Monday, February 27, 2006

puff, puff, puff goes the cancer stick

Today in the Bahrain Tribune (, there is an article on page 2 w/ the heading "BD500 fine for smoking proposed". This makes me laugh because I wonder how in the world they propose to enforce such a ban in a country where many feel they are above the law, and tend to do whatever they want w/out a care in the world.

The article talks about implementing a ban on smoking in public places... i.e. the malls, public transport, government bldgs., educational institutions, places of worship, sports halls, and health facilities. Ha! An MP says that this should be a reality this year. It will never work. They might as well file this away and pretend they never brought it up.

When I first moved to Bahrain, I was shocked at the fact that smoking was allowed in the malls and, really, everywhere. Most restaurants don't even have non-smoking areas and I really don't think that most ppl who smoke give a crap about whether they are offending or bothering the person at the table next to them. Now, I do know there are those out there that do care and I have seen this first hand, but... I have also been out w/ smokers and, more often than not, they will light up, puff away and blow the smoke right in your face, just for spite.... or they don't even notice because they don't give a crap.

I can't even imagine walking around Seef Mall and not seeing half of the population in this country smoking. And... a lot of these are young guys, who are way too young to be smoking. So, you tell me... how will they ban this and what actions will be taken to stop/ban smoking in public places? Will they get smoking police out on the streets to rip the cancer sticks from the fingers of the perpetrators? OR will they arrest you on the spot, take you to jail and make you pay the 500 fine or take you in front of the judge who will, in turn, adjourn the hearing for another six months.... heheheheh, this gets funnier by the moment.

Truly though, how are they gonna enforce this ban? The police here don't even give tickets to Bahrainis usually (out of fear - from what I've heard), so will it be that they enforce this ban on the expatriate community? hmmmm... food for thought.


iguanamama said...

Bahrain will never ever enforce this BS. Well, its not BS per se...just in the Arab world it will be. lol I smoked too much in Bahrain. way too much. Its too cheap. Should be taxed...thats my answer to the smoking Problem.

tooners said...

They say they are gonna start taxing the stuff.... but we shall see. They say a lot of things.