Thursday, February 23, 2006


You know these little stands that are set up outside of the various stores that sell corn? I see them all the time, but, I'll have to admit, I've always thought it a bit strange to sell corn like this, and corn isn't usually the type of food that I think about eating or crave when out shoppin'.... so I've never splurged.... until.....

today. My sister-in-law got some when we were leaving a shop, w/ all the fixin's, and it was deliche! They added a tad of butter, lemon juice, and all these spices. ummmmmm... makes me hungry just to think of it. It was soooooo good and fresh and crisp! I've really been missin' out, that's for sure, and for all of you that haven't tried it, you should.

So, the next time you see the little American girl piggin' out on the corn, you'll know who it is! ;) ;)


iguanamama said...

I loved that stupid corn. :-) I miss it. I miss alot from there. However, I am happy to ba back home. Is that possible? ;-)

tooners said...

I think it's possible. I'm wondering what it'll be like when we go and then come back. I hope I miss Bahrain cuz, if not, I'm in trouble! But... the corn was far better than I ever expected. Who would have thunk it!