Monday, February 20, 2006


I wonder what it is about living in a foreign country that makes you appreciate where you came from all the more?! Now, after living in Bahrain for three years, I've realized how much I took for granted back in the States. Don't get me wrong, the U.S. has its own set of problems - with some being far worse than others - but there's something about the U.S. that's hard to find any place else.

I love the rain and it's only rained .... like, four times this past year here in Bahrain, and really, I wouldn't even call it rain. I miss the thunderstorms w/ heavy downpours that soak you a minute after you walk out of the house. I miss blue jays, cardinals, mockingbirds and squirrels. I miss the array of goods at the local Tom Thumb, Simon David or Whole Foods. I miss the huge pet stores that can fill an hour in your day w/out a problem. I miss the parks where you can go rollerblading for hours, bicycling and/or walking/running for eternity.... okay, I'm getting a little above myself, but seriously - I do miss it.

I do really like Bahrain though. Some days when I'm out, I watch people going about their business in these small villages and I appreciate the goodness of life here. The local food is really good and cheap, and there are NO TAXES due in April! The fruit... well, it's the best I've ever had. To have fruit like this in the States, you'd have to pay Harry & David a small fortune for the privilege of being able to sink your teeth into their succulent flavors.... and let's not forget the coffee shops, the shesha, and schwarma. mmmmmm.... nice.

Well, we'll be heading back to the States at the end of March for a month. I'm looking forward to seeing my preppy sister and her family and my **mom**. I can hardly wait. I'm gonna take my hubby to DisneyLand, Knotts and Vegas. My mom's bday is at the end of March and she loves Vegas, so it'll be blast. I'm gonna spend some quality time w/ my mom and maybe teach my lil sis some belly dancing moves.... if I can learn any before we go!


Alfanan said...

Just as a comparison of Bahrain vs. the states:

US: You have Petco Petsmart.
Bahrain: You have the little Pets Shop on budaya road.

US: Long drives from one state to another.
Bahrain: Long drive to Saudi (yuk).

US: Guitar Center
Bahrain: Moon Store?

I can't wait till we go to the US. I REALLY can't wait !!

tooners said...

More comparisons:

Bahrain: Half an aisle or less of pet food at grocery stores
US: One long, huge aisle of food for animals & pet stores carrying all the latest and greatest

Bahrain: Maybe 10 varieties of cheese for fondue
US: Probably 30 or more varieties, depending on the store, of cheese for fondue - and fondue restaurants

Bahrain: Geant, MegaMart, Last Chance
US: Target, Wal-Mart... the list goes on

I'm psyched too! Soon soon.

iguanamama said...

I hear ya on all the comparisions. I wish there could be a balance between the east and the west. I live in Florida now and its green all over. I love that. It gets hot here though. rains like hell in the summer. Winds sometimes get up to 55 MPH (and much much worse) during hurricane season. I know. I drove in that kind of wind. 55 mph that is. Coming to Orlando ? Would love to meet you!

tooners said...

My bro lives in Florida. We've thought about stopping by there. If we do, I'll let you know!