Tuesday, February 28, 2006


What has happened to Tom Cruise? I think he's gone insane. Or... is it Scientology??!!!!

There is this website that I read quite frequently that's all about dissing TC and Scientology. It's called ScienTOMogy. It's the funniest stuff I've ever read. The guy who posts all the info hates Tommy boy and only shows just how bizarre he's truly become... it's frightening when you realize just how far TC's gone. He's losing his mind. You guys have to check it out. The address is http://www.scientomogy.info/. He also has another site that links to this site and it's http://www.scientomogy.com/.

He has the South Park episode that Tommy got banned in the UK because it talks the truth about Scientology and about TC being "in the closet" - you know... homosexual. If you haven't heard the rumors and, believe me, they are rampant and have been spreading for years, then you want to download this episode of South Park from the site. In the episode, it shows TC getting upset about not being the best actor ever and he goes in the closet and wont come out. Then John Travolta comes to talk him out and he winds up going in the closet - because there have been rumors for years that he's gay too - and then R. Kelly goes in the closet to get them.... it's just tooooooo funny.

This guy also has so much stuff on Scientology and all the really bizarre crap that they do. I'm really baffled as to why all of these actors are in to this cult. You have Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Kelly Preston, Lisa Marie Presley, her mother - what's her face - and now Tommy is trying to get Katie Holmes to join in all the fun.

The guy that hosts this webpage is now being followed and stalked by Scientology members. They've tried suing him to get his webpage taken off the net, and now they've called his work and made up lies on him - trying to get him fired - it's really kinda scary and makes you wonder about just how powerful these ppl are and what they're capable of doing.

Check it out and see for yourself! And we thought Michael Jackson was freaky! Well... he is too... but Tommy is pulling a close second.


Sherrie said...

My cousin used to be a Scientologist... he's a strange bird anyway. This was back in the early 90's...he tried to convince me to go to DC with him and talk to the Schientologists at the headquarters.

It amazes me how people can be drawn into weirdness.

Glad you have this blog...I love it.


tooners said...

Well, thank you my dear. I don't know any of these ppl but they seem really odd to me too. If they're anything like Tommy boy, then no thanks. It just amazes me that ppl who seem to have it together are so taken in and believe such craziness. But, look at all the cults out there and ppl who follow them.