Saturday, November 22, 2008

The BSPCA Dog Walk - the big day

Well... it was an exhausting day, to say the least. I'll make this short because I'm really tired tonight.... and don't plan to stay up for long.

First... my husband's co-worker was a no-show. She sent him a text around 10 or so to let him know she wouldn't be coming, which really put us in a tight spot, since we had Naief, a stroller, my friend's little boy (only the oldest came w/ us, the youngest was a bit afraid) and I couldn't imagine handling a dog for 4 k, while tending to Naief and Omar. Thankfully, there was a young girl that needed a dog to walk and took Emily (the other dog) off our hands.

Henry was a bit nervous riding in the car. Both he and Emily threw up on the way... I figure from car sickness.

But... he loved being out there and insisted upon running a good distance before getting tired and casually walking... thank goodness. We weren't able to take the stroller because we were walking on sand for part of it w/ rocks and over two huge gas pipeline thingys... so we left it in the car, which meant either Hashim or myself carrying him or staying back while he walked. No wonder I'm so tired.... but what a great workout.

And..... I couldn't end the post here without telling all of you that we brought Henry home with us. I made him some chicken, rice, carrots and broccoli tonight for dinner, which is what they feed them at the sanctuary... and he seemed to like it. We took him w/ us to get food tonight... to get him used to riding in the car.

He wont come upstairs, hasn't even bothered w/ the cats... isn't interested really... and has peed once in the entrance downstairs. At least it was by the door, so I'm hoping that it was because we were upstairs and he really needed to go. I'm assuming it'll take him a bit to get used to things... it'll probably be hard for him to sleep here, since he wont be bothered by barking dogs and such.

One strange thing... we took him out to poo tonight and while we were walking around the neighborhood, we came across another little dog that had been dropped off here, obviously. A guy that was outside said that she's been hiding there for 2 days (she also has a collar on). She was hiding under a truck and when we walked by, she made this sound, so I knelt down and she ran out and over to me. She had her tail tucked, but was wagging her little butt like crazy. Hashim said a firm "NO" regarding keeping her, but I insisted that we bring her home, feed her and take her to the BSPCA tomorrow. If all goes well and she's healthy enough, maybe we could foster her or something.... I think Hashim will never agree to it... but ... who knows. :)

goodnight everyone... and have a wonderful weekend. I'll try to post some pics tomorrow... :)


nyxxie said...

best of luck with keeping her

Um Naief said...

nyxxie, took her to the BSPCA today. she's a sweet little dog, but very afraid. makes me wonder if she was beaten.

Christopher said...

Awww! I'm so glad you got a pooch! Cannot wait to see the pics, much less hear the stories! xo

Olivia said...

Woo hoo, Henry's home :)

I know some dogs love carrots but I didn't think they could digest broccoli.

So sad about the little stray you found, but I am glad you took her to a safe place. It hurts to see animals that have been abused, their sad eyes and the creeping about. God, how do people treat them so?

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

I'm glad to hear that some people in your neck of the woods (if there are trees there) are doing good things. The news we get is of a humungus million dollar party for some spikey looking highrise in your city. Hey, that money could have fed at least some of the poor of the world! How some people live, just amazes me.

Um Naief said...

wendy, oh, i didn't hear of this party, but i'm not surprised. what the rich do here w/ their money always amazes me.... they could do so much but don't... can't be bothered really, i've noticed.

olivia, i don't know how ppl abuse animals either. she was terrified... loved henry, but the morning we took her to the shelter, she trembled in the car and was so afraid. made me sad. she had a collar on, so i know someone dropped her. henry was taken to the BSPCA when he was 8 mths old. they said he was too noisy... and here, he doesn't make a sound! he's now almost 2 and has been there for over a year... but now, he has found a home :)

christopher, aaahh, the stories.. and i'm sure there'll be plenty. i can tell he'll be quite a handful, just from the few days we've had him.. but for the last two days or since yesterday afternoon, he hasn't had an accident inside!!! yeah!! so i'm really happy about that. i sprayed him w/ the hose today, he loved it and ran around like a little pup! so sweet. he did growl at naief today when naief tried to take his chew toy, which frightened me a bit, so i'll have to watch that. i figure it's because he's never had his own things... since he's lived in that shelter since 8 mths old.

Gaz said...

Henry sounds like he's part of the family now,and with England getting worse i'm going to introduce a boxer to our family as a pet and for protection if needed.

Um Naief said...

olivia, i'll have to look up the broccoli thing because they told me at the place to use a green veggie and that they usually use celery but i could use anything i have on hand. i had no idea that dogs couldn't digest that... maybe that's why he's not to keen on it.

gaz, i don't blame you. we got henry for not the same reason, but i think he'll be a good guard dog. this morn during his walk, he growled at sorta barked at some pakistani's doing house work... :) i think he'll protect us well. those little bull dogs are soooo cute!!