Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Do You Believe?

The second week of August brought a few surprising articles to the GDN... two sets of ppl saw what they believed to be a UFO in the skies above Bahrain.

Then, I guess, about three or so days later, someone wrote into the 'letters' section of the GDN saying that she had also seen another or the same UFO above the Tree of Life.

The pictures above were taken by one couple who saw the UFO as they were driving their car along the Sitra Causeway on August 9th. Another guy came forward the next day and said he saw a UFO above the Bahrain Financial Harbour as he was driving home from work. He told friends but everyone dismissed it.

Leading experts in Bahrain are dismissing the claims of a UFO and say that there is a reasonable explanation for what they saw, altho none is given.

I, for one, do somewhat believe in UFOs. My mother, a couple of her sisters, my older sister and some of my older cousins saw a UFO some 40 odd years ago in Indiana. They were outside and one flew above the trees while they were visiting either my aunt or grandmother in the country. It hovered there for several seconds and then flew away faster than you can blink your eye. My mom said there was a definite sound, lights that would go on and off, and it's something she'll never forget.

I'm a huge fan - or rather used to be - of The X-Files and I love alien types of movies. I especially liked The Arrival w/ Charlie Sheen, I loved Signs w/ Mel Gibson, and we watched The Forgotten lastnight w/ Julianne Moore, and it was actually pretty good. I'm also a fan of the different series that have been on TV like Taken and such.

There was a book that I was reading years ago about alien abduction and it was so frightening that I had to stop reading it. When I moved to Bahrain, I got rid of that book and now wish I hadn't. I tried looking for it on amazon.com but couldn't find it, so I won't be able to tell ya the name of it... but the book disturbed me in a big way. I found myself being afraid to fall asleep at night and such or being afraid of being taken by aliens. I've always been fascinated, and somewhat scared, w/ the possibility of such things, and, actually, I worked w/ a lady whose husband truly believed he had been abducted by aliens and even had marks on his body to prove it. He's a very smart man, worked for some major newspapers in Dallas and also worked for several TV stations, and when it came to aliens, he was a true believer.

The movie Signs really spooked me out because it was believeable, I thought. The story behind the crop circles that appear in the U.S. and in Europe is something I've heard before and sorta believe, it was spiritual in a sense, and kinda freaky when it came to the aliens... but freaky in a scary way. The movie w/ Charlie Sheen, The Arrival, gave me the same type of feeling. It was more over the top but I liked it. There were things in that movie that were very believable but things that were also really out there and crazy. But I liked the whole setting taking place in Mexico and such and really liked how the story developed.

You know, the whole Scientology thing is about aliens. I don't believe in Scientology and don't know that much about it - other than what I've read online - but I do know they believe that we all came from aliens.

Who knows what was in the skies above Bahrain back on August 9th.... maybe they were spy planes or even flying saucers built for spying - it's been thought and talked about for years in the U.S.... but I do believe something was in the sky that night. Maybe, indeed, they were aliens checking out this little country of Bahrain. Do you think?!! ;)


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Thanks for visiting our blog.
I'll read your postings when I have a bit more time, but this one - well, I reckon it would be very self-centred to believe our little planet is the only one with living creatures on it - but, so far, I haven't seen any flying saucers myself! I liked the film 'Contact'. I'm a bit woolly in the head at the moment - a woman in our Interfaith Women's Group gave me a new-age kind of magazine and wow - what some people believe just amazes me.

Lilly said...

i do believe! :)

Munther said...

hmmmmmmm.. nope I still don't believe ! love Alien related movies though ! Years ago, I watched a movie (forgot the title) but it was about abductions and I used to shit myself at night thinking that the wee guys with big eyes are standing next to my bed ! :P

Alfanan said...

I too loved the movie Contact, and I'm a B.I.G. X-files fan..

It's interesting that some ppl have seen this UFO here in Bahrain. I honestly do not know whether to believe their existence or not. Maybe I need more evidence to confirm such thing….. but so far.. I’m not super convinced.

TechZ said...

With our internet? They wouldn't bother :P

Loved the movie Contact myself :D

Mysterious said...

I personally wouldn't believe in such a thing unless I witness it myself. Interesting though!

The Moody Minstrel said...

Interesting coincidence. One of my old friends has been reiterating on his blog his long-held theory that "aliens" are really demons, and that Satan is planning to use the whole UFO thing to disguise his fall from Heaven. It's an interesting theory, and he has links to "prove" it, but I have to agree that it's interesting what people believe.

Personally I can't see why there wouldn't be other intelligence in the universe considering how long it has been around. The fact that they haven't tried to make contact with us yet proves that they are intelligent.

I know many people that have seen UFOs, including myself. There's no questioning that they exist. However, we don't yet know what they are.

Greg said...

I don't know what to think. I'd like to believe some little aliens will come and somehow improve the little space we share under the skies, but I'm rather skeptical. I, too, know some people who claim to have seen UFO's. A while back when I was still living in Chicago, there was a documentary on tv about the Soviet "UFO" program and how the government there had constructed flying devices that looked like "UFO's" to bolster the people's support but I doubt this could be the case in Bahrain or the States.

HoolaHoops said...

If books and movies about alien abduction concern you, then you should not watch "Taken". This was the Stephen Spielberg produced mini-series about alien abductions that came out a few years ago. That scary little actress, Dakota Fanning, was in it - she looks unearthly, so it was fantastic casting!!

Thanks for your kind words about my blog as well. I like reading yours, it is interesting to hear about a different perspective on life in the Middle East. I am glad UFOs appear there too and not just in the rural United States! ;-)

Olivia said...

I loved X-Files! Started watching it at university, when I would go back to the res. hall after a weekend at home and all was quiet, I'd put on the TV to keep me company, and I'd relish each episode and rerun of X-Files.
I missed it so much when it ended because after so many years of viewing I got attached to Mulder and Scully.
Well, I saw an episode last year and MY GOSH was it dated...!

I remember Taken. Little Dakota Fanning was in it before War of the Worlds.

I think there is something out there, but I hate calling them "aliens" because there is such a body of stereotyping and lore that comes with it.

Also, I think that the sightings in the Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico area are definitely military aircraft, whatever they are we won't know for the next 20 years.

As for the lights in the sky in the rest of the world...as Shakespeare said, "There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy"

Mysterious said...

If science has proven that there is water in any plant, then yes life (and I wont' say alines) do exist. Its mentioned in Quran that (meaning not exact recitation) whenever there is water, there is life. Thats why scientest these days are looking for any signs of water in any plant.

tooners said...

everyone makes such interesting points here. really makes me think.

i loved Contact and i still see Taken here in Bahrain. or at least it was on... it may be over now.

i believe in other life forms. sometimes i wonder if they're amongst us - watching - observing.

and i agree with you olivia, i think that the things/planes/flying objects that are seen in arizona, nevada and such are military planes - Area 51 pops into my mind. who knows... maybe that's what everyone sees. so much speculation and controversy surrouding this stuff.

Olivia said...

Ah yes, Area 51!
So many things....
*goes off into a fascinated reverie*

MooDY said...

ma wife said she saw one in saar where she lives for few seconds ...
i do believe but this is starting to fade away ... =\ .
i saw the t.v shows U Mentioned they are all good ones ... spoooky ha ..