Sunday, April 23, 2006

LaZiness..... wayn????

I don't see her... do you? aaahhhh.. there she is. My lil friend, LaZiness. She knows that we're leaving next week and since we have to go back to work w/in a day's time.... she's stretching, yawning and moping about cuz she doesn't want to go back - to work, that is. I'm pouting big time.... believe you me.

I like working.... my job... well, I like it... ok ok maybe not that much but at least I have a job. But... after being here and, especially, after going to San Diego and seeing all the great, small businesses that ppl had... well, it makes me yearn to open a business/shop of my own. My hubby's all for it and thinks I'd do great... but I honestly think it'll all turn out to be a pipe dream because it's soooo difficult to open a business in Bahrain.

UNLESS, you're an expatriate w/ loads of cashola and then you don't seem to have that itsy bitsy prob. But me... I don't have loads of cashola, so what to do?! I just don't get why it's so difficult for some but so easy for others... seems very strange to me.

My hubby has experienced his own set of probs when trying to start a business on our fair lil island. If only it were as easy as it is in the States. All you have to do here is go to City Hall, fill out all the formey poos and ShaZaM, you get a license. Oh yah, you have to get a Tax ID, but that's not a biggy. Just fill out the form and you have it. Why... why why why... can't it be that easy in Bahrain? Wahlah.... it should be easier.

I guess about 4 mths ago I heard the term "retire" - the Bahraini use for the word. My sis-in-law was talking about retiring and I'm like... but you're just in your 30s, why retire? Not knowing that if someone wants to open a business or rent to others, you have to retire - so it says so on your CPR card. What a crock, what a crock, what a crock. Why aren't ppl allowed to have businesses in Bahrain? Maybe I'm just confused about all this mess...

I just know I would love to have a small business and I think it'll take the Gods coming down from the heavens to make it happen. I could apply for Bahraini citizenship, which could make it easier, but how long does that take (but waiting to fill out the forms won't help me get it, that's fer sure)???!! We don't have kids yet, so it'll be more difficult - so maybe I should try popping a few out in the coming year or so. hmmm... that's an idea ;)

Shoot, I couldn't even get a damn Visa card w/out my father-in-law's help because I'm an expatriate, and I have a freakin full time job! And here I see all these expatriate women driving around, charging up a storm and doing what they please, but not me. I'm jealous... I guess if I came into a small fortune, flashed the cash in front of a few high up ppl who knew the right ppl and they knew the right ppl who also knew the right ppl... well then, maybe we could talk.

Until then.... LaZiness will mope and scowl.


Alfanan said...

It does make me sick to see all the stupid regulations and laws that Bahrain puts on people who are trying to start their own business.

It's unfair that on the same street that I live on, there are 2 offices. But when I tried to get my license for my place, I was told that I couldn't. Why? Because my "shop" is not on a main road; therefore, I'm s!@#t out of luck.

Interestingly enough, there are always ways to go about things like that. Always :)

tooners said...

Hopefully, my dear, your way of getting the license will work... and I'm hoping it'll work so well that, one day, I'll be able to get one too.... I can always dream ;)

Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

glad you two are enjoying your holls!

now to answer your points very briefly:

1. go to the "investor's centre" in Seef Mall, they should be able to get your license done immediately, you only pay BD10 for the commercial registration and they would fill in the single form you need to fill out, and you're in business!

2. you don't need much cash to start a business, but it would certainly help. however if you persevere and dependent on the business you are in, there is a better than average chance of being successful.

3. apply for your Bahraini citizenship NOW! Don't wait for kids or whatever, because the legal time for you to get your nationality is from the time you apply rather than from the time you got married. Then you have three options: (a) wait for 10 years if you don't want to have kids, (b) wait for 5 (from the application time remember?) if you do get blessed with kids in the time being, and/or (c) you get a grant from the King or PM or CP to get your passport and nationality regardless of any other conditions (because you deserve it being married to a Bahraini).

4. good luck!