Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I have two sisters. An older sister and a younger sister. I've always been closest to my younger sister - prob because we grew up together. I remember when we were little, she'd follow me around and I'd get so aggravated w/ her because of it - I regret that now. I taught her how to cheer, do cartwheels and such, and she was always my little guinea pig when it came to practicing new back bends and flips and things. She loved it... and I'll have to say, she was always really good at it. She could do the splits like nobody's business... even the Chinese splits, which I never mastered. I have a photo of her doing the Chinese splits in our front yard... I wonder if she remembers that stuff. She called me Nauni when she was little.... she couldn't pronounce my name. It used to irritate me... but now when I think back to it... it was so sweet and I wish she still called me that. I love her more than she knows.

My sister and me... well, we have a volatile relationship sometimes. I think all sister's have that in their lives at some time or another. I think our relationship tends to be like this because 1) we know each other so well and 2) we are completely honest w/ each other even when it makes the other mad. If I'm mad, I tell her. If she's mad, she doesn't hesitate to let me know. We scream and yell at each other sometimes, and we've even been known to slam down the phone and vow never to talk again. But, three days later, we're on the phone as if nothing happened.

She's a Cancer... so she keeps a lot of things inside. Things hurt her more than she's willing to admit and w/ me being a Virgo... well, I tend to be snappish w/ her and judgmental. And... I can also be aloof and not very forthcoming which is difficult for her to understand. About a month ago, we got really mad at each other and again, got into an argument. This time, it's taken about three weeks for us to make up. We're in that stage right now.

My sister can really make me laugh. She's so funny and says the funniest things I've ever heard... which I love. She and my husband are the only ones that really make me laugh... and you should see them together. It's hard to keep a straight face - especially when playing Scrabble! ;) Gosh, we had some of the best times playing Scrabble back in April! My sister likes to take credit for thinking of words and then won't let you forget it. If you win after she's done this... oh gosh... it never ends! You will never be able to forget that she helped you!!! She also likes to walk around to everyone in order to see their letters and thinks that she can help everyone out... when it just isn't allowed! ;)

Anyway... sometimes it's hard for us because for as well as we know each other, we still, at times, don't understand each other. She doesn't understand things I do or say and I don't understand some things she does or says. But even still, I love her more than words can express. I always have and always will.

Funny when you're so far away things tend to get so much more serious. When I was in the States, I didn't see them all the time. I lived in Texas and she, her family and my mom lived in California and still do. Sometimes it would be a few years before I'd go there for a visit or vice versa. Same as here, but it feels different because I'm outside the country. My mother doesn't like me living here, my sister doesn't like me living here... really, no one does. Which makes things difficult at times.... especially w/ so many things going on in the world... like they are now. My mom is so fearful of WWIII happening and feels that this isn't the best place to live.... and if I show the least bit of unhappiness... my sister, especially, wants me us to come back immediately. When I lived in Texas, this didn't happen. If I was upset, mad, or unhappy... then it was part of life and things would get better. Now, being so far away - across the world pretty much - it just isn't the case. I understand... but it's difficult.

But I'm getting off topic w/ this... but really, it all seems to blend in and become one, oddly enough.

Back to my sister - she called me this morning and we talked for a while. Again, she made me laugh to the point of almost crying... and it made me really happy. She reminded me that she's still somewhat mad at me (she always likes to do that - remember Scrabble), said she's saved all the emails I sent and even re-reads them (the mean ones)! and wanted to know how I could ever imagine going on w/ life and not talk to her! Well, she's right. I couldn't imagine it. I couldn't imagine not talking to her, my dear sister. Sometimes, she'll remind me (she did this morning) that she's my half-sister (she has a different father than me)... but it doesn't matter. In my eyes, there is no difference. Maybe w/ some ppl it would matter, but it doesn't w/ me. She'll always be... no matter what... my sister. Not half sister, but SISTER.

So... I dedicate this post to her. My little sister (she always hated my saying that! ;) ).... someone I love and someone who means the world to me. Oh yeah... her birthday was just last month and I didn't say this the right way.....

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y !!!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear sister, happy birthday to you, and many more on Channel 4!!!!

and.. for the one thing I haven't done in forever is my favorite joke to hit her w/:

Q: What's invisible and smells like carrots?

A: Bunny farts! :) (just for you jahooni!)


TechZ said...

My bro/sis and I have a very on and off relationship as well, be it they are still young. I guess having the perfect relationship with your siblings is just that you communicate with them and remember they are still family, no matter what.

A belated Happy B'day to your sis from us as well!

Puppy said...

I have a sis who is from Cancer sign too. And I am VIRGO. And she always makes me laugh. We have very good relations; we are consulting, supporting each other, share things, having fun. I do most of the sharing, if to compare to be honest :) but we weren’t like that always. We used to fight when we were 10yrs old or something. She is 1 year and 3 months older than me. We went to the same school and class we have common friends. However I find her much smarter than me.
I would feel myself so lonely if not her. Thank god I have her, and I am happy to be a younger sister and feel her care and love in addition to my parents. I love and care for her too, but you know mom says I do it differently. Not in meaning bad or good, just different. Once my sis told me actually not once she is saying “I love you to death” sometimes it is followed by words “I wish good for you” and sometimes she tries to teach me, I think its because she is elder sis.

God bless all sisters. And happy Bday to your sis.

Take Care,


Alfanan said...

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday happy birthdaaaaaayyyyy.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUU...

and many more....... :)

jahooni said...

wow, I can't believe you wrote this for me! thank you thank you thank you!

And thank you for making me cry uncontrollably here at work! Darn you! arghhhhhh. I can't stop crying. And my makeup was nice today.

I remember more than you think I do. Yes I remember doing the splits and cartwheels better than you. I remember those pictures..... I remembered what I called you. Tinana. I also remember other names that I call you but I will not say them. HA HA HA (what did I call you a month ago?!) LOL

You don't know how much I loved you and admired you and wanted to be just like you. You were and still are beautiful, smart, funny, sarcastic, and spiritual, did I say beautiful? I was always jealous of you and you were sooooooooooo mean to me. I was just a helpless little thing that followed you around everywhere.

I still admire you.

I wish we could go back and change history. But we can't. We can only move foward and learn from our mistakes.

Do I wish you didn't live there? Of course. But that is where your soul mate is and I wouldn't want you to not have that. You deserve to be happy. Maybe I am just jealous that you live in such an exotic place.And see all sorts of exotic things.... Nope that isn't it. I hate the fact that you are so far away. So be it.

Do I remind you of how mean and how virgo-ish you are! Yep. That is what little sisters are supposed to do.

Do I or do I not play scrabble the best?! Yep.

Again, I thank you. You won't ever know what this blog meant to me. Darn it, I am crying again and can't read this.


jahooni said...
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jahooni said...

I will go home and go thru all the old pictures I have. I would love to get copies of the ones you have or vise versa.

tooners said...

jahooni, my dear... i remember what you called me and it wasn't what you think. it was nauni. so there! :) and you aren't the best scrabble player... i am - but tell you know who!! and yes, i remember what you called me a month ago... sweet angel. ;) the only reason i was mean when we were little is because you were a brat... someone had to give you guidance. ;)

tooners said...

oops, i meant, DON'T tell you know who!!

Christopher said...

My oh sister...that is a story within of itself. You couldn't have two more exact opposite've inspired me to write my next blog entry about my sister...(coming soon!) thanks for coming by and saying is always nice to hear from you.xoxo

Alfanan said...
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tooners said...

christopher, Hi!! I can't wait to read your blog... I love to talk about siblings especially when they're bad! ;) ;) I'm glad you stop by too! xoxox

tooners said...

jahooni, and YES, i remember dancing to Whip It... and especially Grease! One of my all time favorite soundtracks. Whenever I hear Whip It... it does the same thing to me. Love it! You mean a lot to me and I don't say it enough... but I'm glad you liked the post. It was my way of saying "sorry"!! i also admire you a lot and all the things you do, believe it or not... and i've always been jealous of you... i think it comes w/ the territory. you think?!

techz, having a perfect relationship isn't possible i don't think, but i agree w/ you, they are family NO MATTER WHAT!

puppy, this is too weird that your sister is a cancer! it must be a cancer trait to make others laugh, altho i worked w/ a cancer and he was no where near like my sister. it means a lot to me to have her and to have someone to talk to... even though she makes me man! ;)

Alfanan said...
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jahooni said...

why did you delete the other comment I left? See just how mean you are. you won't even allow me to say what I want! See how controlling you are! ha ha

Nauni - now I remember it. Nauni Nauni Nauni, probally sounded to you like Marsha Marsha Marsha!

Remember this - I will always be the "Laura Ingles" and you will be Nellie! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Puppy said...


i never saw my sis trying to make someone laugh, but me.
Cancers are "family" people. All for the family, u know. So i guess they treat that way only their family members.



Olivia said...

Oh wow. It was really sweet of you to dedicate a post to your sis, and I also thought her first comment was lovely.

Happy Belated Birthday, Jahooni.

Did you write this on Wednesday? Where was I???

I am an only child. My female cousins, my close girl friends, and even my mother have tried their best to fill that gap - but from them there is not the same challenge, the same wrangling and skin-toughening arguments, that I may have needed - only love and hugs and fun stuff. (Except for my Mum, who just would do Mum stuff at me - Mum arguments are different to sister arguments.)


Thursday said...

I have two elder half-sisters who both drove me mad when I was a child - none of us got on at all. As far as I'm concerned, they've always been my 'complete' sisters and I adore them - we all get on really well now although we're still very, very different.

comment deleted said...

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The Moody Minstrel said...

It's refreshing to see a couple of siblings still having a healthy squabble in the Information Age.

I had an older sister I didn't get along with at all, and she's no longer alive. I have a younger sister I've always gotten along with very, very well, and she's still trying to get a life. I'm the guy in the middle, and my life has been twisting around like a small intestine.

vampyregirl said...

great post! It made me think of both my sisters and how we too are alot alike but so different at the same time. I am the youngest of three. And both my older sisters I used to bug the crap out of. My oldest sister I know felt like I was a pest, where my older sis (mangey cur) and I have always been close, except for a few years we had to get thru on our own. But she too can make me laugh like no one else as well!