Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Thai Masseuse

I guess it's been about six months ago or so that I went to this new *jack of all trades* salon around the corner from our house to have my hair styled. Everyone here does it, so I figured, hey... why not. I usually do my own hair but it's nice to be able to just chill and have someone else fuss w/ it for a change.

Well, while there, I ran into this Thai girl that had come over to my in-laws a while back to do their hair. She seemed like a nice girl and, come to find out, she's also a masseuse... go figure (she's a hair dresser, masseuse, manicurist, waxer... you name it, she does it). So, she enticed me into having a massage. Sounded good to me so I went back that afternoon for my first Thai massage. Well, it was nothing like I expected. It hurt so much that, at several points, I felt like screaming... but.... I didn't. Not wanting her to see the true wimp that I am! ;)

At the end of the massage, or ... what I thought was the end, she told me to sit down, which meant to sit up, so I followed her orders. I sat up and she got in back of me. I thought she was about to perform some newfangled type of massage. She took my head and w/out a moments notice, she popped my neck, and boy did it pop. Then she did the other side, lickety-split. My heart started racing and I just sat there not knowing what to say really. My sister's husband is a Chiropractor and it's dangerous for someone to give you an adjustment w/out being qualified to do so. Was she qualified to do that??? Do all Thai massages involve this?

Well, I've never been back but come to find out she left that place and has opened a Thai restaurant. My body hurt for days after that massage, and I guess.... to be a drama queen... I'm lucky she didn't break my neck!


Alfanan said...

Sounds to me that she's not qualified at all. I would never let anyone just pop my back or neck like that.

tooners said...

No kidding! I'd say... the next time I do that... but, there won't be a next time! ;) ;) Too bad there aren't better places here, but maybe one day. I can dream at least.

Anonymous said...

if it hurt so much you should have said something

and just because she was thai do not assume she doesn't know what she's doing. Thais have been giving massage a lot longer than americans.

Anonymous said...

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