Monday, August 07, 2006

pics of the Ritz

would have put a view of the lovely bed, but honey was over on the sofa and refuses to be in photo....

this is not a great photo of the bathroom... should have taken it from the angle of showing the shower which is off to the left here.

took this photo the day we arrived. the pool was cool and refreshing.

these are the elevators inside the hotel. the pic is pretty blurry... sorry.

this is front view of the hotel... this picture doesn't do it justice. quite pretty on the inside. very modern though.

i would have loved to take more photos... especially of the pianist downstairs and our lovely desert, but our digital ran out of steam and we didn't bring the charger... so no more pics. i will say though, these pics are nothing compared to the lovely photos of the hotel Olivia stayed in.... while visiting Verona. if you haven't seen them, you should most definitely check out her blog!


TechZ said...

Some hotels are just so amazing, you dont want to leave and explore outside!

Looks lovely tooners, glad you had such a good time :D

Olivia said...

Oh so sweet of you to recommend me :)

Well, I like that hotel you were in. It has a very art deco feel to it. I prefer your bathroom to mine in Verona. That pale wood burl paneling is sooo art deco, as is the lamp beside the mirror.

Interesting, yours had a bidet as well - the Italians love their bidets. I've seen them in photos of small flats in Rome.

I grew up with one, so one reason I hesitate to leave my current houseshare is my bathroom has the only bidet in the house :) :) :)
Not so easy to find in England.

It's so strange, though for a European eye to see a brand new hotel carrying the name Ritz. The buildings in London and Paris are such mansions.

jahooni said...

Very Very Nice.... Good for you. Any vacation is lets say a "vacation".

The Moody Minstrel said...

Ack...I feel almost as if even looking at those pictures is out of my price range!

RC said...

very very nice.

Bahraini Rants said...

although the rooms are amazing..

i do have to gripe about their entertainment system with the remote control being a little buggy..

also, the bathrooms were very nice, but didn't you feel the glass shower guard didn't really keep the water from the shower getting to the floor?

just observation..

tooners said...

bahraini rants, yes, i do agree w/ you. we didn't like the keyboard they had for the remote... and the regular remote didn't work, so it was a pain changing channels, plus they didn't have MBC4 or ONE TV. and yeah, i do agree w/ the shower. that surprised me too. i thought it was weird that the glass only came a little ways out, and yeah, the water got all over the floor, which can be dangerous... and i would have liked the tub to be a big larger...