Monday, August 07, 2006

being fake

aaahhh, the world of the fake ppl. i live it most every day. the fake laughing, the fake kiss kiss assing, the fake smiles, the fake interest.....

i listen to this one particular person... Laughing Lardbutt... man, they get on my nerves. i wonder if they realize how fake they sound when their head tilts back in the strain of fake laughter. haaa haaa haaaaaaa.... it's the same every time. don't know one instance where i've heard a real genuine laugh coming from Lardbutt. maybe once.... but it's hard to tell when one's so fake!

the fake kiss kiss assing is something else to see indeed. and man, do we have tons of it! phew, there's one particular person, Perfect Poser, who could win an oscar for their performances... hands down, they are the winner. a lot of ppl know it, but most secretly love it... because, after all, it gives ya something to talk about, am i right or am i right??!

but... there are those who truly aspire to be as kiss kissy fake as Perfect Poser. there are those heading in that direction... working steadfastly towards one main goal... FAKEDOM. when i hear the footsteps of PP, it's only a matter of minutes before the sounds of fake screeching come billowing down the corridors of life.... i want to hide when i hear the whines.... but what else is there for a girl to do but smile ?!!

and then write on my blog about it! ;)

oh yah, gonna post some pics of the Ritz later today :)


Olivia said...

Hehe, those nicknames are funny :)

And I can't stand pretense either. Sometimes I say I am too honest for my own good. I have no, what's the word...vices? manipulation? artfulness?

Looking forward to the piccies later on!

Lisa said...

seriously, i know what you mean. Living in Southern California I feel like nothing is real, everything is fake and untrustworthy. Its hard to be normal and be yourself when nothing around you is. I even find myself kissing ass even when i don't mean too, its just what you have to do sometimes to make the world go round. I hate it, and its so frustrating having to try to not be that way.

tooners said...

olivia, it took me a few to come up w/ those names... especially LL. ;) I'm very upfront and prefer ppl who are the same, altho, sometimes, I stick my foot in my mouth. I can't stand manipulation! It's so bad!

lisa, you are right, california has some major fake and untrustworthy ppl. everyone trying to live up to the Jones'... and it gets really 'tired' after a while. sometimes i find myself smiling and baring it because i have no other choice, and ppl expect it... they tend to frown if you're not this way, i've noticed. there are those out there that love kiss asses... they tend to breed them especially for their private use, and it gets on my nerves too. what gets me though, it's ppl like this that tend to go far in their careers. i've never understood it.

i recently watched French Kiss and during one part in that movie, Meg Ryan's character is talking about being fake... having the appropriate response for the corresponding emotion - being happy vs. being sad. she explained it so well, but i can't remember what she said exactly. but, every time i watch it, i know exactly what she means.

hope that made sense!

TechZ said...

fakeness, we got tons of it here. Just got to learn to tell the real from the fake apart. Sadly its a part of the world now, and you just got to deal with it and on occassion play along.

Puppy said...

Yeahh.... i dont like fake people wither. And most of the time I am honest, if not to say "never fake".
My friends value it, and they generally ask for my opinion, if something is bad or I don’t like it i will say directly to face that it is bad.
But its bad for your career, bosses or high ups, they doesnt like to hear the truth, they either blame me for being straight forward or simply doesn’t like me for my honesty.
I generally dont care, what they think, i am quite egoist and liking myself for being honest is a priority for me.

Out of experience and observation I can say that ass lickers achieve a lot of things for short period. Which I find is very sad.