Monday, February 27, 2006

5th Grade Teacher having sex w/ 11 yr old student??!!

What is the world coming to? I'm starting to wonder why teachers get into their profession! Is it for the sex or is to teach?!

Today I read about a 5th grade teacher who was caught having sex w/ her 11 yr. old student. The teacher is 36 yrs. old. Now, there are a lot of ppl out there - movie stars and such - who marry someone who is considerably younger (look at Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones), but at least they are adults... this teacher/student thing is nothing but child molestation and/or sexual assault.

But you know... w/ the way the U.S. is and how sexually driven the society has become, it's no wonder that this is happening in the schools and elsewhere. You have music videos that are showing nothing but scantily clad women gyrating to the latest hip hop songs, women who can't sing but sell sex and therefore they become famous (not only in the U.S., but even here), and then you have television programs that are hugely successful based on sex or extramarital affairs (Desperate Housewives, Sex and the City... which are funny and I loved Sex and the City!), and then you have the likes of Paris Hilton who make sex videos and she becomes famous for "One Night in Paris"... and let's not forget Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee's adventures... so, what does the world expect? Sex is becoming the norm, no matter what age you are in the U.S.

Some European countries tend to think Americans are prudes because we frown on such behavior and of such outward displays of sexuality (or at least we used to be this way... I mean pretty much you don't see any naked ladies in magazines unless there's a plastic cover over it), but... I really wonder, is it so bad not to want this on the TV and in every advertisement or everywhere you look? Haven't we become, as a society, to desensitized to all of this sex sales propoganda? I think we have and it's a shame. I'm not saying that we should try to hide children from life or teach them that sex is bad... that's not what I'm saying.... there's just an appropriate time for such things in life and 11 is a bit young, wouldn't you agree?

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