Thursday, November 27, 2008

one more day

Thankfully, Hashim will be home tomorrow. :) Feels like he's been gone a week and it's only been a few days...

Have been reading up on how to walk the dog, since he was pulling me instead of us walking, so today, I scored a big one... I was able to walk Henry while pushing Naief in the stroller!! Yeah!!! I found some good info on a website about jerking his leash sideways when he started to pull which would cause him to become off balance and he'd get the message and fall into line... and it WORKED!! Also, you are to nudge him if he becomes too interested in something, which I also did today and it also worked. So far, so good. I successfully walked him twice today using this method and was able to control him each time. I think he'll train easily. Not only is he willing, but he's intelligent. I just need to get him to stop peeing in the house... tonight he went right in front of me while in the TV room, and I swear... I took him out less than an hour ago and thought he would have gone then.. but he didn't. I will wait another couple of hours and let him go out again, and hopefully this time, he'll go. He is good w/ Hashim in that he'll go outside the house, but w/ me, he refuses to go in that area.... preferring to go in the yard.

One thing about one walk today... we came up to the outside of a house down the street from us and when Henry went to smell this bathtub thingy they have outside w/ plants and such potted inside, he got severely spooked and jumped back. I looked, but nothing was there. Makes me wonder if something is buried there... not sure. I'll say this.. I've noticed my attitude changing towards ppl and places when walking him. I now become weary of ppl when he becomes weary and if he gets spooked, I find myself feeling uneasy about the place and the situation. If he growls or barks at someone... I find myself not wanting to go near them... because... don't you think there's a reason? I do. I think he's able to tell about ppl... I like that. He'll be good at protecting our house.

Oh yeah... just so you know.. there hasn't been any more growling over food since the first time, and he hasn't growled at Naief or Frankie... which is good because Frankie is driving momma insane. He cries non-stop all day for food. Even after I've fed him, it isn't but 5 mins before he's starving again. I really thought he was getting better, but now I wonder. Not only that, but he's having severe diarrhea... colored water type, and is missing the litter box most days. If it's not that, then he's throwing up whatever he eats. We go back to the vet on Sat., so I'm hoping she can give me some insight into what's happening. I fear the worst....

Things are going well w/ Naief. Tantrums have cooled off for the most part, and he's actually getting better w/ changing clothes, thank goodness. He's learning how to take off his pants, so pretty soon I'll start potty training. Whenever I've tried, he'll usually pee and then tell me that he's gone! ;)

Did some Christmas shopping this week... am pretty much finished w/ my family, but still need to buy stocking stuffers for hubby and Naief. We'll probably put up the tree this weekend. Still haven't decided where to put it... either in the TV room or in the hall upstairs. My concern is that Henry will have a field day, knock over the tree or something.. and if it isn't Henry, then Naief will have a go at it... so... still trying to decide what to do.

Hope all of you had or are having a good Thanksgiving. Tried to call my family's house but getting no connection w/ Zain... why am I not surprised???

anyway... Happy Thanksgiving!


Olivia said...

Me number one!

Naief looks different in that pic. More grown up all of a sudden. I was surprised at the change as you only showed us a pic a couple of weeks back. Must be he's matured along with his behavior. And about that, I am glad to hear he's calmed down.

I am also glad to hear that Henry has calmed down too. He is learning about structure and becoming socialized with normal human beings. I'm glad you're training him, staying firm, and you're strong enough that it won't be hard for him to sense that you and Hashim are above him in the hierarchy of your home.

I am sorry that Frankie is suffering so badly and I hope the vet can suggest something quickly.

Bobby said...


happy that Henry is listening to you! I am under the belief that "dogs" don't (never) listen to humans!
I say this coz I was attacked in my walking by a dog, walked by some woman! it freaks me out how dogs find me...whatever! And that woman couldn't do anything!

Anonymous said...

My oh my, your son is so adorable!I have a nephew name Naief too.

Puppy said...

very brave of you, to pu extra efforts to this dogs behavior, i would give up the dog after the incident with Naief. may be that is what ppl call love for animals. Really, Um Naief u r the only person i know who does so much for animals and have so many pets at home:))

One Wink at a Time said...

I can't believe how Naief is growing. He looks like a little man here. So darn cute, he is!
Sounds like you've been very busy lately. I hope you're taking time for yourself.