Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Meowww =^..^=

What is it about kitty cats that makes my heart purr? I couldn't love my little furrbabies any more than I do. They are just so adorable. I hope to get some pics of them here soon. Cedrik, our American Persian, is the sweetest lil thang. He's a cream colored, golden-eyed male w/ such a fiesty personality. All of our cats have such different personalities that it seems impossible for me to believe that anyone could hate them. But there are those that do. One of my gf's hates cats. She's terrified of them. I've tried to explain the difference between house cats and feral/wild cats, but a lot of ppl in this part of the world don't see the difference and can't stand animals, period.

Sadly enough, many dogs in this country, if wondering around on their own, will be shot on the spot.. but that's a different blog all together.

Last night while trying desperately to get to sleep, I had to contend w/ not one, not two but three snoring counterparts. Not only was my hubby unit falling asleep and giving me little snippits of snoring treasures, but two of our cats were also joining in the festivities. I had to wake up our kitty, Puss, (who's part Maine Coon) three times so that I could try to fall asleep. The thing about Puss is that she wakes up but falls right back to sleep in a matter of minutes and usually snores louder than the time before. Its always a race against time to see who can get to sleep the fastest... me or her. And, last night, our lil Cedrik was also snoring at the foot of the bed. My husband is dead to all of it, as I lie awake hoping for a peaceful slumber that never seems to come.

Thank goodness Cedrik finally stopped snoring and then, at some point, I drifted into slumberland and no longer heard the little snorts of Puss by my side. She's such a sweet little thing.... even tho she's not little.

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