Thursday, November 20, 2008

the weekend is here

Well, the weekend is here, the weather is nice outside, the dog walk is Saturday, we go and put our money down on him tomorrow, and... hubby is leaving for Belgium on Sunday and we're not going :(

Oh... how I want to go... but, since it's a work related thing (European IT Conference), me and baby have to stay home... for 4 whole nights, all by our lonesome selves... yeah, I know we'll be fine... just pouting a bit! ;)

One good thing, I LOVE Belgium chocolate and hubby has promised big time to bring me home a bucket load... :) which will probably last me a day or two... but I'm happy.

We got pizza tonight from Pizzabella... yum, yum pizza... it was so good. We're trying to do pizza on Thursday night's now, and this new pizza place that we've found is just delicious. Naief ate so good tonight. Even told me 'yeah' when I asked if he wanted pizza. :)

The big thing w/ Naief as of late is Barney. Goodness, goodness... it's morning, noon and night. First thing when he opens his eyes, I kid you not, he asks for 'Bahbe', meaning Barney. After watching for a while, he immediately wants to watch Oswald, then back to Barney. He just loves him. Sadly... mommy has memorized most of the songs on the first show and can sing along and does... but ya know... I really like it. Never thought I'd say this, but I do. It's such wholesome goodness tucked into a big purple dinosaur! And Oswald... has anyone seen this little fella? A big blue octopus w/ a little wiener dog called Weenie. He's even colored like a wiener in a bun :) Too cute.

I'd like to do some painting this weekend if possible. Been putting it off for weeks, but feel a little like doing something, and since I bought canvas some time back... I think it about time to get out my brushes, plus... I need some time to just get things outta my head. Just hope I get the time to do it.

Figure we wont be celebrating Thanksgiving. I think if we lived in the States it'd feel right, but living in Bahrain, it doesn't feel like Thanksgiving to me anymore, and since Hashim is traveling, we'll just skip it this year. It'll be our first year not to do anything, but I'll plan to make a big dinner for Christmas... so that'll be enough to make up for it.

Oh yeah, we went to the park the other night and Naief flew his first kite! He LOVED it. giggled and ran around so much... and I got pictures, so once I have a little time, I'll post a few - if they're clear.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. Take care.


Olivia said...

*hands on hips* I dare you, Um Naief, to make your chocolates last until the end of December! There, whaddaya say???

I have seen Oswald and I think he's adorable! :)

I don't recall you mentioning your painting before. All the best trying to get your inspiration back!

nyxxie said...

Nayef is a nice name, well chosen. I'm from bahrain too and it's nice to see your prespective on our life and everything. feel free to drop me a line if you need anything..

Um Naief said...

oh miss olivia, i'm up for your challenge! ;) UNLESS... i only get a tiny, teeny, weeny, box.... ;) :)

no inspiration as of yet... instead planted a garden of flowers... very therapeutic and relaxing.

maybe i'll have some down time tomorrow where inspiration hits me... :)

Um Naief said...

any nyxxie, thanks.. i also really like his name. i'm glad we chose it. :)

and thanks again... but some days, i'm not too positive about life here, altho those days are far less as of late... ;) life is what you make of it, don't you think?

i like your blog. thanks for coming by mine.

The Queen said...

I love you, you love me, we're a happy family....

OMG and it's been at least 10 years since I had Barney on in this house. Thanks, now that's going to be stuck in my head for days!

I loved him too. Not quite as much as the kids did but I sure thought he was great.

Anonymous said...

Have a happy thanksgiving anyhow hon. It's not about the food, it's about being grateful for the blessings in your life. And if you can, just stuff and cook a nice little chicken! It's still cause to celebrate. :)

That painting sounds like a good idea! I'd love to see it, when it's finished.

Olivia said...

Hey, planting flowers is a form of art/therapy too.

Ok then...if you get a teeny tiny box then it's one per day. :)

Um Naief said...

The Queen, i have that song, the rain song... almost every song on this DVD in my head for most of the day, every day. i find myself humming... but hey, i caught hubby doing the same the other day... :) and you're welcome... i bet you find yourself humming it when you least expect it.

OnlyGodKnows, you're right about Thanksgiving and thanks for the inspiration. i think i will make something ... and have a special little dinner for me and Naief. he loves my mom's mac & cheese casserole, so i'll make that as well.

might be a bit before i get the painting finished. i started one back when i was pregnant, but still haven't finished it, if you can believe it. i need to get it, dust it off and finish the darn thing. :)

btw... thanks for stopping by my blog.

olivia, one per day??!!!!!! oh ... this will be a hard one... but i'm up for it. :)