Friday, November 21, 2008

A dog named Henry

We met Henry today. He's black and brown w/ medium length fur, and, Sandy, at the BSPCA considers him to be a big dog... I'd say he's sorta medium-sized. A good size, I think. I love big dogs.

After getting there, meeting Sandy and then meeting Henry, we decided to take him for a walk.. sorta a get-to-know-ya kinda thing. He's calm... doesn't jump or bark... didn't bark one time during our walk, even when leaving the place when all the other dogs were barking wildly, he didn't utter a single word. On the walk, we encountered some chickens, goats, horses and another dog, but, still, Henry said not a word. Only sniffing and leaving his scent whenever he felt the need. He's not trained... pulling Hashim several times, so I can only imagine trying to walk him .... but I think once he gets used to things, that'd probably ease a little, or so I hope... but still, I really like him.

Naief insisted on my carrying him for most of the walk. I guess when we were a few hundred yards from the sanctuary, he wanted to get down and meet Henry. He was still a bit nervous, but Henry didn't push himself on him or anything. He was very calm and stood right next to us w/out moving... letting Naief talk and touch him. Hashim wasn't sure if Naief would warm up... I was so happy when he did, and I think Hashim was pretty impressed as well. After this, Hashim ran w/ him... Henry loved it. His ears perked up and he really seemed happy. The 2nd time Naief went to touch him, Henry came over to us as I knelt next to Naief, and as I petted him, he tried licking Naief (a no go this time around), sniffed his shoes and then jumped up on me to say hello. Henry seemed happy. It touched my heart.

I can't wait for tomorrow. We're gonna take a friend's kids w/ us. Two boys and I think they'll love it. A girl from Hashim's office will bring her two kids and she adopted a dog to walk... so it'll be fun. And who knows... we might come home w/ a dog named Henry.


Bobby said...

as long as that Henry doesn't have any Indian origins I am loving him!
Don't get me wrong but it is not proper wit me n dogs in India! They follow me, bite me - I hit'em, run behind'em - uf! A hell lot of things!

Glad that Naief is one of those timid kids(lik me) anyway I love cats more than dogs! ;)

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a wonderful addition, should you decide to adopt him! I saw a cute dog, last weekend too! A little pomeranian who looked just like a fox. They wanted $1200 for him, so I had to leave him there. I hope you guys decide to take Henry. Besides, it seems like Naief likes him too. :)

Olivia said...

Awww that's so sweet how Naief and Henry socialized with each other.
This is why dogs are the best therapy.

I could tell by your second paragraph that you would write that last sentence ;)

Coolred38 said...

Lol....exactly what "word" were you waiting for Henry to express...if he had actually split the silence with a word...any word...get out of my way cause I'd be there in a heartbeat to take that talking dog I like the name Henry btw.

good luck

Um Naief said...

bobby, honestly, Henry doesn't seem to like Indians. today, on the ride home, he barked for the first time and when i looked back, there was a truck w/ an Indian man driving it.. I think he was a Hindu... maybe that had something to do w/ it! ;) kidding, of course.

onlygodknows, don't buy dogs from pet shops.. have you ever seen the show on the puppy mills and what those puppies and dogs go through??!!! paying a price like that when you could probably go to the local shelter and get something very similar. try that, you might be surprised at what you find.

thanks for stopping by! :)

olivia, Naief has taken to him. it's the sweetest thing. i'll write more about it, but we've brought him home. today Naief stood beside him and wrapped his arms around him, then put his head down on Henry's back. i teared up.

coolred, now listen here missy... don't you watch America's Funniest Home Videos?? there've been plenty a dog on that show to utter a word! ;) i did watch Oprah and there was a dog on there that said "I love you". or sounded pretty darn near to that... and we used to have a dog that would answer the telephone and say "hello". i never heard it, but my brother swears to it.

yeah, i agree... if he had spoken, i would have probably killed over. :)