Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Goodbye U.S. of A.

Well... the time has come to bid farewell to this beautiful country that is my true home. Today has been very caotic and stressful and it's only 12:18 p.m. Leaving is terribly difficult and I'm not good w/ goodbye's, so I'm NOT looking forward to getting in the truck, heading to the airport and then having to say "so long" to my family.

My mom already cried yesterday, I cried, my sister cried and today will be even more upsetting. It wouldn't be so darn difficult if we didn't live so far away.... that is the tough part... just the knowing of how far away it is.

So... this is my goodbye to all my friends in the States and also to this beautiful state - California.

But, there is a good part to all of this and that's being able to see our little furrbabies in two day's time (which I can hardly wait for), and being able to see our darling lil birds. Being able to sleep in our own bed, not having to live out of suitcases is also a big plus.... so I try to concentrate on these things in this time of heartache.

I hope the weather is good in Bahrain and I hope we'll be able to enjoy a few more weeks of Spring-like weather before it gets too hot....

Peace to all of you.... see you in a few days. =^..^= meow


Anonymous said...

i am missing you already.

jahooni said...

Can you believe Mom typed that!?
Maybe she should start her own blog, wouldn't that be funny!

Miss ya.

tooners said...

Hi mom and sister! I miss you guys too much... seems like the month flew by. I knew it would, but we had a really wonderful time. Vegas was sooo much fun!

Yallah... get ur passports. The trip wasn't too bad. Lots of walking tho but it wasn't too confusing or tiring. One good thing, you can sleep on the plane and it helps.