - let's say.... in dallas - with a gun, as i used to do, would i be able to grab it at a moments notice and hurt or either kill someone, an intruder.... hmmmm... it depends. all depends on your situation.

you have really good points about a lot of things, but i also think that a lot of ppl get killed by their own guns....

hell... my BIL has many. i love firing his guns.... if i'm not mistaken, he may have a semi automatic... not sure.

i think so many things are so ripe for debate, but i do believe that it's just like you say....

it all depends on society and its structure.

E said...

Hey, sorry for the irrelevant post... but do you by chance have any other e-mail than the ones from They seem to be down and so does the site, just wanted to check. I hope you can drop me a line at to discuss the you-know-what ;)

Sorry for resorting to this method.. but for the record I agree with your post above.