Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Qualified Trainers??

In thinking about my earlier "work it baby" post and Limber Girl, I started to seriously doubt the competency of the so-called trainers at this facility. I've tried three different gyms here in Bahrain, and they are all basically the same in that they hire these girls/trainers/Filipinos to do these fitness tests on the clients and then they give you basic instructions on how to use the various machines. In all the times that I've used these gyms, I've not seen a truly qualified trainer - not even once. I've been working out for more than 12 years, albeit in the States, but I know a thing or two about trainers and gym equipment, and muscles.

I asked the "trainer" about Limber Girl and told her that I wasn't trying to piss her off because I know from experience that the way to use free weights is totally different than what she was doing. For anyone whose worked out w/ weights, you know that slow, controlled movements is the way to lift. If you have to use your body to get the weights up in a bicep curl, then the weight is either to heavy or you need guidance on how to use the dumb bells properly. The instructor said something like - oh, she was working out both her biceps and back when she was doing that exercise - well, I remember listening to Limber Girl that day and she said, specifically, that she thought she was working out her biceps and triceps. And then the trainer went on to tell me that Limber Girl has tons of experience in lifting and she's been at this gym for a while. Well, that's the first time that I've seen her there and, to me, she had no muscle tone whatsoever, but that's not the point.

I just know that this particular trainer spends way too much time trying to get everyone into her beg. step class and not enough time giving crutial info to the clients on how to use the equipment and free weights properly. I hope that someone doesn't wind up getting hurt because w/ the laws as they are in Bahrain, I would seriously doubt if the gym or the trainer could be held responsible for such. These trainers are brought in from these Asian countries and I really wonder if they have any training or diplomas in this field.

Here, at this gym, if you're over 75 kilos then you can't even use some of the equipment. Now... how in the world is someone supposed to be able to lose weight if they're not even allowed to use some of the machines?


iguanamama said...

LOLOL!!! Too funny chica! Didn't know there were that many gyms in bahrain. I used the British Club. Ever go there? Its not the greatest either. LOL Don't go to those bitches for advice. You know what to do. :-)
I gained so much weight there....the whole place is depressing for me and I thought eating and smoking would dull the pain. Nada. I would not even visit there again. Been there done that kind of thing. Now, if I had someone to stay with...different story! :) Hint hint. ;-)

tooners said...

Honey, they're popping up everywhere... just like the salons. Now they even have at least one that's co-ed. Can you believe it!??

Come and visit!!!! It'd be fun! Our place is big enough... just say the word.