Tuesday, April 25, 2006

big busted mommas (BBMs) R N da house

What it is about the BBMs in this sunny state? Everywhere I go they prance around in their teeny tiny strapped tops - or... can they be called that... these so called tops? - w/ their ... uh um.... humma jummas poppin out lookin' like they're ready to explode. I swear, it's not just the BBMs that are doin the exposin' dance - even the teeny boppers that have itsy bitsy "girls" (if ya know what I mean) like to prance around and make it known that they are ready to pop out and surprise everyone w/ a big HELLLLLL OOOOOO.

It must be the thang here... to wear hardly nothin. It's weird tho because you become so numb to it all and it's only on the rare occasion that you actually notice it. Like yesterday... I was in Tarje (Target - for all of those that aren't in the know) and there was this BBM and not only was she ready to explode on the top but her bottom was wantin' for no attention either. I can only imagine the look that was on my face as I stared in dumbfounded amusement. I turned around, looked at my mom, and we both just sorta stopped in our tracks and stood there in utter awe while she shopped for bikinis.

She was so.... hmmm... how can I describe it... she was just the cutest thang I ever did see.... yah, that's it... cute in a really big and healthy way. AND... she had two kids w/ her in a stroller - I find myself, in these particular situations, really wonderin' what the kids will be like when they get into their teen yrs! Just like the momma, that's fer sure.

When we were at California Adventure, I had a lucky day in that I got to see a BBM and her daughter walkin' around the park in almost matching outfits... well, ok... there were many but, hey, these two stick out in my mind.

The BBM had on her short shorts (and these babies didn't leave nothin' for the imagination), a teeny tiny tank w/ hooker high heels (the kind that many wear in Bahrain)... and then there was the daughter. So adorable to see both momma and daugther walking around the park lookin' like hookers. The daughter had on one of those really short minis that are oh so popular here in Cali, a tube top (crinkled and kinda cute)... and then she had on matchin' hooker shoes, altho hers were a little toned down. Her hair was completely uncontrollable. It was sorta curly and she had this fro goin on - it was cute but a little much for the outfit.

I found myself wanting to run over there, tie her hair back in a pony tail, put her in some jean shorts, a cute top and send her on her way. The mother... well, it's useless to try to change these women. So many of them have such a freakin need to get noticed.... I wonder where the husband/father/significant other was? Prob in jail.

Honestly... this, really, is nothin'... you see this on a daily basis here..... I just hope that Bahrain doesn't go there.


jahooni said...


You know darn well that the "omen with child"at California Adventure was actually you and my neice! Be honest Tania.... ha ha ha
And who bought the tini tiny yellow pokadot bikini.
Jahooni :)

jahooni said...

oops, I meant "Women with Child"

Anyways..... let them come out and enjoy the fresh air, I say!
ha ha ha ha


tooners said...

gurrrrl, you're crazy! the bikini wasn't yellow, it was blue. ;)