Sunday, August 06, 2006

my dream lastnight

taking from a blog friend, olivia, from olivia's london dispatches, thought i'd post about a dream i had lastnight. i tend to remember many of my dreams... altho i often forget key elements of them by late morning or only remember the ones that had no significance, so i was quite surprised and pleased w/ myself when i remembered the one from lastnight.

the dream started out where i was in some house w/ my mother and we were getting our bags packed for a trip to europe. my mom was getting ready and packed and when i asked her what time the flight took off, she said 11 a.m. i looked at the clock and it was 9 a.m.! and i couldn't find any of my clothes, especially my under garments. i was rushing around everywhere trying to find anything to pack but everything had disappeared. it was like all of my clothes were no more. finally, i started looking up in the top cabinets of the bedroom and found some skirts and tops. i started pulling things out frantically, putting them in the suitcase, but when it came to finding my undies... i couldn't find any. (and this isn't like me because i always pack days in advance!) so some major stress was happening in this dream in the beginning...

finally i asked my mom if i could use some of hers, she said yes but i decided to keep looking. (why i'm so stressed out about this particular thing in my dream is beyond me!) but, i finally found some and also realized that i could buy some when we got to our destination, but the ones i found, i started tossing into my suitcase, and then as i started searching for shoes, i couldn't find any of my flip flops!! the ones i found were really ugly and not at all what i have at home.. where these particular shoes came from is beyond me because i don't have any flip flops that look like these... but... irregardless, i started packing them.

i kept thinking that we were going to miss our flight and knowing that you have to check in two hours early for int'l flights... i knew we'd probably miss it. my mom kept saying that we'd have to leave tomorrow and i remember being so upset because i didn't want to leave tomorrow. at one point, my mom found out that traffic was really bad on the highways, so we knew there would be trouble... but that didn't seem to stop us.

when i realize that it's getting close to 10 and that if i don't hurry we're going to miss our flight, i started tossing a bunch of shoes in to the suitcase and then grab a bunch of my make-up and toss that into another suitcase... and then i'm ready to go. at some point, i realize that the man who will be taking us to the airport is my stepdad. well, i THINK it was... if i remember right, because i haven't seen him since i was 10th grade (which was YEARS ago). why he's there to take us to the airport is beyond me. and why he's made an appearance in my dream is another question i have... because i haven't thought about him in ages. it's odd.

anyway, the next thing i know, i'm at the airport, but i'm not w/ my mom. i'm there, on the plane, w/ some blonde haired woman in a tan business suit. she's paid for my flight and i'm traveling w/ her to some place, altho i don't know where. i don't remember thinking about my mom or wondering where she was... which seemed perfectly normal and i didn't question it, and then i find out that i'm traveling in business class w/ this lady which pleases me a great deal.

so we make our way to business class and there's a row of ppl behind our row and as i'm making my way thru the aisle, this older gentleman sticks his leg out to trip me. i remember looking down at his leg and then scooting past it. i sit down and am immediately asked if i want water, juice or wine. the blonde haired lady says juice. i look at her and ask if she doesn't drink. she says that she is drinking and has ordered juice. i then say, "no, you don't drink alcohol because you didn't order wine"... and i start laughing hysterically. why i'm laughing... well, i have no idea but for some reason, i found the fact that she didn't order wine to be the funniest thing.

to cut to the chase.... we take off and before i know it, it looks as though we are in the cock pit because all i see is openness, the blue blue sky and big beautiful clouds. it looks so peaceful but i remember being somewhat afraid. i can remember wondering why it looks like this from where we're seated... i can remember questioning a lot in my mind. because just a few moments ago, it didn't look like this and now all i see if blue sky and clouds.

then, the next thing i remember, the plane is flying so low that you can clearly see this pasture below us. i see yellow weeds, the green grass, the ground and there are horses galloping and i can hear their huffs hitting the ground. i can remember feeling very scared that the plane was going to crash... because all i could think about was why is this plane flying so low. then all of a sudden, i felt nothing around me other than the sound of the horses. i can remember telling myself that it was ok and not to be afraid. it was at this time that i felt as though i was in a flying dream.... not in the plane but out on my own flying thru this pasture. it was a wonderful feeling... just gliding through the air. i would pass over the tops of trees, swoop down low while listening to the horses and then glide back up.... i went back to fear a couple of times but then i would tell myself to relax and it would all feel ok.

and then faster than anything, i was back in the plane and we were gliding past these gutted out planes that had crashed and the pilot was giving us some type of tour of this old airfield. it was very strange. everything felt completely normal. it wasn't any time after this that the tour the pilot was giving was over and we headed back up into the clouds to continue on the journey.

this is all that i remember... altho at some point when i was in the plane, i can remember this rush of air coming thru the plane in front of me (i could see it) and feeling fear about it... wondering where it was coming from. i can remember the flight attendant telling me to not be afraid that it was coming from the cooler. very strange.

anyway... this is my dream of lastnight. the coolest part of it was that feeling of flying by myself in the air. it's been a LONG time since i had a flying dream... and i mean the kind of dream of where i was flying by myself w/ my arms outstretched. these are the best dreams, i think, because they tend to release some pent up fear within me and that's what it did lastnight. i even cried over it when telling my husband about it this morning on our way to work.

i find significance in this dream because of the fear that i felt .... fearing the plane would crash and then going to a calmness and feeling that it was all ok and not to fear... that i would be fine. and how i allowed myself to experience the peace of being so close to the ground and flying thru the air. it brought such a calmness over me... it felt wonderful. this is pretty important in my life right now because of some internal fear that i've been feeling... and i find it interesting how my subconscious talked me thru it and let me know that everyting will be ok and not to worry. can't get into why that particular part is extremely important in my life right now, but i will at some point later.

in reading back over this, it doesn't give significance to what the dream felt like. it was amazing... it was so clear and the clouds felt so close... it was if i could touch them. i could hear the horses' huffs pounding against the pasture... all the colors and the sounds... it was such a nice dream.

my husband had a dream the other night that he saw a ghost in our house climbing the stairs to get me. he screamed out in his sleep... i always hate it when that happens. i feel so bad for him. lastnight he had another bad dream. he saw ppl downstairs breaking all the windows of our car. he woke himself up before he screamed out.... which is good because it would have prob interrupted my dream! ;) ;) gosh, i'm bad! :)


TechZ said...

wow, I can't remember my dreams after I wake up :(

you've got quite the memory :D

tooners said...

you know, i usually don't remember a lot of my dreams by late morning. for instance, lastnight i can remember dreaming about some weird things but can only remember bits and pieces of it... i was lucky in that i remembered all of that dream the other night. it's been such a long time.... and to have a flying dream. i haven't had one of those in many years.

MoClippa said...

Wow, both you and your hubbie are having thick dreams at the same time? Sounds like somethings bothering the two of you. If it is, then hopefully it'll all work out for the best.

Lots of emotions wrapped up in this dream... confusing to me because a lot happens, but I'm sure it means something deeply personal to you. And I know what you mean about it being subconscious chatter, sometimes dreams can be incredibly insightful.

Techz- Personally if I notice myself getting a vivid dream one night, then for the next few days I usually keep a pen and paper by my bedside, to jot down quick notes about a dream when I first wake out of it. Thats usually the best way to remember dreams.

The Moody Minstrel said...

What a wild dream! There are so many symbolic elements that could either be interpreted separately or put all together! If I were to ask a quick question based on gut feeling alone, it would have to be: "Do you feel that control of your life (symbolized by your clothes and perhaps even your mother) has been taken away from you and put in the hands of people who you admire in some ways but whose way of doing things seems all wrong to you (symbolized by the blond woman) and now you're worried your life is being pulled along, beyond your control, on a possibly dangerous path (symbolized by the low flight over an aircraft boneyard)?"

Just a gut feeling. No, I don't claim to be any kind of expert.

Your husband saw a ghost coming to get you in his dream and screamed at it in his sleep?

I wouldn't take that lightly if I were you.

If you don't mind my throwing in a personal anecdote (how Narcissistic of me, I know!), when my daughter (now 10) was a newborn baby just leaving the hospital, my wife and I decided to spend that first night at her parents' house (where we live now). That night my wife and I slept on separate futons, and my daughter was on a mini futon between us at head level so we could keep an eye on her.

That night I had what I call a "megadream", a dream so vividly clear that it is almost an overload of the senses and often leaves me with a headache afterward. Anyway, I dreamt that I was standing in the middle of the room looking down on the three of us sleeping! There was a strange glow. There was also an old man who was sitting and leaning over my baby daughter. I tried to cry out, but I couldn't make a sound. Then I tried to force myself to wake up, literally shaking my "real" body. Finally I opened my eyes, and I could still see the old man. I tried to scream, but I was paralyzed. Fearing for my daughter, I struggled, and I finally managed to shout, waking up my wife, but the old man had disappeared.

I described the old man I saw, and my wife and mother-in-law say the description sounds chillingly similar to what my wife's grandfather had looked like the night he died...right down to the clothes he had been wearing. Incidentally, he died in that very room.

I don't know how much stock you put in that sort of thing. (I often argue with myself about it.) However, some cultures including several Native American tribes say that spirits of the dead often need the energy of the living in order to visit "this world". Was someone using your husband's energy?

Is this post too long?

Olivia said...

Gosh, that was VIVID, and detailed!

I am rubbish at interpreting dreams, despite my psych studies :P

But it's odd how the most illogical things in dreams are readily accepted, and how you just *know* certain things without them being thre, and then when you wake up you think, "What a stupid idea..."

Well, now about Alfanan's and Minstrel's dream!
I am with you on this!

When I was born, after my parents took me home from the preemie unit, I slept with them.
My mother woke up often to check on me and stuff. One night, she sensed a spirit in the room, and there was something that sat on the bed and made a depression. My paternal grandfather had bothered my grandmother a lot, and as I was the only grandchild, my mother knew it was him.
After she ordered him away, he moved towards my father, and the odd thing is after that my father started visiting his father's grave every Sunday.

What's more, only last night my mother had a dream about an old woman in a white robe and white turban. She appeared in the room between the bed and the window, and she beckoned my mother to follow her.
My mother's heart stopped, and she called out in prayer, and the lady went away and her heart started again.

tooners said...

moclippa, there are a lot of changes going on in our lives right now... this prob has a lot to do w/ it. and i agree... so many emotions in this dream. later, i'll share :)

minstrel, you are RIGHT on in your analysis. did some research in my dream book just a while ago and so much of what you say is said in my book. and yes, to your first question... i feel that control is being taken away from me and i fear it somewhat... because i feel that it's all wrong to me... but, even when i say this, i do know, deep down, that i have control it just may be hard showing that control when the time comes. i know that may sound vague... but there are reasons right now. w/ respect to being pulled along on a dangerous path... well, i fear what is happening right now and it scares me for the future.... and in some ways, i can't escape it. btw, you're REALLY GOOD at analyzing dreams! i pretty much suck at it and have to look every little thing up to get any type of meaning, usually.

the ghost my husband saw was sorta like a monster ghost. it would blend into the wall and the only way he saw it was when it moved. it totally freaked him out, and by the things you and olivia say here... well, it freaks me out too. i've often wondered if this house has spirits. i don't believe that anyone has passed away, but i do believe in spirits visiting us... most definitely. i've always believed this. is someone using my husband's energy? hmmmm... what do you mean by that? meaning thru his dreams? or how? this is VERY interesting to me.

your dreams are very powerful! i've had out of body dreams before but not very often. the last one i had was years ago and it was a frightening dream. i think you have abilities, especially seeing your mother's grandfather. i think that is very cool!! altho, it's a bit scary.

and NO, yours was not a long post. loved it, loved it, loved it.

olivia, OMG... your mother's dream gave me chills!!! i felt my skin crawl. does your mother have abilities? why was your grandmother beconing your mother? does this scare you? i'm sure it really scared her. is she ok? i've never had a dream like this. i've often wanted to see my father who died when i was 6, but it's never happened. i've often wanted to see spirits, but haven't. are there spirits in your mother and father's house all the time? i can't imagine how she felt when your grandfather was there.... that would have really spooked me, i think! makes me really wonder why they come for babies. that kind of freaks me out a bit.

tooners said...

and i forgot...

moody, do you see your wife's grandfather often? have you seen other spirits? do any of your kids have abilities? have they ever seen spirits? did the spirit ever look at you when you were trying to wake yourself up? do you think it realized that you saw it in your dream? oooohhh, it's very spooky.

moclippa, i just reread my reply to you and it doesn't make sense at all. sorry for that. my mind goes so fast sometimes that when i write, i think it makes sense and then it doesn't. yes, you are right on so many things you say here. there are changes happening in our lives and that's why, i think, i'm dreaming these things. my husband, well, i he's being greatly influenced by these changes as well. can't say what they are right now... but later. nothing bad though. just new. and i agree, dreams are incredibly insightful. i love it when i remember them.

Olivia said...

Ewwww, what you said about the monster being in the wall made me want to cover my neck and keep my feet safely off the ground.

I think wherever in the world you go you will encounter something.

I haven't, not at the same level.

When I was a baby and my grandfather's spirit came around, we were living in a house that had been built in the 1930s. As a tiny child, I had nightmares and one day my mother and I officially sent them (it wasn't my grandpa) out of the house.

The next house we lived in had been built in 1918 and had only had two owners - the original engineer and a lady who outlived her family and died there. When we moved in the original velvet curtains would crumble to the touch.
My mother used to see her in the garden, but she was a good person and we think she was happy with us.

The real scares came in Canada, where my mother has just moved in with her older sister, and where she saw the turbaned lady. In the 80s, in her other sister's house one holiday, my mum used to have terrible dreams of being chased in the house by a lady with dogs, and it turned out the lady who built it had dogs.

My mum grew up in Guyana, where there is an awful lot of spiritual activity. Even those you could call poltergeists.
Now I can totally tell stories.

Do you mind?

One house in the neighbourhood had to be abandoned because things were flying around inside.

There were spirits that impersonated other people and spoke in the dark, or worse ones that called girls into the sea.

There were spirits of Dutch colonists who would appear under trees at certain times in the day and she saw them with their black clothes and white ruffs.

Gosh, maybe she doeshave abilities! She has always has an insight into the other realm.

One time as a girl she had a dream about a treasure buried under the refrigerator, and sure enough, there was a box of Dutch guelders.

tooners said...

olivia, wow, that's some powerful stuff! i think your mother does have abilities, most definitely. i would bet that you do as well - to some degree - maybe just don't know how to use it. My mother has been in homes w/ ghosts. My aunt used to live in a country house, don't know when it was built, but it had lots of them. Once when my aunt was pregnant, my mom went there to stay w/ her and during the night she heard my aunt calling from the stairs - my mom was sleeping upstairs. They were horrible cries and my mom thought something had happened to my aunt. Well, she rushed to the stairs and no one was there. They used to get up and their refrigerator would be in the middle of the room, wood piles would be stacked in the middle of the living room, their washing machine would be moved around.

Once when I was a young girl, I truly believe I saw a ghost, and have had some pretty memorable/terrible experiences w/ spirits. Believe it or not, I believed that something was under my bed and would shake it. I told my mother but I don't think she believed it. When we left that house, it stopped.

I don't know if there's anything in our house now, but sometimes, out of the corner of my eye, I will see something. It spooks me big time but I try not to be too afraid.

I'd love to hear all about your stories... you should write a blog about it!

The Moody Minstrel said...

I'm starting to get some serious chills reading all this. This is a topic I don't usually like to discuss so much since it's not really "normal", but I'm really interested in this.

do you see your wife's grandfather often? have you seen other spirits? etc...

I have only seen the grandfather on that one occasion. I felt really drained after it happened, so maybe he needed a lot of energy to "cross over".

I have had a number of similar experiences throughout my life, some of which were pretty chilling, some of which are too way out to talk about.

The most recent one happened several months ago. I was sitting in the auditorium at the school watching a band rehearsal when I suddenly felt really drowsy. I kept nodding off, and every time I did I would be awakened again by what sounded like a young boy laughing right next to my ear. Finally I turned and looked over at the percussion section, and I noticed there was one more boy there than there should have been. (Actually, there was only one boy in the percussion section at the time, but there was definitely a second standing there among the girls, though he wasn't doing anything but stand and stare at one of the music stands.) I squinted and looked carefully, trying unsuccessfully to identify the boy, and I noticed his shirt was torn, his hair was messed up, and he was all bloody. Figuring he probably needed help, I tried to stand, but I couldn't move a muscle. I felt like a stone statue. Then the boy vanished, and I was suddenly able to move again.

A boy had been killed in a motorcycle accident not far from the school that same week. I don't know whether or not he had been a musician, but I guess he wanted to watch our rehearsal.

tooners said...

moody, ooooh, that gives me chills! you have some serious abilities, i think! i can't imagine being able to see stuff like that. and here you do this often - you even knew your wife was getting the car before she got it. did you notice these gifts as much in the States or more in Japan?

you know, when i started reading your comment, i immediately thought of that scary movie that was out last year i think... it was a remake from a japanese movie, i believe... can't remember the name but it was spooky. had a girl coming out of the wall and this little boy running around the house.

Puppy said...


Was it "The Ring"? The movie name.

The Moody Minstrel said...

If there was a little boy running around it was Ju-On - The Grudge

Olivia said...

I just noticed this intensely creepy discussion had stopped at 13, so decided to nudge it up to 14 :)