Wednesday, November 12, 2008

swim class

Naief's last class is tomorrow. He really enjoyed them and I'm excited about next year.

No surprise he likes the water so much... especially since he's a little Aquarian.

oh... if you don't know... he's the little one at the end w/ the diaper suit and the one in the middle of the 2nd pic. :) his daddy is also in the pic.


Olivia said...

Haha, so cute that his love of water and his star sign go hand in hand. It's great that you're teaching him to swim early - and that you and Hashim are both directly involved. It is one very important skill (I say this because I wasn't taught early, then couldn't learn by the time we did it in school, so anohter thing to put on my list to teach my kids one day.)

Bobby said...

Aquarians -- half of Friends I have are aquarians I am a Gemini!

Swimming I never learned coz I am so so scared of water!
My sis calls me a CAT!
my sis knows how to swim!
I hope I will not find myself in some water-hazard situation!

Christopher said...

I remember loving being in the water when I was not much older than him. I may be a fire sign, but with the exception of living in Idaho, I have always needed a large body of water nearby to feel complete. I hope you all of fun with the classes :) such a cutie

Chief Rock Chef said...

Aw that looks like such fun! We always left it much later with ours - not sure why.

Puppy said...

You know, swimming classes and karate, will make him a very good looking man with wide shoulders and ahe will be able defend his girlfriend, such a good catch for any guy.

I wonder which girlfriend u will want for him? Bahraini or American? I just wonder, i know the answer will be the one who will make him happy, but just interesing :)

And how u will get along with his extended family?;)

Um Naief said...

puppy, girl... these are things i'm already thinking about!! i kid you not!! and... i've said to hashim that i don't want a bahraini girlfriend... but... what could i do? refuse and then he'll do it anyway, like hashim, or let him pick his own life and hope i've raised him well enough to be happy in what he chooses for himself. and yeah... have wondered how it'll be when that happens and what kind of MIL i'll be!! :)

olivia, i agree.. i think it's really important for him to learn. i learned when i was 6 or 7 and loved it... even continued to advanced training... so i just hope he does the same. if not, at least he'll know how to swim.

bobby, you're a gemini... oh gosh... are they different than the girls of this sign?? you're scared of water? sometimes i am and i know how to swim. :)

christopher, i'm also a fire sign... fire horse, matter of fact. they're only born every 60 yrs!! the chinese used to kill girls born under this sign... i think i know why! ;)

chief rock chef, i learned later as well and didn't have a problem. don't think my family swam a lot when i was young. my mom never learned to swim and any vacations weren't spent at the ocean or anything... but i'm glad my mom put me in swim classes eventually.

Puppy said...

Ohh sorry i wanted to say "such a good catch for any GIRL"

Bobby said...

Oh yeah! Gem girls are gr8 too!
2 types -
1.reserved n clever! and these are rare

2.other is open and can be promiscuous and dangerous yet witty!

Olivia said...

LOL @ your comment to Christopher. Yes, they wouldn't want girls who can stand up for themselves!