Tuesday, November 25, 2008

pics of Henry

Took these w/ the camera on my phone, so they're not the best... but, they're not too bad either. Henry doesn't much care for having his pic taken... wont sit still for nothing and even told me a thing or two at one point... the only reason I was able to snap these is because he was trying to get Puss.

Phew... having a dog is like having another child! With Hashim traveling, I find it rather difficult to carry Naief and walk Henry at the same time. Henry isn't trained, which is something that has to be done in the very near future, so he pulls me most times... and then has had two accidents upstairs either last night or early this morning - and I didn't catch it. I only found it tonight once the urine had dried and gotten sticky. fun

He's 2 yrs old... and is starting to relax... which is good and bad. He loves pulling at my clothes, grabbing bags from my hands, jumping up on me, getting into whatever I have in my hands, and loves to get wet and run around like a crazy dog... which is terribly cute. I guess I know why they said he's a big dog... because he is a big dog! :) So much for my saying he's medium-sized (really he is) because when he stands up, his head comes up to my shoulders.

He barked tonight when I wouldn't let him in the TV room... so not to wake up Naief, I opened the door. I snapped these pics as he was doing everything possible to bother Puss, our Norwegian Coon mix. She doesn't like him and let it be known, but he just couldn't help himself. I'm assuming that once she gets his nose real good, he'll leave her alone!

I'll sure be glad when Hashim gets back! I had to get up this morn before 6 to let him out, and since Naief was stirring, it woke him up and he got up at 6.... and that's early, since his usual waking time is 8. He napped early, cried all day, practically, and went to bed quickly tonight - which was a positive. I finally had to take him out today because he wouldn't calm down, the dog wouldn't relax and I felt like I was about to lose my mind... so... momma decided to pack up baby and go Christmas shopping. :) It's something I need to do anyhoo...

I think I'll do the same tomorrow.


Olivia said...

He has a lovely face and pretty eyes!

He's already behaving better than he did at the shelter, so as he settles into the family and learns under your authority, he's bound to improve even more.

nyxxie said...

as long as he's settling he's gonna get there soon. but do get him trained.

Bobby said...

cute pics!
I am trying hard to love him! Just to get over my fears!
Hope you have gr8 time with him!
But you know........be careful!!!
so bonne chance growing your second son!

Um Naief said...

he's a good dog, but today had to get frankie, our cat, away from his food bowl because henry got very upset and started growling and snarling at him. frankie is weak now from having lost so much weight because of thyroid problems and is no match against henry. i've tried calling the BSPCA because henry growled at naief the other day when he tried taking his chew toy, and it scared me.

so... need to find out if training helps w/ such. if not, am a bit concerned about whether or not it'll get better and if it doesn't, that worries me w/ regards to naief's safety... and, of course, the cats. the last thing i'd want is for him to bite naief or kill frankie over food.

Chief Rock Chef said...

Aw, Henry is so cute. He looks very intelligent so you should be able to get him trained to a sensible level fairly quickly. We have always believed that one of the main things is to have set walk times, so he knows where he is.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new addition. I'm glad you all decided to adopt him. It's gonna be difficult training. I had a puppy for a while, and housebreaking him, and teaching him where to go and not go, was time consuming.

Have a VERY good thanksgiving, and be blessed. :)

Olivia said...

Some formerly deprived dogs can be possessive over their food - but it is a learned behavior (my aunt unfortunately encourages it in J-J but he knows it is a game and asks to play it, kind of like a mock argument). However, with Henry it looks like it needs to be trained out of him. It definitely can be done!

Puppy said...

Well, i would say give him back, if he acts towards Naief that way. Its not a trained dog, plus u never know how ppl at BSPCA behaved towards him, may be the dog has mental problems related to his food and etc.

Come on, Tania, u have little son, why do you need problems?

I would say big no to that dog, and i wouldnt care how big and friendly his eyes are, its an animal, and you cant predict his behaviour. Naief safety is the first priority.