Friday, November 28, 2008

still not home

ok... i don't know what happened, but his flight was cancelled from london to bahrain... so, once again (since he didn't make it on the flight out of belgium the other night because they were on a waiting list) i am in a state of wait.

i'm a bit exhausted, if the truth be known. getting up throughout the night and early morning to let the dog out is taking a toll on me. he hasn't had any accidents today, but i know the evening will bring a few since i plan to go to bed soon... and it's only 8.

i'm so angry w/ this flight situation. there's a guy at the shura council that doesn't understand why he hasn't had a promotion in 6 yrs...hmmm... let me think... you take passports to the german embassy, are supposed to pick them up on a sunday, but, on sunday, realize that the embassy is closed for a national day... so the flight is cancelled and all hopes of going are drenched. but... w/ all the luck in the world, you're able to pick the passports up on monday, make flight arrangements, so all seems good and they leave to go to the conference. after said conference, they head to airport only to realize that they're on a waiting list... no guaranteed seat (haha, maybe this is the sh*% that keeps you from getting a promotion!!! especially when you tell not a soul about this!). so what happens? they have to spend the night and wait for the next flight the next day. the hotel they were staying at is booked, so they have to walk, in the dead of winter, down several blocks to get another hotel... fun fun.

cut to london, this morning... flight has been delayed to bahrain... with batteries going dead in hubby's phone, i'm unable to speak to him, but get a text msg saying that he's not coming tonight, but on tomorrow's flight and will explain everything when he gets here.....

OH MY FREAKIN GOODNESS.... really... if this happens one more day, i may collapse in a big, fat heap.

not only this.. but sunday is booked for an all day session in the studio with 11 children coming for 3 hrs that morning, and a guy staying until 5... so that means no time w/ hubby, and no time for hubby to be w/ naief.

i'm a bit miffed... i'm tired, need a break... badly...

and i wanted to go to the bapco/awali craft fair tomorrow... :( wont be going since i have not the slightest on how to get there. and since i hate driving to places i don't know..out of total fear of getting lost... i wont even try.. because if i get lost, who will i call???

this has been tooooo long of a week. one nice thing though... my MIL sent over a housemaid that is going back to indonesia tomorrow or sunday and she's been helping me... which has been nice. there were sooo many things being put off coz i just don't have the time... but much of it got done today. so.. a tiny leak of sunshine has made its way through a very dark rain cloud that's hanging over my sad head!

will it be a better day tomorrow???

another positive... it rained today!!! a first for naief to see rain... and what did we sing???

Listen to the pitter-patter, pitter-patter of the rain
Hear it tapping, gently tapping
Tapping on my windowpane
It will make the roses brighter
It will make the grasses grow
Gentle rain is falling, falling
Splashing every thing below

he loved it... and insisted that we sing a good 6 or 7 times! :) btw... that's a song from the barney dvd!

oh yeah... guess what else i realized last night... the reason frankie has been crying non-stop and such is because I HAVE BEEN FORGETTING to give him his night time dose of meds! no wonder he's been having these problems. i feel like a terrible furrmomma, but at least we're back on track. seriously.. i have WAY too much on my plate.


Southern Gal said...

Oh my goodness Naief has grown so much. He is a beautiful baby boy. His beautiful locks and piercing brown eyes. Thanks for sharing.


Bobby said...

Ah! Rain! I miss it so much!
Hope your hubby will back soon!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Calm down girl! YOu are all healthy and someone in the family has a job. You have a beaut kid. Calm down and enjoy.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Aren't bureaucracies wonderful? Especially if they're religious bureaucracies?

One Wink at a Time said...

Poor, sweet woman. That must be frustrating as all get-out. I hate when things get mucked-up because of incompetent people who don't do their jobs.
I hope by the time you read this Hashim is back home and everything is back to normal and it all seems like a bad dream.

Olivia said...

Oh Um Naief, you need big hugs. I am glad you got some help, but as you say she has gone home by now. Is your Hashim home yet?

Things will settle down soon.

eda said...