Friday, August 25, 2006

fridays, fridays, fridays

well, the weekend is basically over and tomorrow it's back to work. boring, long summer months w/ nothing to do. there's nothing that makes the day go slower than a day sitting at your desk w/ absolutely NO work.

the weekend was pretty uneventful altho my SIL did get a little kitten for her son. the kitten is the cutest little thing and full of such spunk. she runs around w/ major attitude - gosh, i can only imagine what it'll be like when it gets older! her son loves the kitten though and i think they'll become the best of friends. the kitty already likes chasing him or running after them. she puffs up her tail and gallops across the room and she plays w/ him when he's near her.

at first i was really against them getting a kitten for him. he's young and little kids don't know how to handle animals. but, he's really good w/ her and hasn't tried hurting her or anything and she isn't a bit afraid of him. he has a sweet little heart and i'm sure she can sense it. my other SIL hates animals and is completely against animals in the house.... so this will be a tough fight to win. i'm hoping she comes around... but it could take a while. if only she could see how absolutely sweet and adorable the little thing is... but i'm not sure she'll allow herself that luxury. they've had to get rid many a cat because of it... and i just hope beyond all hope that this little kitty isn't the next in line. it breaks my heart each and every time and, really, i've grown quite cold over all of it... but i'm hope that this time it'll be different.

hubby has been pretty busy in the studio but, even still, we snuck away for a good breakfast this morning at Johnnie Rockets. don't know if any of you have tried the place but it's really good. they have american style breakfasts and they're yummy. much better than Fuddruckers... but I've never been a fan of that restaurant. i happen to like omelettes and Johnnie Rockets does 'em up like no one else from what i can tell. they have good french toast and pancakes too, and the place isn't costly.

i've been waiting for over a week now to get a box thru FedEx from my mother and sister. it really eerks me because FedEx is known for their speedy service (and you pay out the wazoo for this service!), but this box is taking an especially long time. it finally arrived into Bahrain yesterday but i couldn't pick it up because it had to go thru customs. now... i hope it's ready tomorrow. i'm so anxious to get this box. it's filled w/ all sorts of goodies and birthday presents!!!! :) which... happen to be my favorite... well, ok... i love christmas presents too :)

my sister packed some beer nuts in the box for the hubby... i'm wondering if they'll pull them because they say "beer". i hope not. it's not that they're made w/ beer... they're just called beer nuts. w/ all the commotion and such in london as of late... i sure hope i get some of things i know my sis sent... like my favorite shower gels from Bath & Body Works. i'm practically out of everything and it'll really piss me off if they're pulled from my box. my sis sent some Kool Aid too.... yummmm... can't wait to get that. i'm asking for one flavor that i love but i'm not sure they found.... Jamaica flavor... it's so good. but i don't think they found it this time. i've loved Kool Aid since i was a young girl. i made some a few wks ago and served it to a friend of hubby's, but it didn't have enough sugar and was too weak (which i always have probs w/)... so i'm sure he wasn't too impressed and wondered what in the hell i was going on about. i've finally found a good pitcher though that i can judge the water level... so the last few pitchers i've made have been quite good. i've wondered why they don't sell that here... and another item that i'd love to see in the stores is Country Time Lemonaid. mmmmmm... now i love that stuff!! i haven't had that in so long. it's delish! so refreshing.

in these hot summer months, i find that i really long for these things. i've been making Kool Aid like crazy over the last few months. i suck it down before the hubby even gets a few glasses! he likes to sneak in the kitchen and drink it all and not tell me.... so i have to drink it before he can! ;) ;) lucky for both of us that my sis is sending more! and it better be plenty if she knows what's good for her!

well, that's about all for me. i've pretty much had a non-eventful weekend but i hope all of you that are about to start yours have a great one! and for all of you about to start back to work.... fun fun fun fun fun! NOT


jahooni said...

It pisses me off too that the box took so long! Gosh, do I need to send Christmas now????

I hope you like everything... the stuff better be there or I'll be really ticked if they hold things.

Hoping you like all the clothes.

Miss you bunches.

The Moody Minstrel said...

I was beginning to wonder what had happened to you!

Kool, you just had to remind me, didn't you? Actually, I wonder if Costco has it...

Olivia said...

Oh for crying out loud, just share the Kool Aid, you two!!! *wagging finger*

I was thinking about Country Time lemonade the other day, and how weird it is that I was making drinks from powder.

Here, they use "squash", which is a concentrated liquid (though not syrup), and cordials too (which are syrup).

Tell me something...Bahraini weekends do not take place on Saturday and Sunday? That's what it sounds like...

TechZ said...

Customs here is horrible, every packag e I get, they tell me to go to Muharraq to collect :| Its a nightmare. Not to mention the "please open it up so we can check whats in there"

olivia, our day off is Friday. Some people get Thursday+Friday off. But from 1st Sept 2006, its going to be Friday+Saturday.

tooners said...

jahooni, as you know dear sister, the box arrived and everything was in great shape. i loved everything! thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

moody, yeah... sometimes i wonder where i am too! ;) you guys have Costco there!!!?? Now that just isn't fair. I'd bet you'll find it there... hopefully... if anything, they'll prob have Country Time.

olivia, :) do you like Kool Aid too? gosh, i've drank this stuff since i was a little one... love it really. it is weird to make drinks from powder... i agree. they have the syrup here too. like vimpto which is a grape tasting stuff that you mix w/ water and it's quite tasty. they also do a lot of syrups that taste like orange juice and such. i don't really care for them too much. this weekend (thurs-fri), we get a long weekend cuz the new weekends are coming... and like techz says, we'll soon have fri. & sat. as weekends.

techz, i have the very same problems. once my mom sent me a box thru regular mail and it took 4 mths! then, when i got here, (it was bday presents) they made me open up everything in front of them. i didn't even have the time to enjoy the present on my own. i hated it. the also like to destroy things when going thru ur things, which i don't understand. the last time i shipped thru Aramex from the States, most of my things were torn up, things were missing, so many things were broken. i called and complained but they didn't do anything. this is why i pay the extra cost to ship thru FedEx, especially when i know it's something important. Aramax has put restrictions on their shipments now because of London.

Leilouta said...

Talking about kittens and kids….My brother, at age 4, took our kitten and threw him out of a 5th floor window :(

How come they never give you work to do? Do they like to pay people for nothing? Good thing you’re blogging :)

tooners said...

leilouta, no one has work during the summer months here. most of the country goes on vacation and, especially in govt, things pretty much come to a halt. that's what i'm experiencing. for the last few days, i've actually had some work, so it's a nice change, but most days, there's nothing! it's terribly boring. surfing the net is nice but it gets sorta old after a while. i find that i do some good reading at work... which helps the day to pass.

as far as the kitten and your nephew... that's really terrible. i hope, beyond all hope, that my little nephew stays positive w/ this cat. the other day he tried to hit it w/ something. some laughed and i immediately said "don't laugh or he'll think it's ok to do that". which is the truth. no one said a word. i've never thought it cute to hurt animals... and little babies have to be watched!

Olivia said...

Oh, no I do not like Kool Aid.

I know Vimto - but here it is fizzy and you drink it right out of the can.

My gosh, they are basically resetting your weekends. What a logistical mess...
I have a friend in Egypt who is also home on what seem to be random days.

It is too weird to think that Saturday and Sunday can be workdays, but of course Sat and Sun are on the Christian Gregorian calendar...